Usability Study for Website Essay

October 10, 2017 Economics

The Princeton University Library is said to be the rational cross¬roads of the campus. It holds many antediluvian and rare records of human experience ; mil¬lions of printed volumes ; 100s of recent and current best sellers ; TBs of geospatial informations ; and 1000s of on-line databases. The Library system comprises a twelve separate librar¬ies. In the chief library. the Harvey S.

Firestone Memorial Library. you will happen the General and Humanities Reference Division ; the Social Science Reference Center ; galleries in which rare books. in writing art. and manuscripts are displayed ; and a children’s library filled with books and games illumi¬nating the history of instruction. In add-on to printed books and tonss. the Mendel Music Library holds a go arounding aggregation of recordings of all sorts. The Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology houses a world-renowned aggregation of books and diaries.

The Public Policy Papers aggregation. with its focal point on 20th-century American political and diplomatic history. portions Mudd Library with the University Archives. an ever-growing aggregation of artefacts from Princeton’s illus¬trious history. including its original charter. Many of its scientific discipline aggregations are now housed in the new Lewis Library. given by Peter B. Lewis of the Class of 1955. and designed by Frank Gehry.

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The end of this serviceability proving was to find how good Princeton University Library would run into the demands of its user population. Undertakings were created based on the chief ends users need to finish via the place page and the serviceability survey participants were asked to seek to finish these undertakings utilizing the current web site of the Princeton University Library. This usability testing is fundamentally focused on how rapidly and easy users are able to finish pre-defined undertakings utilizing the current web site of the Princeton University Library.

Structured Tasks TASK 1 You are a pupil of Economics and your first reading assignment is to do an annotated bibliography of Adam Smith’s book on the Wealth of the Nations. Locate the book from the Library system. [ Expect user to snap on ‘Main Catalogue’ under ‘Books. Articles. More’ . and continue with seeking for the book utilizing Smith. Adam as writer ] TASK 2 You are working on a tough research undertaking for your IT Management category.

You have spent a batch of clip in the library and on the Princeton University Library web site. but you are non certain that you are happening all of the resources you need. You know that you can inquire a bibliothec for aid with research. Please show us how you would get down that procedure online. [ Expect user to snap on ‘Ask a Librarian’ links for chat/email/appointment ] TASK 3 You are working from place and are holding trouble linking to one of the databases you can entree through the library.

Where would you travel to happen out more information? [ Expect user to happen the ‘Connect from Off Campus’ nexus under ‘Research Help’ ] TASK 4 You want to shop through the Princeton University Library’s aggregation of books on Music at the Mendel Library. How late is the Mendel Library open today? What are its hours on Sunday? [ Expect user to happen ‘Hours & A ; Locations’ page and joint the right hours for the Mendel Library ] TASK 5 How would you acquire a book that the PUL Libraries do non have? [ Expect user to snap on ‘Interlibrary Loan’ ]


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