Understanding The Role Of Language In History History Essay

History is a huge country of cognition and the function of linguistic communication and concluding play a really of import function for understanding history, different people perceive history otherwise because of the linguistic communication in which it is written in, there are different types of history to any peculiar incident, because of assorted beginnings being used and different readings made by different historiographers. ” history is written by the masters ” Winston Churchill, [ 1 ]

The best illustration for the above is the Egyptian Pharaoh, they ordered the slaves to construct the pyramids and as it is written in history that the Pharaoh had a really epicurean life but we still do non cognize that what was the life of the labourers and their agonies. The Pharaohs were in power that is why everything about them is known to us but non the labourers. Another such illustration is of the Akbarnama it was written by Abul Fazl, for composing it Akbar must hold paid him a batch of money and Abul would hold praised him a batch in his books as he was populating in Akbar ‘s land, he dare non travel against him or he would hold been punished badly. Even take the illustration of the Indian mutiny in 1857 when India explain this incident they say that it was the first war of independency or the Indian revolution and they were freedom combatants, but when the Britishers explain it they say that it was the first rebellion of the Indian soldiers and they explained it as a panic onslaught. This is merely one incident which happened but there are two different accounts of it.

There is no absolute truth in history and by the above examples we can turn out this fact, really history is an event taken topographic point in the past and different historiographers write their ain positions and what they feel about the event, so we can non state which of the historiographers is right, the 1 who is more celebrated would be the one which is relevant and it besides depends on the reader, what he/she believes and is at that place logic being used. An illustration is- The Britishers think that they are the shapers of modern India, but the Indians say that they took off all the wealth and gross. As the Britishers were the swayers and had power most people think that what the Britons say is true. Peoples will hold different readings about one same issue because they think and ground otherwise and emotions besides play a really of import function in the apprehension of certain theory ‘s, in India people would utilize a batch of emotion before concluding because of the manner the Britishers treated the people and besides because of so many lives lost.

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Peoples who like to read history book, novels, etc. should ground about the article before believing it, one such incident is of the Taj mahal, most of the people who have studied about the Mughal Empire are known to the fact that it is a grave of Mumtaz mahal and it was built by Shah Jahan, but really few know the enigmas related to Taj mahal. P.N.Oak was a celebrated Indian historiographer who suggested that Taj Mahal was built by King Parmar Dev in 1196 and was a Hindu temple, most people wo n’t believe this theory but P.N.Oak besides has grounds of the C dating trial, the eyewitness histories of the Taj Mahal ‘s building, etc. believing such things depends from people to people as they have different perceptual experiences, and they besides ground otherwise.

As all the states have their ain history, the texts would be written in many different native linguistic communications which many people can non understand so the texts are converted to English or other popular linguistic communications, this is where the linguistic communication barrier comes in to play, there may be a batch of misconstruing while interlingual rendition because non every word has an English significance. Even thou the people who translate are professionals they may ground the text in their ain manner and alter the significance of the text wholly. Like the Akbarnama was written In Persian and so it was converted in English and Hindi by many authors, but there may be a batch of words and phrases which change the significance of the text or are non absolutely translated. The cognition issue here would be linguistic communication, ground and perceptual experience. If a text has to be translated to a different linguistic communication there will be some alterations in the text as some words and phrases would be written otherwise, because of this the people may ground things in a different mode and their perceptual experience would come into drama, which might alter the full significance of the text.

History is a topic which teaches us a batch of thing from the past it helps us to do our present every bit good as the hereafter better, it teaches us non to do errors which our ascendants did but to larn from their errors, today about every state has atomic engineering, but they would believe and ground twice earlier engaging a atomic war against a state. The ground behind this lies in our history, the universe war two, where in the United States of America dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the after effects of the bombs can still be seen in the new born babes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The discoverer of the bomb prof. Albert Einstein regretted subscribing the missive to President Roosevelt urging that an atomic bomb should be made [ 2 ] . But the bombs were non dropped merely to complete the war, the authorities reasoned out that the Germans could be a large menace and Japan might already hold started to develop an atomic bomb.

Our history has truly helped the citizens today as in the olden yearss there were a batch of distinction on the footing of dramatis personae and colour, bondage was besides legal, but it was Abraham Lincoln who gave the vote rights to the black people, Martin Luther male monarch, Junior was another adult male who fought for the black people in footings of abolition of bondage and racism. These people have truly helped todays people to believe ethically and it has helped to halt bondage and racism all around the universe. These people dared to believe and ground otherwise which is why our society today is so unfastened and does non distinguish between the inkinesss and the Whites. It was in 1963 when Martin Luther king gave his address “ I have a dreamaˆ¦ . ” It was at the clip of the March on Washington [ 3 ] were there were people of many different faiths which came together of a common cause, but it was Martin Luther male monarch ‘s address which motivated all the people to contend for their cause, the address was one of the most celebrated addresss in history, it was the usage of linguistic communication which made it so celebrated. There were people of different faith who understood the address because of the linguistic communication used and because of this the people could ground out the address easy and understand it intending.

The function of linguistic communication and ground in history dramas a really of import function to understand our history, it besides helps us to ground how we can avoid or better the errors which our ascendants. There are a batch of historical stuffs that are translated into different linguistic communications so that people understand the significance of history in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives.



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