Urban Legend` Was Princess Diana murdered? Essay

October 12, 2017 History

The decease of Princess Diana sparks different reactions from different sectors and persons who hold different sentiments environing the decease of the princess. While some maintain that princess Diana died following a tragic route accident. some argue that she was killed by top authorities functionaries. The auto accident through which Princess Diana lost her life has turned out to be an urban fable. Probes on the fatal auto accident which claimed the life of Princess Diana and three other people refuted claims that she was murdered as her household claimed.

Before her decease. Princess Diana had separated with her hubby Charles for approximately four old ages and she was about to be engaged to Dodi her lover. The widely held believes environing the decease of Princess Diana can be regarded as an urban fable whereby the probes and the initial “eyewitnesses” studies struggle ( Ehrlich. para 2-4 ) . This paper will measure grounds as to why the thought of Princess Diana’s slaying is an urban fable. Harmonizing to confederacy theoreticians. they argue that during the clip of her decease. Princess Diana was pregnant transporting Dodi’s kid which could hold led to her ultimate decease.

Peoples reasoning that princess Diana was murdered by M16 or M/15 under the orders of prince Philip province that gestation was a major ground which could hold led to the confederacy that led to her decease. It is argued that the British monarchy was against the thought of princess Diana who was a female parent of their hereafter male monarch could be married by a Muslim. She was therefore killed to guarantee that the battle and subsequent matrimony between Princess Diana and Dodi did non force through ( Fayed. para 3 ) .

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Other contentions environing the decease of Princess Diana came from those who claim to hold witnessed the fatal auto accident and the last minutes of the princess. They argue that after the auto accident. Princess Diana was still alive and witting. She is even said to hold uttered some words. However. the constabulary took long to take her to the infirmary with some claiming that the ambulance transporting Princess Diana stopped for over one hr seeking to give her first assistance and that it passed four infirmaries on the manner. It is believed that she could hold survived had she been given immediate attending.

This augmenting the confederacy theory or thoughts held by most people that Princess Diana was murdered. The driver who was driving princess Diana is said to hold been intoxicated with high degrees of antidepressants found during an necropsy. The research workers were besides unable to explicate the big volume of money found in his bank history after his decease which could hold been payment for the assignment of killing the princess ( Emery. para 6 ) . However. despite this widely held believes. research workers studies stated that the decease of Princess Diana was as a consequence of the auto accident which left her with major internal hurts.

Surveies besides revealed that she was non pregnant during the clip of the accident and as such. rebuting claims that she was murdered to guarantee that she was ne’er married by Dodi. The decease of Princess Diana forms a sort of urban fable of the accidents. The positions given by research workers and investigators vary widely with widely held public believes of slaying and confederacy. Urban fables are said to be narratives which are alleged to be true and they are passed on from one person to another either orally or through written communicating.

Although they may be false. normally they carry some truth about them while at times they may be wholly true or false. The confederacy theory sing to the slaying of Princess Diana is a an urban fable and has a lesson to would be princess on what may go on to a individual who goes against his or her loyal household outlooks ( Emery. para 8 ) . An urban fable is any narrative which is meant to go through on message sing a individual. a state of affairs or explicate an event and it normally carries a moral lesson to the individual or people it is told to. It is normally overdone and may look to be the truth although it may non be.

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