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The transformational event that drove e into this doctorate program is a little strange, 10 years back one of my colleagues started calling me doctor and in somehow I’ve liked it, at that time was holding only my ABA and the journey looks too far, after few years I’ve started my MBA but I had a doubt that I will finish it, but after 2 years it was completed with a 4 GAP and had a positive impact on my knowledge and career even income, “While MBA programmer or the traditional business Ph. D. Aerogramme are focused on finance, accounting, marketing, operations strategy, and quantitative research, DIM goes a step further by also engendering the importance of developing employees, organizational culture, and teams as a major aspect of strategy execution success therefore”; it was a big push for me to complete my journey to this level of study to satisfy my ambitions to make more money , challenge myself, push myself to new heights and achieve a difficult goal. Doing a PhD for the sake of a pay rise is not a good reason. Ph. D. Haven’t “been tapped into the way that Mambas have,” says Karen Jackson-Weaver, associate dean for academic affairs and diversity at Princess’s graduate school. Taut it will improve my abilities to understand and solve problems, increase my confidence, make a better communication and gain skills that may lead to a better job. Some people are made for a doctorate. “The doctorate has become a managed exercise which has affected its aims and scope”, doing research projects as hobbies, knowledge appetite which can tailor a doctorate to suit particular needs.

REFERENCES Authors: Burled, Darrell Norman 1 [email protected] Com, Source: Visalia: The Journal for Decision Makers. July-Seepage, Volvo. 31 Issue 3, pop-17. Up. Authors: Glommed, Erin, Source: Businesslike. Com. 5/2/2014, pa-6. 1 p. Authors: MOTOS, Frederica, Source: Journal of Higher Education Policy & Management. Decided, Volvo. 35 Issue 6, IPPP-638. App. Q #2: Plagiarism is a major challenge in many quality academic institutions. Review the literature on plagiarism including the plagiarism web site (click here).

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How do you plan to ensure the originality of your work within this program? Provide specific steps that will guide you to writing with integrity at the scholarly level. Make sure you properly cite the sources used. Also, for future reference, research sources at the graduate level need to be research journal articles. Generic web sites such as Wisped and dictionaries are very ambiguous and general. Some are not reliable at all like Wisped.

Avoid the use of such sources in any graduate level work unless directed by the course/ professor like in the case of the plagiarism web site. In today’s era of education, plagiarism is a global issue; each academic institution is facing heavy issue. Plagiarism is derived from the Latin word “predatory’, which means kidnapping or theft. “Plagiarism, broadly defined, encompasses presenting other people’s ideas as your own without clearly giving them credit”. This is only to submit or pretending to be someone else’s work, thoughts, expressions and information as it is your own.

Do not give appropriate recognition. The most common types of plagiarism mentioned are as follow; 1. Passing someone else’s work as if it is your own 2. Copy information from unreliable source 3. Using incorrect paraphrasing 4. Improper references 5. Copying from your own material Scholars can ensure the originality of their work by avoiding the above five points. A lot of research and evidence has shown that students’ cheating is one of the biggest academic problems nowadays.

In recent years, the issue developed by large data in the online sources, by depending on the same rather than critical thinking and analysis of the conclusion of the subject matter, and relies on unreliable online resources, it is the wrong way, and it is called plagiarism. Plagiarism has become a serious topic, discussed in this era of higher education. It is an academic dishonesty which is composed of many students who are unaware of academic ethics. By schools, colleges and university students completed the serious problem of plagiarism, students do plagiarism because lack of time, confidence and stress.


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