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May 5, 2018 Sports

Essay Language I 4th hour Dalton Wright Should College Athletes Get Paid? Do you think college athletes should be paid while they are in season? If you do think that college athletes should be paid by the University to play a sport or sports, then I disagree. You are probably thinking that I am crazy for saying that college athletes should not get paid, but just here me out on why I think they shouldn’t be paid. They get full ride scholarships! College athletes get full ride scholarships that include: great medical plan, free housing, free food, tuition, sometimes maybe even a computer.

So why should they get paid when they get all this stuff? Well they don’t have enough to work in order to clothes and necessities? Some colleges even pay for that. They should already have clothes to wear anyways. Also they can work when they are not in season. They still might have practice or workouts and what not, but they can still fit in work, school, and Sports. If they really need money that bad I am sure they have siblings or family that could loan them some money. Not paying the players is going to teach them to be more responsible about managing their time.

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When you decide to go to college to play a sport, you are going hoping that you are good enough to go to the pros and then get paid there. Paying the athletes is going to alter their motivations for going to college for a sport. Athletes are going to college to learn their field so they will be good at what they do. Then they get paid for it when they get out of college. Paying the players sounds good on paper but will never happen without a series of incidents and scandals. If universities pay their players three hundred dollars this year they are going to want one-thousand dollars next.

They are going to keep demanding more money. This is not the pros. The pros get paid and the amateurs are still learning. There for they should not be paid for learning their field. College athletes pay is their full ride scholarship that pays their tuition, board, books, food, etc. It is going to hurt the players integrity by giving them more than what is needed. If you start paying athletes who generate the most revenue, what will happen to the college sports that don’t make as much money for universities?

Will participants in women’s sports be docked because they don’t historically generate as much money as a college football program? These are the important questions we must ask when considering this. If the universities pay the football players and not the other athletes, it will not be fair and the other athletes will go on strike. There are just too many issues with paying the athletes. The women’s sports do not generate enough revenue to pay the women athletes. If the athletes got paid then college sports would lose a lot of fans.

The players would not be as hyped as they are when they aren’t paid. College athletes have this hype that is unlike professional athletes. This is why college sports are so much more popular. They generate just as much money as the professionals and the tickets are cheaper. Paying these athletes would ruin a long on going culture. This is why college would lose so many fans. Athletes will start to play for the money and not for the love of the game. This will change the mood and tone of the stadium. It is called college sports because the athletes that play in it are students and not professionals.

Another big reason why college athletes should not be paid is because colleges are paying enough money to build facilities, pay coaches, give scholarships, and pay athletic directors to make sure that they have the best chance of winning. If colleges pay their athletes, there will not be as much money to go around for any of these things. Also, in a bad economy like this, they can’t afford to pay athletes. If a school wants to pay a big-time coach, they can’t pay their players. Also, they are already helping their players get into the school by giving them their scholarships so that they can make school as affordable as possible.

People forget that college athletes are also called student athletes. Student means learning. In college they are students just like everyone else except they play a sport. Students don’t paid to get good grades or do well on a test or activity at school. You are supposed to learn how to manage your life and grow up. You are expected to get a job to support yourself and learn what it takes to survive in this country in its day and age. On top of that how are coaches supposed to discipline there players when they screw up a play or decide to take a day off if the players know that they are still going to get payed.

Another reason many people love college sports is because they are students just like you. They are in the classroom and you see them on campus. Other students feel closer to them because they are part of the community just like them. Paying college athletes separates them. It takes all of the buzz out of it. Bibliography: http://bdlsports. net/2011/07/19/college-athletes-should-not-be-paid/ http://www. theatlantic. com/entertainment/archive/2011/09/college-athletes-should-not-get-paid/245390/


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