Use of the wrong words or misunderstanding metaphors

April 22, 2019 Communication

Use of the wrong words or misunderstanding metaphors can make forming relationships with people difficult, especially to be people not familiar with Autism or communication problems. It is difficult to relate to people due having a lack of sensitivity, and sometimes easily offending people unintentionally by saying the wrong thing or not understanding a serious conversation. People with Autism often stand too close to people they are talking to. This makes making new friends quite difficult due to an infringement of personal space and non-autistic people feeling a little insecure. Insensitivity also makes it difficult to relate to people, for example if someone was upset due to a family members death, a person with Autism may not understand why they were upset or crying and possibly laugh at them due to not understanding the emotion or sensitivity required for the situation. A child with Autism may also be socially excluded by their peers for failing to have the ability to join in with role play games such as pretending to be on a ship and sharks in the water, the child with Autism would have problems imagining this and simply state that it is a box, not a boat and the game is silly.


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