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February 9, 2019 Marketing

understanding is essential. The term marketing is used to describe activities that create value between parties. World is constantly changing and the traditional marketing is becoming less effectively. The role of modern marketing in organizations is crucial to be ignored. Large and small firms are today competing for the same market and the ones who are most innovative and proactive will be victors. As a result, successful businesses therefore regard marketing as a continuous process, through which actual and perceived customer needs are constantly analyzed and monitored in order to fulfill their needs.
The topic of the thesis is to create a content marketing plan for GLOW Limited Company, a small-sized marketing agency located in Viet Nam. I have experienced my first job placement in the year 2016. It was a full-time employment during 3 months and was successfully accomplished according to the employer’s analysis. The purpose of the plan is to provide a clear vision about current position and support the management to have a property strategy for the future. More specifically, it will focus on the marketing channels, examine previous traditional channels and integrate them with social marketing online ones. With the new plan our aims are to increase company visibility and possibly even the sale.
The main problem of the company is the lack of a bright plan for marketing, which results to that the marketing activities do not have a clear focus. Digital marketing channels are almost not working well; hence they solely have a non-active Facebook page. In order to survive in the market, GLOW absolutely has to alter their old ineffective place by presenting and following new ideas for different social media channels and websites. The implementation is carried out to familiarize the company with digital marketing activities, to increase visibility and thus, to retain and acquire customers.
Nowadays traditional marketing tools are becoming less effective in practice and modern marketing has always come up with thinking a new type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online materials. This is the consequence of the development in technology has relocated the consumers online.
Content marketing is a new concept. However, its role is obviously important determine company success. Companies and organizations need to have a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content through websites and social media channels to access potential customers and promote their business. Online customers these days tend to find and search for the information before the actual purchase. (Lieb 2012, 47-59)
Given the number of different digital channels and tactics emerging, most companies do not have resources and abilities to utilize all these effectively. And content marketing emerged to give the right kind of information. Customers then can be approaching company current information.
In case the proper information is provided, not only the customers can benefit but also can the company. With the ideal case the companies are able to strengthen their images, long-term relationship is established and it will guarantee for a company sustainable development. In another way, the customers will get the right kind of information they need and positive purchase action happens. (Lieb 2012, 47-59)
When the company provides customers what they want, there will be a higher chance that they will come back and as a result increasing the company sales and turnover. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are gained. And, another point is satisfied customers will spread the company to their family and friends. (Gosnay ; Richardson 2008, p.10.)
The idea of the thesis came up in the winter of 2017 and the actual implementation and information gathering commenced in the beginning of the year 2018. The final thesis was ready in April 2018.

1.1 The case company
The GLOW limited company is a subsidiary of PPLUS Company, an innovative agency – master in interactive advertisement, 3D hologram, Mobile App, Augmented Reality. The company was established from 2015 and it functions in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. The Glow management’s vision: “Our services are to pull consumers closer to your business brand”. (Glow limited company’s material).
The company have serviced several clients such as ANZ bank, VIB Bank, and run various product marketing campaigns like Dutch Lady, Lifebuoy, Hazeline, AXE, OMO, Sunsilk, Coca Cola…(Glow limited company’s material).
Owned and managed by a young talented manager, the company has forward-thinking visions in marketing. Instead of pitching new products or services, the company’s marketing team is providing truly relevant and useful content to their prospects and customers to help them solve their issues. The company’s operation focuses on opening interactions between clients, implementing events or promoting services in the closet way to customers. All goals must be clear and involves and favoring clients’ intensions.
The Glow limited company has mainly services in event organizing, including everything from searching marketing, generates new ideas, decorating, photographing and so on. As Glow also has just established a separate information technology apartment, the management has agreed to use newest techniques to promote company services. It can be considered as company’s competitive advantages.
The company’s headquarter locates in Ho Chi Minh City but services in almost all provinces in Viet Nam thanks to strong available partnerships of the parents company PPLUS.
1.2 Purpose of thesis
The purpose of the thesis is to develop a functional content marketing plan for Glow Company in social media channels which help the company reach potential customers online increase their visibility on market. The implementation includes renovating previous website together with opening brand new other social media channels. As I have been employed in the company for several months and we have discussed about company strategy, website is the most important and easiest channel where clients can first approach the company; therefore, a specific focus will be added into the upgraded website.
By integrating different channels the company messages will be delivered to clients with a customer-friendly image.
As a new young company, the GLOW is facing difficulties of human resource for operations. Normally one worker has to be responsibility for more than 1 tasks and it results in the low outcome. Although the Glow needs sometimes helps from PPLUS, most of works could be conducted by their own resources. Another plan of the finalized output is a marketing plan which is able to save company resource and familiarize personnel to social medial marketing channels.
The content of the plan is based on theory and research which provide the company management appropriately practical information.

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