Unique Design Features And Functions Of Mobile Phones Marketing Essay

1.0 Introduction

Nowadays, there are many and varies trade names of phones that are appear and sell in the market. Each trade name has their ain distinctive and alone design, characteristics and maps of nomadic phones. Most of the phones nowadays has been advanced and improved with the new engineering in order to maintain updated and accommodated to the progress of engineering. Two of the most popular trade names are Nokia and Sony Ericsson.Nokia and Sony Ericsson have different in history of constitution, mission statements, and Board of managers

Nokia is a Finland based company ( Lisa,2010 ) . In 1967, Nokia is incorporated as a Finland based company. In 1865, Nokia started as a mush, gum elastic and overseas telegram fabrication company by Knut Fredrik Idestam. August 1997 Nokia-GSM systems to 59 operators in 31 countries.It ‘s the prima maker of nomadic devices. The mission of Nokia is focus on the attack of engineering ( Lisa,2010 ) . The mission of Nokia is “ In a universe where everyone can be connected, we take really human attack to engineering ” . In order to do people experience near to what affair, people have to link with each other.The usage of engineering to assist people near to each other or even anything, so enlargement will follow.

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The company ‘s operations are managed under the usher of the Board of Directors.There are nine members included in the board of directors.The president of Nokia is JormaOllila while the frailty president is Dame MarjoriScardino.The staying members are LalitaD.Gupte, Dr. BengtHolmstrom, Dr.henningKagermann, Per Karlsson, Isabel Marey-Semper, RistoSiilasmaa, KeijoSuila.

Sony Ericsson was born of two, coincidental and serious crises. , Sony Ericsson was formed by Ericsson and Sony in twelvemonth 2001.Sony Ericsson became a major participant every bit tardily as the mid-1990s when Mobile telephone usage took off in 1930s ( M.Umair Sheikh,2008 ) . The mission of Sony Ericsson focal point on the communicating amusement trade name ( M.Umair Sheikh,2008 ) .Sony Ericsson inspire people to make more than merely pass on Sony Ericsson besides Sony Ericsson tends to make the experiences that blur the lines between communicating and entertainment.There are four members included in board of managers. The President and CEO is Bert Norberg while RikoSakaguchi hold the station as Executive Vice President.Kristian Tear hold the station as Executive Vice President and William A Glaser Jr hold the station as Chief Financial Officer.

1.1 History of Establishment

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have their ain history of constitution which are different from each other ‘s.

1.1.1 Nokia

Nokia is incorporated as Finland based company in 1967. In 1865, Nokia started as a mush, gum elastic and overseas telegram fabrication company by Knut Fredrick Idestam. Telephone and telegraph overseas telegrams which are finish Rubber plants acquired Nokia Wood Mills. In 1967, Nokia Corporation is created. The digital switch ( Nokia DX 200 ) which developed by Nokia became a success.

Nokia started take parting in the power and electronics concerns in 1970. Nokia set consumer electronic as their major concern in 1987. An understanding to provide GSM webs for nine European states by Nokia in 1991. Between 1992 and 1996 the company exited from the gum elastic and overseas telegram concerns. Nokia GSM systems to 59 operators in 31 states in August 1997 and became the taking maker of nomadic devices. A broad scope of nomadic devices are offers by Nokia with the experience in music, picture, imagination, gambling and a batch more.

1.1.2 Sony Ericsson

Unlike Nokia, the nomadic telephone company-Sony Ericsson was formed by Ericsson and Sony in 2001. Sony Ericsson was born of two, coincidental, serious crises. M.Umair Sheikh ( 2008 ) province that, every bit tardily as the mid-1990s, the company became a major participant when Mobile telephone usage took off. With a 17 % portion of gross revenues, Ericsson managed to go the universe leader in merely a few old ages. Equally tardily as 1993, the company had merely sold 800,000 phones. At 1998, that figure had increased quickly and reached 32 million.

Compare with Nokia, the CEO of Ericsson, who is Sven-ChristerNilson was forced to describe on slower invoicing and monetary value imperativeness in the summer biannual study in 1999. This indicates that the first external marks of the ephemeral of success. The cheaper and less advanced theoretical accounts was demanded in high measure on the quickly growing market. In contrast, the rival Nokia grew efficiently. This is due to its stronger oculus for design, efficient production and market cleavage.

In 2000, Ericsson faced a scared loss of 24 thousand million SEK which included a amount of allotments for restricting was forced to describe by the operation. In contrary with Nokia, in April 24 2001, Ericsson announced that will unifying telephone operations with Japan ‘s Sony. This consequence in the forming Sony Ericsson with each company having 50 % . The electronic giant was to supply its expertise in design and consumer gross revenues which Ericsson had non been qualified to get.

Different with Nokia, the new and common company was headquartered in London. Most of the nomadic telephone operation has been shifted in October. Hence, there were 4000 employees that began operations in the new company. In 2003, the industry of nomadic phone were largely subcontracted and disappeared for good from Sweden.

1.2 Mission Statement

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have different mission statement which is a statement of the company ‘s intent.

1.2.1 Nokia

Lisa ( 2010 ) province that the mission of Nokia is focus on the attack to engineering. The mission of Nokia is “ In a universe where everyone can be connected, we take really human attack to engineering ” . In order to assist people experience near to what affair, people have to link to each other. Whenever, Nokia believes in pass oning sharing. Besides that, with the usage of engineering will assist people near to each other or even anything, as a consequence, enlargement will follow.

1.2.2 Sony Ericsson

Comparison with the mission statement of Nokia, M.Umair Sheikh ( 2008 ) province that the mission of Sony Ericsson focuses on the communicating amusement trade name. Sony Ericsson concentrated on doing certain that the most attractive merchandises are being produced. Different with the Nokia mission statement, Sony Ericsson inspire people to make more than merely communicate. In contrast, Sony Ericsson besides enables everyone to make and take part in amusement experiences. Furthermore, Sony Ericsson tends to make the experiences that blur the lines between communicating and amusement.

1.3 Board of Directors

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have their ain board of managers to pull off their company ‘s operation.

1.3.1 Nokia

For Nokia, the company ‘s operations are managed under the usher of the Board of Directors. There are nine members included in the board of managers. The president of Nokia is JormaOllila while the frailty president is Dame Marjorie Scardino. The staying members are LalitaD.Gupte, Dr.BengtHolmstrom, Dr.HenningKagermann, Per Karlsson, Isabel Marey-Semper, RistoSiilasmaa and KeijoSuila.

1.3.2 Sony Ericsson

Comparison with the Nokia ‘s Board of Directors, there are four members included in the board of managers. The president and CEO is Bert Norberg while RikoSkaguchi holds the station as Executive Vice President. Besides that, Kristian Tear hold the station as Executive Vice President and William A Glaser Jr hold the station as Chief Financial Officer.

As the Board, they have the duty as the represented, and is accountable to the portion holders of the company. The duties of the Board are active, non inactive. On the other manus, they have their responsibility to measure on a regular basis the direction policies, the productivity and the strategic way with which direction implements them. Furthermore, the Board besides has their responsibility to oversee the construction and composing of the company ‘s top direction.

2.0 The Organization

Sony Ericsson and Nokia both focal point on nomadic phones but have different types of nomadic phones and different naming system for their nomadic phones.

2.1 The brands/types of merchandises

Sony Ericsson and Nokia both produce nomadic multimedia devices and line scope of merchandises and concentrate on nomadic phones.

2.1.1 Nokia

Nokia has followed many types of calling system since they have developed calling system. The old calling system of Nokia uses four figures to call different theoretical accounts. Four figure naming system are divided into 8 types. It includes 1xxx ” Ultra basic ” ,

2xxx “ Basic ” , 3xxx “ youthExpression ” , 5 thirty “ Active ” , 6 thirty “ Authoritative Business ” , 7 thirty “ Experimental ” , 8xxx and 9xxx. Different series of phones have different characteristics and mark market. The most low-cost phones of Nokia are the Nokia 1000 series. It is designed for those users who are satisfied with basic characteristics such as doing calls, SMS text messages, dismay clock and reminder. Similar to 1000 series, 2000 series are entry-level phone. However the characteristics of 2000 series are more than the characteristics of 1000 series such as color-screen, some characteristic camera and Bluetooth. The Nokia 3000 series are chiefly mid-range phones which target the young person market. There are no 4000 series of Nokia phones. It is believed that it is because tetraphobia which means the fright of the figure 4. 4 is sound like decease in some East Asiatic parts such as China, Taiwan and besides Malaysia. Therefore, Nokia avoid making edginess of the consumers in those specific states by jumping to 5000 series alternatively of continue with the 4000 series. The Nokia 5000 series have the similar characteristics with the 3000 series but holding more characteristics towards active persons. The 6000 series consists of most of the Nokia phones. It produces mid-range to high-end phones with higher sum of characteristics. Nokia 7000 series consist of more consumer-oriented household of phones and aim fashion-conscious users. Nokia 8000 series is characterized by attraction and biotechnologies nevertheless the biotechnologies is focus on the visual aspect of the phones but non the characteristics. Nokia 9000 series was the first merchandise in Nokia ‘s Communicator series in 1996.

Damian Koh ( 2010 ) stated that the current naming system has 4 classs which are N, E, X and C series. N means new engineering series and E means enterprise series. N series is the Nokia ‘s most advanced smartphone series. It is designed for the consumers who are looking for phones with advanced multimedia and connectivity characteristics. E series is designed for concern usage and it includes business-optimized smartphones. X bases for Xpressmusic series and C stands for consumer series. X series intend to pull immature consumers who are looking for phones with music and amusement characteristics. C series is more low-cost series among all the series above.

2.1.2 Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has its ain naming system and different classs of nomadic phones. David Gonzales ( 2008 ) stated that there are few chief classs of nomadic phones produced by Sony Ericsson which are walkman-branded W series music phones, cyber-shot-branded K series and C series phones, UIQ Smartphone P series phones and others. W stands for Walkman and it shows that W series are music phones which are introduced in twelvemonth 2005. C series which are introduced in twelvemonth 2006 are newer series of K series. C series are cyber-shot phones and concentrate on the quality of camera which areincluded with the phones. The UIQ Smartphone P series of Mobiles are introduced in 2003. They are noteworthy for their touch screens, QWERTY keypads on most theoretical accounts and usage of the UIQ interface platform for Symbian OS.

Sony Ericsson has its ain naming system for their nomadic phones. There are three methods of calling system in the yesteryear. These formats are all get downing with a capital missive which represents the series of the phones. The most common naming system was utilizing five or six characters. Followed after the capital missive, three Numberss of which first Numberss indicates the sub-series of the phones. Second figure indicates the sum of patterned advance from the old release and the 3rd figure can be a ‘0 ‘ , ‘5 ‘ or ‘8 ‘ . ‘8 ‘ means a fluctuation of the phone destined for a different market without a characteristic or used to divide phones which have indistinguishable specifications but the designs are different. ‘5’refer to newer theoretical accounts, where the first two Numberss and ‘0 ‘ have already been used in a old theoretical account.

Another format uses three characters which is a newer system than “ five-character naming system ” but still considered as old calling system. It is believed that this format is intended for calling flagship theoretical accounts of each phone series due to the limited enumeration combinations. Followed after the capital missive, the first figure is used to bespeak the sum of patterned advance from the old release. The concluding small letter missive describes the market for which a merchandise is intended. Often the last missive is left out to depict the phone generically with no part specific stigmatization. The oldest naming system uses four characters.

All the calling system above utilizations lowercase missive at the terminal of the theoretical account name depends on the market that Sony Ericsson intended to sell. Existing small letter letters are A which is for Americas, C which is for China, I which stands for international. An ‘im ‘ used for i-mode phones. For those which are without any lowercase missive at the terminal are non specific for any states or faiths.

There is a new naming system after the 2008 Mobile World Congress which is utilizing four characters. These characters are the “ Series ” , the “ Range/Class ” , the “ Version ” and the “ Form Factor ” . First figure followed after the capital missive is to place the scope or category. Second figure is used to distinguish the version of phones. Models stoping in 0, 1 and 2 are candy bars, stoping in 3, 4 and 5 are skidders, stoping in 6, 7 and 8 are clamshells, and theoretical accounts stoping in 9 will hold other, unspecified signifier factors stated by David Gonzales. ( 2008 )

2.2 Slogan and Logo

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have different mottos and logo which have different significances.

Nokia has four old Sons before the current logo is used whereas Sony Ericsson has merely one logo but may hold different colour for hereafter.

2.2.1 Nokia


Time Period

Previous Logo

Nokia logo 1865

Nokia used this logo from twelvemonth 1865 to 1966.

Previous Logo

Nokia Finnish Rubber Works logo

Nokia used this logo from twelvemonth 1965 to 1966.

Previous Logo

Nokia arrows logo

Nokia used the Nokia “ pointers ” logo before the Connecting People logo.

Previous Logo

hypertext transfer protocol: //upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/7/7b/Nokia_Connecting_People.svg/110px-Nokia_Connecting_People.svg.png

Nokia introduced its “ Connecting Peoples ” advertisement motto, coined by OveStrandberg and used since 1992. This earlier version of the motto used Times Roman Small Caps fount.

Current Logo

Nokia Logohttp: //t2.gstatic.com/images? q=tbn: ANd9GcSEL6E2cetvrSGD5EOEXNZapaGrA9fJOq-IF8L65lnutwjvqjkWhttp: //t2.gstatic.com/images? q=tbn: ANd9GcSEL6E2cetvrSGD5EOEXNZapaGrA9fJOq-IF8L65lnutwjvqjkW

Nokia ‘s current logo has been used by Nokia since 2006. The “ Connecting Peoples ” motto has been redesigned by utilizing Nokia ‘s proprietary ‘Nokia Sans ‘ fount.

Slogan of Nokia is “ Connecting Peoples ” by Famouslogos. ( 2010 )

2.2.2 Sony Ericsson

How to make the Sony-Ericsson logo – Photoshop tutorial

In future, Sony Ericsson will utilize the seven new colourss of the logo, in add-on to the criterion viridity. The domain is a combination of letters “ S ” for Sony and “ E ” for Ericsson. The current motto of Sony Ericsson is “ Make. Believe ” . The former motto of Sony Ericsson was “ It ‘s a Sony ” , “ like.no.other ”

2.3 Current Business Development

From the current concern development, we can cognize that current state of affairs of the company and predict the development of the company. Nokia and Sony Ericsson are presently in different phases of concern development.

2.3.1 Nokia

Current development of Nokia consists of central offices, figure of employees, location of offices, location of development and research and gross. Headquarters of Nokia is Espoo, Finland. Nokia has 132430 employees up to twelvemonth 2010. Nokia has office at New York, Latin America, Brazil, China, South East Asiai??India and Dubai. Nokia Research Center ( 2010 ) stated that Nokia has development and research Centre in Helsinki ; Tampere ; Toijala ; Tokyo, Beijing ; Budapest ; Bochum ; Palo Alto, California, Cambridge and Massachusetts. The major production mills of Nokia locate at Salo, Finland ; Beijing, China ; Dongguan, China ; Chennai, India ; Komarom, Hungary and the Ruhr part at Germany. Latest gross of Nokia is a‚¬42.45 billion in 2010.

2.3.2 Sony Ericsson

Current development of Sony Ericsson consists of central offices, figure of employees, location of offices, location of development and research and gross. In contrast to Nokia, Headquarters of Sony Ericsson is Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom. Whereas Nokia has 132430 employees, Sony Ericsson has 8,450employees up to twelvemonth April 2010. Nevertheless, Sony Ericsson has office at Singapore which is subdivision of Asia Pacific, China, German which is subdivision of Europe, Middle East and Africa Region and America. Unlike Nokia, Sony Ericsson has development and research Centre at Sweden, Japan, China, Germany, the United States, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. On the contrary, gross of Sony Ericsson is a‚¬6.294 billion in 2010.

3.0 Selling Schemes

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have different selling schemes to increase their market portion. A higher market portion will do both of the companies get advantages which result in the stableness and long lasting of their concern in the market. Hence, selling mix can be used to market their merchandises which included merchandise, monetary value, publicity and topographic point.

3.1 How do they market their merchandises? ( Marketing Mix-4Ps )

The selling mix included merchandise, monetary value, publicity and topographic point. These are the selling tools that a company will adopted in order to derive competitory advantages relative to their rivals.

3.1.1 Merchandise

Merchandises considered as the critical point of marketing mix. The merchandises of Nokia are focus on the assortment, quality, design and characteristics. A market research has been researched by Nokia to place the consumers ‘ demands and specific demands. This is due to different clients have different intent or ground to purchase a peculiar merchandise. For illustration, there are nine new GSM theoretical accounts, consist the Nokia 6280. This is the first mid-range WCDMA 13G phone. Nokia

Besides, there are four new CDMA theoretical accounts, turning the Nokia mid-range offering in CDMA. The Nokia 8800 and Nokia 8801 are the premium class devices which are unstained steel slide phones. Besides, the illustration of phone theoretical account with 2 mega pel cameras is the Nokia 6270 slide phone. Furthermore, Nokia has designed the first nomadic device to obey with EU environmental statute law is the Nokia 5140 camera phone.

On the other manus, the Nokia 1110 and Nokia 1600 are two entry-level nomadic phones. Technology characteristics are offering by each of the phone in order to cut down the cost of ownership for users. Sony Ericsson

The merchandises of Sony Ericsson included nomadic phones and accoutrements. M.Umair Sheikh ( 2008 ) province that, compare with Nokia, Sony Ericsson ‘s phones and accoutrements range is category apart from others. In order to maintain in head of clients, the Mobile of Sony Ericsson are designed distinctively and specifically.

In contrast with the phones of Nokia, Sony Ericsson has designed their nomadic phones into varies and different classs. Those classs consist of talk and text phones, camera phones, music phones and design phones. Each class of phones have similar maps but differentiated harmonizing to their specific design.The illustrations of text and speak phones are F305 and K330. These type of phones are specific for their talk and text map. Furthermore, for camera phones, there are Satio. C510, C903 etc.

Undeniable, the camera phones chief map is used to capture images. These types of phones normally have high megapixel to capture a high quality of image. Besides that, the theoretical accounts such as W705, W995, Ainoetc are the types of music phones. The advanced music participant would take the users to play assortment of music harmonizing their favourites. The W-series ( Walkman ) French telephones are enhanced with the high terminal capablenesss. The design phones such as T700, Z555i etc. The phones are focal point and concern about the design of the phones in order to hold appealing expressions, keen design, fashionable organic structure.

Compare with Nokia, Sony Ericsson produce and provide assortment of accoutrements to fit and fulfill the client ‘s demands and wants. The music accoutrements consist of catch on talker base, out-of-door radio talker and stereo portable custodies free. Besides that, imaging accoutrements included picture sing base, phone tripod and so on. Besides, Sony Ericsson have instances, screen and styli accoutrements which consists of party instance, travel billfold, stylus battalion and authoritative instance.

Furthermore, for connectivity and power accoutrements, to fulfill and meets the demand of clients, battery courser arranger and power battalion are being provided. On the other manus, custodies free are one of the accoutrements. For case, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth tickers and Bluetooth headset. Furthermore, to do convenience for auto driver, accoutrements for auto such as Bluetooth auto talker phone and Bluetooth auto custodies free are produced.

3.1.2 Monetary value

Monetary value is an of import selling mix tool for both making and capturing client value. The monetary value is of import factor of merchandising of a merchandise. Price is changed based on different pricing schemes. The pricing schemes included rival based, incursion or skimming. There are three chief causes that act uponing the sum charged for a merchandise or service which comprises the cost of production, client demand and competition. Nokia

Lisa ( 2010 ) province that the monetary values of Nokia nomadic phones depend on the theoretical account ofthe phones.Hence, different theoretical accounts of the phones have different monetary values. For a newproducts, Nokia set a high monetary value to take maximal gross bed by bed from the sections willing to pay the high monetary value. For case, Nokia N-series were produced to aim for those clients whose will used their phone for a long period of clip and within this period will non alter often and stay use the same phone as earlier. The N-series phones are used by the clients to do the symbolize for their position.

Furthermore, the basic monetary value will be adjusted frequently by Nokia to let for assortment in consumers, merchandises, and locations. Meanwhile, psychological pricing is being adopted by Nokia. The cost of new merchandises is being pushed with low cost and high public presentation enhance clients ‘ trueness. The Nokia 8-series belong to medium terminal merchandises which are voguish and could expose consumers ‘ personality. The average terminal merchandises are produced to aim and take those clients who prefer voguish merchandises, have certain buying capableness aspire to new engineering. Sony Ericsson

M.Umair Sheikh ( 2008 ) province that the monetary values of Sony Ericsson ‘s nomadic phones are different harmonizing to the different design of the phones. The phones of Sony Ericsson are in such a manner that they are designed for different budgets in contrast with Nokia ‘s nomadic phones.Sony Ericsson has been set the monetary values for different phones in different classs sing to the design. For illustration, the monetary value of the music phones are differ and dissimilar comparison with the camera phones. These two classs of phones have their ain specific design, hence, the monetary value that has been set is changing.

Compare with Nokia, the monetary value of the Sony Ericsson is set to aim different degree of clients. Since clients will hold involvement in certain design of phone, ought to this, monetary value is adjust to a more sensible degree so that clients are low-cost and willing to buy the merchandise. This is one of the selling schemes that Sony Ericsson implement to gaining control clients ‘ value and fulfill the clients demands and wants. Indirectly, trueness of clients can be obtained by the company.

3.1.3 Promotion

Promotion is one of the selling mix tools that is normally used by the companies to make client value. They use publicity to clearly and persuasively pass on that value. Promotion included delivering and supplying information to the client through different kind of media platforms, utilizing wireless, telecasting and print advertisement. Nokia

Lisa ( 2010 ) province that Nokia publicity activities included advertisement, personal merchandising, gross revenues publicity, and so on. By advertisement, can be carried through Television, mark boards, measure boards, wireless and newspaper. For illustration through Television advertizements, Nokia has promoted their trade name construct which is “ Technology Connecting Peoples ” . As a effects, consumer will derive the construct and indirectly has been profoundly rooted in consumer ‘s head when they watching the Television advertizement.

Furthermore, personal merchandising is one of the publicity activities for Nokia. This can be done by merchandise preparation to distributer. By this, Nokia implement a face to confront presentation. Promotion, gross revenues of merchandise and services through distributor to clients. Nokia train sales representative to calculate out clients ‘ demands and wants and to happen solutions. For illustration through personal merchandising, Nokia tend to depict the merchandise clearly and in item to the client.

In add-on, gross revenues publicity is being adopted by Nokia to advance their merchandises. For illustration, gift such as motorcycle, Television, tickers and so on are free to give to clients and clients have the opportunity to acquire those gift if they purchase Nokia ‘s nomadic phone. Furthermore, publicizing run is used by Nokia to advance the new engineerings and nomadic devices that the company produced. Sony Ericsson

In contrast, advertisement is the chief promotional activities for Sony Ericsson ( M.Umair Sheikh, 2008 ) . M.Umair Sheikh ( 2008 ) province that comparison with the publicity activities of Nokia, Sony Ericsson has patronizing WTA Tour to heighten their publicity effect.The WTA Tour and Sony Ericsson jointly announced to establish of Super Fans. Super Fans is a innovative media channel. The media channel will populate online across the Tour, participant, tourney and Sony Ericsson digital and nomadic platforms.

3.1.4 Topographic point

Topographic point is refer to a location that a company select which is accessible to the mark market. It is besides means a chosen mercantile establishment for a merchandise or service. Convenience will be enhanced when a topographic point is selected as clients can acquire and obtain the merchandises they would wish to buy. Nokia

Lisa ( 2010 ) province that Nokia introduce the distribution channel by posses a sensible distribution system. Nokia straight distributed the merchandises to the distributor and so to the whole marketer before distributed to the retailer.The distribution web merely consists of one bed. The location and director of FD platform are being selected by Nokia. A sensible distribution system is owns by Nokia through the invention of channels.

Lisa ( 2010 ) province that the retail merchant distributed the merchandises to the client at a faster rate.By making this, the distribution cost can be reduced and increase the efficiency of the whole distribution system. Beside that, Net income can be created for distributers, retail merchants, consumers and the company itself. The coverage country of Nokia is widely available all over India ( Lisa,2010 ) . Sony Ericsson

M.Umair Sheikh ( 2008 ) province that One Channel distribution is the distribution method adopted by Sony Ericsson comparison with the Nokia distribution channel. Unlike Nokia, the clients of Sony Ericsson purchase the merchandises from retail merchants which recognized by Sony Ericsson. Different with Nokia, the retail merchant of Sony Ericsson so purchase the merchandise straight from the company itself. Hence, the merchandises of Sony Ericsson does non sell through its web site.

3.2 Ad Method

Ad is a method that is normally used by companies to advance their merchandises promotion. Different companies have their ain advertisement methods. Ad that are appropriate and attractive will indirectly assist the companies to derive net income and benefit as their volume of selling the merchandises have been increased straight. A successful and effectual advertisement method is the method which can pull clients attending and purchase certain merchandises from a company and maintain in head of clients relative to rivals. There are several methods of advertisement that have its ain effectivity.

3.2.1 Nokia

The advertisement methods of Nokia has better its effectivity. Lisa ( 2010 ) province that through Television, mark boards, measure boards, wireless and newspaper, clients can cognize the information for case map, design, and monetary values about the nomadic phone. Gor illustration, through Television advertizements, the trade name construct “ Technology Connecting Peoples ” will be gained by the clients which will so deeply rooted in client ‘s head when they watching the Television advertizement.

Besides that, print advertizements have been placed in newspapers. Undeniable, newspapers is one of the reading stuffs that everyone will be given to read it to acquire the latest intelligence and information today. As a effects, through reading newspapers, clients can derive the latest Nokia ‘s merchandise information. This is an effectual advertisement method as this will indirectly increase the desire of a client to buy the merchandises of Nokia.

Furthermore, by advertise through broachers, silent persons and show bases, the advertisement effectivity can be improved and enhanced as good. For illustration, Nokia display their merchandises on the show stand to do convenience for clients to see exhaustively about the existent merchandises. Besides, clients can seek and utilize the maps of the merchandises before they decided to purchase it. Hence, indirectly, this will better the clients satisfaction and acquire client ‘s trueness as clients have been serviced and threatened good.

3.2.2 Sony Ericsson

M.Umair Sheikh ( 2008 ) province that Sony Ericsson has improves its effectivity of advertisement through patronizing WTA Tour. In contrary to Nokia, Sony Ericsson has come to organize a monolithic portion of the WTA Tour which are the tourneies, off-court events, their groundbreaking Super Fans venture, and even the participants themselves. Unlike Nokia, the Brand Ambassadors of the company included many tennis stars such as Maria Sharapoya, dad stars and histrions in different states.

The participants use the Sony Ericsson Xperia a„? X10 to make exposures, pictures and text contents for Super Fans. Compare with Nokia, through the publicity consequence by the tennis stars, Sony Ericsson has the ability to heighten the popularity of the merchandises globally. In 2005, Sony Ericsson has partnered with the WTA Tour. The relationship with the WTA Tour has been enormously successfully supplying the company important international trade name exposure and consciousness. Indirectly, Sony Ericsson has gained competitory advantage as the merchandise has been kept in the head of clients relative to rivals.

4.0 Future Plan of Two Organization

Future program of a company is what the company program to make in the hereafter. Nokia and Sony Ericsson have different program in the hereafter. Nokia will hold meeting program with Microsoft. On the other manus, Sony Ericsson will establish new merchandises in the hereafter.

4.1 Nokia

Nokia has magisterially announced corporation with Microsoft to organize a worldwide Mobile ecosystem based on extremely complementary assets. Besides that, Matti ( 2011 ) mentioned that Microsoft smartphone platform Windows Phone 7 will be take on by Nokia and Nokia will selected it ‘s as the primary platform for its approaching smartphone.

On 11 February 2011, Andre ( 2011 ) stated that Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop announced that in the hereafter, Nokia smartphone will be able to run Windows Phone 7 operating system. This is an tremendous move for Microsoft to additions a planetary footmark. In contrast, for Nokia, it is a tough and difficult admittance because they have been slow on introducing in the quickly increasing smartphone market. “ Nokia is at a critical occasion, where important alteration is necessary and inevitable in our journey forward, ” said Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO.

Matti ( 2011 ) said that with partnership with Microsoft, Nokia will unite the strengths of both companies. Strength of Nokia is fabricating and the package art of Microsoft will together construct market-leading nomadic merchandises and services to offer consumers, operators and developers matchless choice and chance.

By supplying its expertness on hardware optimisation, package customization, linguistic communication support and graduated table, Nokia would assist drive the hereafter of the platform with the assistance of Windows Phone as its primary Smartphone platform. Invention can be driven by Nokia and Microsoft by uniting services. For illustration, Nokia Maps, would be at the bosom of cardinal Microsoft assets like Bing and AdCenter, and Nokia ‘s application and content shop would be integrated into Microsoft Marketplace. Microsoft would supply developer tools under the proposed partnership, in an effort to do it easier for application developers to supply Nokia ‘s planetary graduated table.

Symbian displacements into a franchise platform supplying old investings to reap extra values with while Nokia moves to Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform. The chance to maintain and exchange the installed base of 200 million Symbian is recognized in this strategy.50 million more Symbian devices is expected to be sold by Nokia in the old ages to come.

Last 4 old ages, Nokia was occupied about 51 % of smartphone market portion but now it has fallen to 27 % . In past clip, Nokia is the leader of the smartphone market but Apple Company becomes the leader now. Presents, smartphone that keeping in the manus of society is iPhone which produced by Apple Company, non Nokia. Because of this state of affairs, Nokia now is speed uping changing through a new way which seeks to recapture the smartphone leading, reenforcing nomadic device platform and recognizing investing in the hereafter.

Nokia now is confronting falling market portion of smartphone because of the increasing figure of rival in the market. Amdre mentioned that the rise of the iPhone that produced by the Apple company and Android phone that produced by the Sony Ericsson had caused Nokia losing its smartphone market portion.

4.2 Sony Ericsson

Tarmo and Georgina ( 2011 ) said that Sony Ericsson announced that in the hereafter, PlayStation smartphone will take video game console war to cellular telephones.

On the contrary, on 13 February 2011, after 2 yearss Nokia announced Nokia smartphone are able to run Window Phone 7 operating system and merge with Microsoft, Sony Ericsson unveiled that Sony ‘s PlayStation which is on the new Xperia Live will take on Microsoft Xbox Live and available on Windows Phone 7.

Unlike Nokia, Geoff Blaber, an analyst at CCS Insight references that the Xperia Play will hold something different with the Android. New Xperia Play will allow the user experienced the existent game control. Besides that, Geoff Blaber besides said that console wars are traveling to the nomadic platform, if Sony Ericsson wants to shut the spread to Apple, Microsoft and Sony have important land to cover it.

Besides that, in this twelvemonth, Sony Ericsson plans to establish at least eight Android phones and will allow two other smartphone theoretical accounts run Google ‘s Android. Chief of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg mentioned that they are aim to be the largest Android phone shaper. Besides that, they would necessitate to increase 11 % of market portions of Android to make 25 % .

5.0 Decision

Differences between Nokia and Sony Ericsson affect the development and their place in the industry.

5.1 Differences between Nokia and Sony Ericsson

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have different schemes and mission which result in different manner of development. Nokia produces more low-end nomadic phones whereas Sony Ericsson produces more high-end nomadic phones. Nokia develops markets like China, India, the Middle East and Africa nevertheless Sony Ericsson does non concentrate on the markets in the Middle East and Africa. Nokia divided series of phone depends on monetary value of phones while Sony Ericsson divided series of phone depends on characteristics of phones. Nokia focuses on the characteristics which are more practical whereas Sony Ericsson focuses on amusement characteristics such as music and camera characteristics. Nokia is more experient because it started concern in 1966 nevertheless Sony Ericsson is less experient as it started joint venture in 2001. Mission of Nokia dressed ores on communicating whereas mission of Sony Ericsson concentrates on amusement and connecting. Nokia has its ain research Centres which cooperate with universities whereas Sony Ericsson does non concentrate on the development of research Centre. Unlike Sony Ericsson, Nokia has more employees. Sony Ericsson has a series of eco-phones which named Green Heart whereas Nokia are presently used the recycled plastics merely in packaging but non yet in nomadic phones.

Nokia has many advantages that make it stand a better opportunity to be more successful than Sony Ericsson for current state of affairs. Nokia produced multi-function Mobile phones which are cheaper which fit people ‘s demand in Middle East, Asian and other developing states. Nokia concentrates on the development in Middle East and Asian which is become more of import. Sony Ericsson is better than Nokia in pulling immature coevals because of its characteristics. Nokia started concern earlier than Sony Ericsson and has created trade name consciousness and trade name trueness for which Sony Ericsson is unable to catch up so easy in short clip. Nokia is the largest nomadic phone maker worldwide. The confederation will do Microsoft ‘s Windows Phone 7 a stronger rival against Android and Io. Nokia is actively researching in unfastened invention through research coactions with major. There are 500 NRC squads in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Green Heart series of Sony Ericsson emits less CO2 during its fiction and use. It is besides packed in a little box without paper manual, includes an eco-charger, and its screen is made of a lower limit of 50 % recycled plastic. E-manual saves over 90 % in paper and reduces the environmental impact of transporting the concluding merchandise through more compact packaging. The smaller packaging allows Nokia to direct more phones with each cargo ; cutting down CO2 from transit. The phone is optimized by exposing visible radiation detector that uses less energy. The phone is colored with waterborne pigment that lowers exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOC ) .

From the differences in current concern development of two companies, we found that Nokia presently stands a better opportunity to take the communicating industry than Sony Ericsson. However, if Sony Ericsson can catch up the development of Nokia and make attempt to capture chances that have non been discovered by Nokia, Sony Ericsson may be more successful.



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