United not only south asia but to

March 14, 2019 General Studies

United states- pakistan relations

Is it likely that pakistan will become a second north korea?
Does the United states hope for an isolated pakistan?
Pakistan is a new formed nuclear power country in the south asia region neighbour with india a well economically and militarily grown power and Afghanistan the U.S and NATO allie in a very important strategic location in the heart of asia to dominant not only south asia but to use it as pressure on US key opponents such as China,Iran and as well as pakistan.

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Pakistan always consisted on it’s two face deceptive policy which make other governments doubtful on it’s loyal partnership for instance ; until they tested their nuclear bomb they said they are not strive nuclear power
As well as apparently Pakistan government helped U.S to invade Taliban regime meanwhile to arrest the Osama bin laden but in the other hand after a few years Osama has found in the Pakistan territory in a safe haven
The former U.S ambassador to United nation ,Afghanistan and iraq Ambassador Zalmay khalilzad has said in interview with CNN that pakistan state is apparently showing a comprehensive relationship with U.S and other world countries such as Canada,United kingdom,Turkey,Germany and Afghanistan but in the other hand there are ample evidences shows that pakistan military especially ISI sustains and support taliban and other extremist groups to fight against Afghan national army and International forces which include the national armies of the Aforementioned countries that are there in Afghanistan to assets and stabilize Afghanistan
As it also impossible for Mullah Mansoor the previous head of Taliban to survive for so many years without anybody in the ISI knowing about it ,it is evident that he was using the pakistani ID card for traveling outside ,it is not plausible for Taliban to fight across the border in Afghanistan without logistical,political and financial support of Pakistan ,happening such as high profile case of finding Osama bin Laden the head of AL QAEDA and Mullah Mansoor the Head of Taliban in the Pakistan territory, existence the *Quetta Taliban council ,*peshawar Taliban council ,Attacks on US forces in Afghanistan which was projected in Pakistan territory by Taliban and caused the death of more than 2000 US soldiers as well as some extremist persons such as Mulana Fazlurahman and Mawlana Samiul haq who have been allowed to be active politically has announced the war against Afghan national army and international forces as Holy war and was trying to legislate the the activities of Taliban which was reacted by Afghan population all these could be the reason that U.S is Using Smart power in action such as cutting IMF fund and other sanctions on Pakistan to change their policy otherwise prospects are there for pakistan to become a kind of North korea Isolated from international community we can not say china may prefer to be the only one power for sustaining pakistan the trend inside united state may be more hostile and the US administration is going to lose patience about pakistan.

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