Urinetown: The Musical Essay

August 19, 2017 Cultural

I decided to read Urinetown: The Musical prior to listening to it. At the surface bed. it seemed to be a witty and amusing absurd play. Frankly speech production. I have a controversial feeling of the Urinetown: The Musical. First of all. I would wish to advert that it’s impossible to compare unrecorded public presentation with the recording for the ample ground that you can’t experience the ambiance of the show. Reading book without listening to the Cadmium is useless ; still. it’s really helpful to hold the book at your manus while listening to the Urinetown: The Musical. The temper of the musical isn’t so complicated. but some things can be got merely after reading through them.

From one side. it a narrative of hegemony of greed and corruptness in modern universe ; from another angle Urinetown appears to be a narrative of love and idealism. It is strikingly different from what is traditionally considered a classical musical. But it would be a great error to comprehend this piece of art out of the historical and cultural context. Urinetown seems to be lampoon on the whole discourse of the 60’s and 70’s – the aureate epoch of musicals. The existent secret plan of the musical is original. witty and bran-new. Urinetown is the topographic point where people are deprived of the right to fulfill their basic physiological demands.

Here we see the lampoon of anti-utopian manner of the 2nd half of the 20th century. The narrative isn’t true to life ; it’s merely larger than life. Ordinary things go on when people deal with unordinary topics. Therefore. the musical illustrates human nature absolutely good. Urinetown is the narrative of subjugation and revolution told non in the usual heroic tradition. but instead in the sarcastic 1. Peoples are unchangeable. and the musical provides grounds for it saying the “it’s the oldest narrative – multitudes are oppressed…Rich folks get the good life…” ( Hollmann & A ; Kotis. 2003. p. 5 ) The best thing about this artistic piece is that it touches upon the most of import values. deviants them and in such a manner proves their significance.

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For case. the vocal with the animating rubric “Run. freedom. run! ” suggests that “freedom is…a blast of cool air current that burns your face to wake you up. ” ( Hollmann & A ; Kotis. 2003. p. 71 ) Here the lampoon of the legion hippy musicals. dedicated to the subject of freedom. integrity and love. is apparent. The thing cheapness disappointed me is that the message is conveyed though amusing. but plain literary devices. There’s no demand to believe and to analyse the musical in-depth to hold on the message. In general. Urinetown is improbably amusing and pretty gratifying.


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