Ur network design proposal

June 6, 2018 General Studies

Network is the interconnection of devices such that they can communicate one another, The university network is designed to link campus so that they have one Data center( ICT Center). o This network will link six campuses in star topology and in each campus there will be another kind of topology because of the structure of the building within campus. o This network will have an important function in data sharing, idea exchange,and sharing resources available in on of campus made University of Rwanda. NETWORK TOPOLOGY PROBLEM STATEMENT ? Campus are joined together so that they form one university; one Data center( or ICT Center) is needed such that resources may be available easly ever where. ? As the area was expanded in different provinces, meeting are difficult and expensive. ? Access on resources is also difficult when they located in other campus you are not belong in. ? As campus are separately, also data are separately . ? When data centers are still in in every campus, many network managers will be needed PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The network is designed to give riquirement like: ? Speed : This network have to provide a high bandwidth

Security: prevent unauthorized access ? Reliability. The network will contain redundancy to ensure that the failure of one system will not bring the entire network down. ? Scalability: the network is scalable so that more cable,equipments can be added if needed and as funding becomes available without having to redo the installed network. BENEFITS OF THE PROJECT A. PERSONAL BENEFITS o To improve the researher’s knowledge B. SOSIAL BENEFITS • This project will help many people to have access on the network equal. data and information will be shared in all campus at the same time such that transmission delay and other expenses will be decreased. ? This network will help Students and lectures in reaserches and in data exchange. ? It Will help user to get rapide services throught its High data rate(i. e. High Bandiwidth). ? This Project Will help in saving money. METHODOLOGY AND SCOPE METHODOLOGY To design and simulate this network,the following software will be used: Packet tracer and wireshark. SCOPE This research will be scoped to provide: 1. Design of the network 2. Interoperability between devices made the network 3. Simulating the network.

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