Unfair Promotion at the Food Chain

September 23, 2017 Human Resources

I. Case Study Joel Reyes, the newly hired officer at the Food Chain, Inc. was jolted by the conversation he just had with Ria Tolentino, an employee at the counter. Ria complained that female employees were being passed over for promotion in favor of male employees who had less experience and seniority. She explained she had been passed over promotion twice since she started working at the Food Chain. After Ria left his office, Joel began to immediately investigate her complaints, only to find out that for the fast two year or three years, more than 90% of the employees were promoted are male.

Further investigations revealed that the supervisor made promotion recommendations and decisions. The company felt that the supervisor was in the best position to judge whether or not an employee was promotable. There was no system for employees to apply for promotions. Written performance evaluations were limited to office employees and by store managers. A: Main Problem: The main problem in the case was that female employees were being passed over for promotion in the favor of male employees who had less experience and seniority.

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B: Point of View of the: Student C: Alternative Courses of Action (3 ACAs. Possible actions to solve the problem) ACA1: HR manager may simply put the decisions on his department with regards to the conflict between the promotion of the female and male employees. Advantage: Fair judgment Disadvantage: It will only show that HR manager doesn’t have any capabilities handling his staff. ACA2: Ria should personally talk with Supervisor, Line managers and the Board of Directors; have a closed door meeting with her regarding her concerns with promotion.

Advantage: Ria could voice out everything with her supervisor regarding her work concerns. Disadvantage: Ria, doesn’t have much competence handling such task because she herself doesn’t have much background with performance evaluation. ACA3: HR Manager should redesign a performance evaluation criteria or system that would cover all the necessary things like the performance itself of the female and male employees, attendance, productivity, relation with other workers, staff and with the superiors, stay in the company and so on.

Advantage: A more detailed performance evaluation system could prove that the company is fair when it comes to promotions. Disadvantage: Another cost with the company since improvement of the old system would require a meeting between the Human Resources and Management and the newly hired HR officers concerned. D: Best alternative course of action: The best alternative course action is ACA3. II. As the newly hired HR officer of the Food Chain, how will you avoid problems similar to this in the future?

As the newly hired HR officer of the Food Chain and as part of the strategic role, HR managers are often seen as responsible for expanding the capabilities of the human resources in an organization. Currently, considerable emphasis is being focused on the competencies that the employees in the organization have and will need for the organization to grow in the future to avoid problems similar in this case. HR management must lead in developing the competencies that employees have in several ways.

First, the needed capabilities must be identified and linked to the work done in the organization. This identification often requires active cooperation between HR professionals and operating managers. Next, the capabilities of each employee much be assessed. This approach requires that the competencies and depth of those competencies be identified. For example, in a firm with 100 employees, the HR director is developing career plans and succession charts to determine if the firm has sufficient human resources to operate and manage the 70% growth it expects over the upcoming four years.

Once the comparison of the gap between capabilities needed in the organization and those existing in employees is identified then training and development activities must be designed. The focus throughout is providing guidance to employees and creating awareness of career growth possibilities within the organization. Promotion may imply a fact that the company really cares for the employee thus following what do the Labor code states. Art. 3. Declaration of basic policy.

The State shall afford protection to labor, promote full employment, ensure equal work opportunities regardless of sex, race or creed and regulate the relations between workers and employers. The State shall assure the rights of workers to self-organization, collective bargaining, security of tenure, and just and humane conditions of work. For many individuals, continuing to enhance their capabilities and knowing that there are growth opportunities in the organization may lead to greater job satisfaction and longer employment with that organization.

In that implementation of the management the problem between in the newly hired manager and employees due to promotion will solve immediately knowing they have their right being employee. South Mansfield College Muntinlupa city BS Hotel Restaurant and Management Unfair Promotion at the Food Chain Case Study In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in IHRM103 F/2:00-5:00/301 Ma. Lourdes G. Bernabe HRM Student Prof. Nadia Krishna Palacol Professor August 2011


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