Use of Electronic Human Resources Management

E-HRM ( Electronic Human Resource Management ) refers to carry on concern minutess peculiarly Human Resource Management minutess, utilizing the cyberspace along with other engineerings ( Lengnick-Hall and Moritz, 2003 ) . It was inspired by the popular term of e-commerce. As per the literature, it can besides be called as online HRM, web-based HR, practical

HR ( M ) , HR intranet, vitamin E -HR, HR portals and computer-based human resource direction systems ( CHRIS ) . The term e-HR was foremost used in the 1990 ‘s, when e-commerce was rushing the concern universe.

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It is an progress concern solution which provides a complete online support in the direction of all procedures, actions, informations and information required to manage human resources in an progress company. It is an effectual, consistent, easy-to-use system ; accessible to a big group of different users. It is an application of engineering leting directors and employees to hold direct entree to HR and other sections of the administration. It consists of HR functional application, extranet applications, intranet, radio and nomadic HR applications ( Wyatt, 2002 ) .

Harmonizing to Ruel Huub & A ; Bondarouk Tanya, E-HRM helps to put to death HR policies, schemes and patterns in the workplace by utilizing of web engineerings. The aims of an organisation to take e-HRM are:

1. Developing the strategic orientation of HRM

2. Decrease in cost and effectual additions

3. Improvement in client service and assisting direction and employees.

The picks of HRM schemes in an organisation can be divided into three types ( Beer et al. ) : the bureaucratic policy, the market policy, and the kin policy. Each class has its ain specific features about the HRM policy countries.


Based on the current literature, e-HRM can be distinguished into 3 classs in the companies as per their focal point countries, which are: operational ; relational ; transformational e-HRM ( Lepak & A ; Snell, 1998, Wright & A ; Dyer, 2000 ) .

aˆ? Operational e-HRM: – this country involves the basic HR activities. In some organisations, the HRM give importance to disposal and enrollment. Operational e-HRM gives the pick to the employees either to maintain their ain personal informations up-to-date through a HR web site or to hold an administrative power in topographic point to make this for them.

aˆ? Relational e-HRM: – this country, concerns on more advanced HRM activities. The helps the HR techniques that support basic concern procedures such as: recruiting and selecting of new forces, preparation of new employees, public presentation assessment, and wagess. It gives the option either by back uping in enlisting and choice through a web-based application procedure or utilizing the manual application procedures.

aˆ? Transformational e-HRM: – this country involves HRM activities with a planned character. Here the accent is about the activities sing organisational alteration processes, strategic re-orientation, strategic competency direction, and strategic cognition direction. Transformational e-HRM is an incorporate cyberspace technique that enables the work force to develop in line with the organisations strategic picks.

The intranet is a powerful system which can promote communicating and coaction in the house, streamline processs and supply staff with for good updated information regardless of physical location. It may be used for roll uping information, communicating and sharing information with employees. It gives automatic entree to and disposal of databases. It simplifies distribution of complex information showing it much more exhaustively and diagrammatically.

How EHRM HELPS THE Administration: –

It covers all facets of human resource direction like forces disposal, preparation, calling development, corporate organisation, occupation descriptions, choice and hiring procedure, employee ‘s informations base etc. Therefore e-HRM is a method of making HRM.

By following the way of e-HRM, an organisation expects to accomplish certain marks such as ; an development in the HR ‘s strategic orientation, an betterment in client focussing, and a lessening in costs or increased efficiency.

Bettering HR services:

Use of E-HRM, leads to higher degree of battle and satisfaction with HR. it increases flexibleness in work, promote invention and allows the employees to increase development, and motive. Furthermore, it reduces the insistent inquiries of employees and allows audiences at any clip and topographic point and provides mention stuffs. e.g. preparation bundles, policy guidelines etc. It can be used for denoting vacancies for occupations within the organisation, for enlisting and denoting of import events. This improves sentiment of direction and employees on the HR map.

Cost decrease ;

E-HRM enables HR to supply their services to clients more expeditiously, with small restraint on clip, topographic point or handiness ( Alleyne, 2003 ) . It diminishes HR dealing costs by supplying HR information to a big figure of people on a practical footing.

It non merely involves transactional undertakings like wage, preparation, holiday/leave entitlements which can be handled by employees themselves or by their supervisors utilizing engineering mediated procedures. It lowers cost of making HR ; improves response clip ; and improves quality and consistence of HR information.

Redefining employee duties in HR:

In recent old ages, it can be seen that there is a important alteration in the function of directors in the organisations due to some of the market developments and new engineerings used by the organisations in which they work. As a consequence, the responsibilities that were performed by HR Professionals earlier are now performed by directors and employees ( Ruel et al, 2004, Ruta, 2005, Martin, 2005 ) ” . These include: acting assessments, measuring employee costs, bring forthing HR studies on turnover, absenteeism, treating preparation petitions and supervising competency direction. E-HRM turns it easier for directors to be able to unite these functions with their other functions more expeditiously and besides gives them greater answerability for people direction.

“ A move towards e-HRM can assist employees to pull off their information, accessing it straight and updating it refers to: preparation, assessment or even transportations. This is called employee ego services. This increases motive and contributes to their employability. It means that employees have entree to anything they need to alter and pull off in their personal files. They can be after their development, procedure fiscal paperss and even use for new occupations ( Roehling et al. 2005 ) ” .

Traveling duty to employees indicates increased regonisation of employees to their development ; improved endowment direction through ego choice, self assessment and public presentation direction.

Bettering HR strategic orientation:

Use of E-HRM can set up more practical client relationships within the organisation therefore leting it to provide strategic value. Through societal networking, it can better employee voice ( Martin et al 2009 ) . It frees HRM directors to go strategic members of the top direction squad ( Strohmeir, 2006 ) and helps to link HRM to concern. It gives HR increased credibleness and power through enabling them to bring forth more dependable informations which improves determination devising.

Online enlisting is one of the most broadly maps of e-HRM. It refers to the vacancies posted on the company ‘s web site or on an on-line enlisting ‘s web site. It allows the campaigners to direct their sketchs electronically via electronic mail or in some electronic format ( Galanaki, 2002 ) . It can be benefited in footings of cost, clip, candidate pool and quality of response. However, over burden of sketchs is ever a hazard with the low repute and effectivity of assorted web sites and databases, non to advert its questionable effectivity for senior executive places ( Ensher et al. , 2002 ) . This can besides assist to screen and reach the campaigners. The choice process becomes easy while utilizing this engineering particularly where long distances are involved. The choice can be done through Video conferencing and online trials, and the campaigners can be selected at the early phases of the choice procedure which saves the cost and clip of the administration.

E-HR allows the public presentation assessment ( PA ) to be conducted online on the corporate web site. This means that the directors and the employees are able to subject public presentation informations straight to the HR section in via company ‘s web site. Although this map has been criticised as there would be less written grounds which reduces paperwork, nevertheless it can diminish clip and cost for the HR section unusually.

E-HRM helps the directors and employees to pass on in the administration efficaciously via electronic mail. It is an utile attack to interact with the direction.


Besides these aims mentioned above, there are some results of E-HRM that needs to be considered. Harmonizing to Beer et Al. ( 1984 ) there are four possibilities of results which are: high dedication or committedness, high competition, cost effectivity, and higher congruity.

High committedness they means that the work force is motivated and understanding, and that they are willing to interact with the direction about alterations in the organizational environment and the impact that this can hold on the internal administration. High committedness implies a high degree of trust between direction and employees.

High competency points towards the abilities of employees to larn new undertakings and functions if the fortunes require it.

Cost effectivity refers to the fight of wage degrees and employee turnover rate, and to the acceptableness of costs ensuing from employee opposition such as work stoppages.

Higher congruity refers to the internal organisation, the wages system, and the ‘input, throughput, and end product ‘ of forces, which need to be structured in the involvements of all stakeholders.

Below is the E-HRM theoretical account that explains the consequence of E-HRM in an administration.


Although there are many benefits of utilizing the E-HRM in the administration, but there are some facets where E-HRM has some barriers and disadvantages which needs to be considered.

Harmonizing to the findings of Ruel Huub & A ; Bondarouk Tanya, if an administration wants to go a planetary, so globally their HR practises, policies should besides be the same wherever the company is present. Differences in the civilization and linguistic communications, it is difficult to follow the freshly introduced engineering that is E-HRM.

In order to present e-HRM in the administration, it is really hard for the HR section to alter their HRM practises. Execution of E-HRM can cut down the HR staff. It is difficult to alter the mentality and behavior of HR forces, employees and line direction.

E-HRM helps the employees to update their databases, public presentation charts, take portion in on-line treatments and take their calling waies. However many employees are non willing to accept this alteration. Some surveies shows that the employees are rely on their directors to develop their bearer waies.

It can bring forth loss of privateness and confidentiality.

If these points can be considered, E-HRM would be really utile for the administration to turn.



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