Types of Media

The modern society is surrounded by various types of media that present of all kinds information. This is done in a (gratuitous manner) whether with or without the agree of the audience. It has been debated by some that the media's role has broaded from the common reflection of society values to the founding of new values. This is a intricate and argumentative issue though. However, this essay’s final position is that the media is a loudspeaker on the bottom layer for societal valency. Some of the content is misrepresent, even though one cannot make it appear less important than it really is and built-in the meaning of the media's belonging to the society.Mass media is those means of communication that reacg and affects large numbers of people, especially newspaper, popular magazines, radio, and television.The term was coined in the 1920s with the advent of nationwide radio networks, mass-circulation newspaper and magazines. Mass media includes Internet media like blogs, message boards, social networks podcasts and video sharing.Mass media gives a misleading impression simple term encompassing a innumerable arrange of agency and individuals who lack in aim, range, way, and cultural context. There is no standard for how large the audience needs to be before communication becomes “mass” communication. There are also no limit on the type of information being presented. A sport car advertisement and a U.N. resolution are both examples of mass media. The distinction between news and entertainment can at times be blurr, but news is technically truth and explanation of facts, including editorial ideas, expressed by journalism professionals. The fact that social realities are the result of human actions does not detract from their reality. Also a gunshot or the coordinated set of gunshots fired by a firing squad arise from people's actions, and its consequences are as real as any other event capacle of causing mortal wounds, be it "social" or "natural". Man is part of Nature, and its actions are as 'natural' and with natural consequences as the actions of tigers, squirrels or inanimate objects. Besides, some social realities are the result of deliberate actions such as a cocktail party, while others evolve as the anonymous outcome of countless human beings over many generations. The influence of individuals over such realities varies accordingly. Human-created realities, either consisting of material things like the Mona Lisa, ideas like the theory of relativity, or social arrangements (like as cocktail party), take on a life of themselves once created by humans, and behave like 'things'. A bullet kills as certainly as an earthquake. Separation of Man and Nature is just as artificial (and lacking grounds in science) as separation of Body and Soul. The existence of a cocktail party would certainly depend on the actions of the participants, but not on the views and actions of other people: if I learn of a recent cocktail party having taken place the other week in Singapore, my possible actions or opinions in New York or Buenos Aires are irrelevant to that event, just as my actions or opinions on the recent Pakistan floods are unable to change it though I may still act on its consequences. Human actions, once performed, become objective things, something already noted by Hegel his dinglichkeit concept and further developed by Marx. Even the Da-sein concept of existentialists comes to mind: existence is something that "is there", whatever its origin, human or otherwiseThe media has developed in high speed with the arrival in information technology. It has become more easier to pay a visit of information in up-to-date times than it was some few ages ago. This has experienced the technologies and smart gadgets such as mobile phones, social networking sites and the internet sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and QQ among others. Essentially everything is going 'e', from e-mails to e-newspapers. This has made it a easiet way to communicate. You could easily speak out your mind and show to the world what you have got through on the social networking sites. When one is sitting in their living room to watch music videos from MTV, different explanation appear, but one thing is collaborative. MTV clearly shows the way of how music has developed. MTV has familiarly been a sign for those who are young,rock,fashion and jaunty. The music, the lifestyle of rock stars, pop stars, rap stars have aplenty set new standard, which are conscientiously followed by the teenagers nowadays. MTV rised its existence in oriental countries such as China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India. This has been noticed as a penetration from the West like United State, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.It had been a devastation of common values. There has been a founding of new 'trend' of talking, walking, clothing, and effects the thought of the young oriental minds. For example, MTV's era in Taiwan is fast related with the birth of the perverse Japanese youngster. Besides, it is definitely wrong to trust that the MTV itself founding reality from anywhere or to conclude that the MTV is liable for any changes in the latter-day technologically advanced Japan. The MTV has been sastisfactory in the western world, and then in the rest of the country simply because it has resumed to sustain and enlarge the values that are essence held and cultivate by these societies. The latter-day society is more tend to liberal, more spontaneous, and more perverse. As a result this may been industrialization, and the media serves a loudspeaker of such values. If the modern media would on the contrary undertake a more standpatter figure, the final result would be its end. Information has a major influence on people lives. For example watching a horror movie can make one to experience a gamut of emotions, a sense of scareness, nervousness and even anxious at the same time. Watching movies can take someone's mind away from actuality. This may bring afflatus to do act in some way. Therefore, information has founded a large number of ways to the society but at the same time the society has become more dependent on these avenues.The film making industry is another interesting example. Several changes have happened in this industry and the current filming industry has see with one’s eyes of the radical changes in the physical appearance of actors or actress. Main actress have become symbols of healthy andbeauty. Modern movies describe beauty as white, tall and fit. More prove can be seen from the current posters and magazine covers pages display of photosmof women. For an example, a actress from TVB whose name is Valeria Lam. She is an actress but at the same time she is also a certified Yoga instuctor. She is a sport and fitness lover. She had reached the three require as a beautiful actress which is white, tall and fit. These is the main reason why she has a lots of followers on Instagram (432k). Her physical apperance attracted a lots of branded company invited her for shooting or any collaboration. For example, Nike and Adidas company had invited to shoot some photo to promote their brand new Yoga’s costume. The public appetite and taste for the woman body have really changed over time. The stature of a man is mentioned as tall and muscular. The media has major disseminate a various type of beauty. Start think about it by this way, what if the media starts to facilitate dark, short and fat model of beauty, would it be acceptable by the public? This question receive answers which is more 'No' than 'yes', This means a suspection in the capability of the media to found the beauty that is not naturally held by the society. For example is watching a movie of the hero robbing a bank with striking ingenuity; this instills negative messages into the masses . Generally stealing is wrong, but the 'hero' of the movie walks out free, and goes to have fun without any conscience. Such movies create negative values and feedback that are against the principles of honesty. Apart from that, the media plays a important role in presenting truths and realities say from newspapers on finance, development, justice, poverty, and e.t.c, which are real repercussion of what is happening in the society. The values and psychology of the society is show as a whole rather than as an individual. Fainstimous scholar James Curran argued that "The conviction … that the media are important agencies of influence is broadly correct. , However, the ways in which the media brong into play affect are complex and contingent" (p. 158). For example the way the media has reported on terrorism has really indoctrinate fear in the minds of people . The loathing of terrorism has on the other hand turned others into pacificist. The media is arguably the most significant form of prensenting views and it is itself a mixture of individual's and society's views.On the other hand, with all these said some opinion said that the media as being liberal but a closer analysis bright to light otherwise, the owners of media outlets are not liberal themselves. Media outlets are businesses that are kept float by advertising income. It is fact that some media outlets do a good job of being equitable. But when a TV station backs a political candidate who is sponsored by business heavy weights it must pay the price. Money of course buys effects directly as a result it influence how media organized a certain event. It is a medium for the adjudication class to "perpetuate their power, wealth and status" . Therefore, the media in this sense does not reflect reality.In a nutshell, the thesis of this essay is that the media does play a role in creating reality from underlying societal values. Besides, the media cannot create values of its own. The article puts the relative benefits and disadvantage of the power of the media in creating reality, with an emphasis on the way the society has inherently allowed this to happen.

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