Users of the Pizza Capers


The study aims to place the cardinal mark users of the Pizza Capers website. It analyses the strengths and failings of the web site every bit good as the rival ‘s web site. Last, it recommends ways to better the web site, so as to increase its gross revenues.

Background Information

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Pizza Capers startedA itsA businessA onA 1996A withA the firstA restaurantA opened in Kenmore, A Brisbane.A Pizza Capers rapidly expand over the old ages with its delightful nutrient and excellent services. Today, Pizza Capers runs 14 company-owned shops and over 40 franchisee-owned shops throughout Melbourne, Queensland and South-Australia. ( Pizza Capers, 2010 )

Recently, Pizza Capers found its company ‘s web site appeared at a web site that list out all hapless web-design web sites in 2009 ( ) . Furthermore, there were plentifulness of complains and unfavorable judgment from visitants on the hapless quality of web site. Pizza Capers was afraid these negative comments might impact their online concern. Therefore Pizza Capers hired the website consultancy company to analyze and better its web site in the position of increasing its gross revenues.

Methodology ( method of information conducted )

Information for the study was obtained through research from dependable web sites.

1.4 Scope of the study

A Good web site does non merely entice visitants to purchase merchandises but besides increase the possibility that they will revisit every bit good. The study examines the qualities of Pizza Capers website based on the features of good web site design, which includes of templet, content, internal web pilotage, broken links and hunt box ( Jone, 2008 ) .

Key Target Users

2.1 Key Target Users ( who they are? why? )

Pizza Capers aims to aim the adolescents and working grownups as its major clients. Reasons are followerss:

Fast-food civilization is popular among adolescents presents. A recent research shows that adolescents spend more on fast nutrient than magazines, films and vesture ( Dieticians Association of Australia, 2008 ) . Due to its delightful nutrient and comfy eating house environment, Pizza Capers would be a popular assemblage topographic point for adolescent to travel to.

For the working grownups, because of their busy life style, online nutrient order will be their best options to place cookery. With this service, working grownups would be able to salvage clip on going to eating houses and waiting line for seats during the peak tiffin hours. Therefore, these two groups of people are immense markets for Pizza Capers to capture for.

2.2 Profile of Key Target Users

2.2.1 IT Savvy

In the 21st century, people are educated with IT cognition as computing machines are widely used on the working countries and surveies. Adolescents and working grownup are by and large IT savvy ; they are equipped with the computing machines and accessible to the Internet. As they become more cognizant of the IT cognition, they expect the web site they visit to be users friendly and fast responding.

2.2.2 Health Consciousness

A survey from Medical Journal of Australia shows that there are 47 % of adult females and 63 % of work forces are fleshy or corpulent in Australia ( Kriplani, 2001 ) . Which is the consequence of eating excessively much unhealthy nutrient and deficiency of sufficient exercisings, fleshiness is now a major wellness job in Australia. As people become more concern about their wellness, their penchant will tilt towards a healthy pick. In this instance, Pizza Capers could be one of their picks as they sell 97 % nonfat pizzas which are much healthier compared to others pizzas eating houses.

2.2.3 Lifestyle

Peoples ‘s life style changed in comparing to the yesteryear. Teenagers nowadays prefer to eat outside with friends instead than eat at place with parents. Fast nutrient eating houses will be their popular topographic points to travel to, as the fast nutrient is low-cost and delightful. On the other manus, more adult females today prefer to concentrate on their callings instead than remaining at place to be a house-wife. As such, on-line nutrient order service is now welcomed by the working grownups as it was convenience and fast responds.

2.2.4 Alien Taste

Adolescents like to seek alien gustatory sensation of nutrient. Pizza Capers offer broad scope of pizza spirits which includes traditional, epicure, seafood, 97 % nonfat and childs ( Pizza Capers, 2010 ) would pull their attending.

Strength and Weakness

No Broken Link

3.1.1 Adequate Descriptive Content

Content is the psyche of web sites, so it is of import to maintain the contents of website clear and simple for visitants to understand. Mention to Figure 1 above, there are maps attached to the web site that shows the locations of Pizza Capers eating houses in Australia. The visitants can therefore handily locate the eating houses by merely snap the several links on web site. Such service is non frequently to be found in other web sites.


In add-on, refer to Figure 2 below, Pizza Capers website include a column of exposure gallery which shows the charity events I had taken portion in. For illustration Greatest Slave and Australia Grand Prix slave. Pizza Capers could therefore better its promotions and reputes with this strength.

Figure 2:

No Broken Link

Broken links have bad impacts on visitants and it may besides impact visitants ‘ feeling with the web site. Thus it is of import to cross-check the full active links on web site to guarantee there is no mistake displayed on the web site. After look intoing all of active links on the web site, it was showed there is no individual broken nexus on Pizza Capers web site.


3.2.1Poor Template Design

From the Figure 3 below, it was shown that the background coloring material of Pizza Capers web site was dark and dull, which might non be able to catch the attendings of the visitants. The colors affected the design of the web site and impact visitants ‘ reaction towards the web site. Dark colorss are non suited for the eating house web site as dark colorss might give users an feeling that the eating house is Moody and frantic which is non loosen uping topographic point to eat ( Lim, n.d. ) .

Besides that, it is besides found that Pizza Caper does non form the layout of their website decently. Its icons are all being spread out all over the web site. As a consequence, users may confront the jobs of happening the icons they want, and therefore reduced their satisfaction with the web site and so take to a loss of clients.

Figure 3:

Bad Website Navigation

With mention to Figure 4 below, it was noted Pizza Capers offer pop-up window for each icon on its web site. This map was a distraction to visitants as they might experience troubled to near legion sums of pop-up Windowss after their visiting of the web site.





1.1.Figure 4:

Refer to Figure 5 below, the description words on the bill of fare are little and hard to read, the bill of fare looks wordy without any images, which could neglect to pull visitants ‘ involvement and take downing the opportunities of them ordered the pizzas.

Figure 5:

In add-on, there are excessively many unneeded flashes on Pizza Capers website. For illustration, random sounds files will be activated when visitants mouse over certain icons and meaningless chalk pulling game which can be refer to calculate 6 below. Which was instead impractical as it took longer clip to lade flash web page than a normal one. The slow response of website might impact the visitants ‘ web page experience and further lose of visitants.

Figure 6:

Omitted of Search Box

There is no hunt box provided in Pizza Capers website. Search box is a hunt engine which allows the users to type the cardinal words in and finds the information expeditiously ( Fekete, 2008 ) . As mentioned, the layer-out of Pizza Capers web site is disorganized, therefore an efficient hunt engine is non merely helpful but of import as good. However, Pizza Capers website omitted the utile hunt box on their web site, visitants may confront the job on happening the information they want.


4.1 Major Rival

Pizza Hut is the major rival of Pizza Cappers. The first Pizza Hut Restaurants was opened on 13th June 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. Today, Pizza Hut is recognized leader in the Pizza Business class in the universe with more than 12,500 eating houses across 91 states ( Pizza Hut, 2010 ) .

Competitive Advantage

Strong Brand Name

Pizza Hut has a history of 30 old ages and with about 325 shops in Australia. With its longer history and larger figure of mercantile establishments in the Australia, the trade name name of Pizza Hut is now more recognized than Pizza Capers ‘s. In add-on, Pizza Hut had won the “ Best Restaurant Award 2009 ” in the Fast Food class ( Khimji, 2010 ) . The strong trade name name acknowledgment of Pizza Hut offers a immense advantage as today ‘s consumer has a stronger liking for a more popular trade name name ( Pizza Hut, 2010 ) .

Wide Product Variety

Pizza Hut offers a assortment of pizzas with side dishes including pasta, Buffalo wings, bread-sticks and garlic staff of life. Pizza Hut introduce 24 types of toppings with 4 difference types of pizza bases, which are Perfecto, thin’n crispy, deep pan pizza and stuffed crush. They besides investigate new spirits of pizza often to replace the unattractive 1s ( Pizza Hut, 2010 ) . To summarize, Pizza Hut offers more assortment of pizza toppings and side dishes than Pizza Capers, which would therefore be able to pull more clients as they provides the clients with more picks.

Outstanding Background Colour

The background coloring material of Pizza Hut web site is more attractive compared to the Pizza Capers. From the Figure 7 shown below, Pizza Hut website expressions outstanding with the ruddy background-colour and fire image around the pilotage saloon. This move is intelligent as it gives visitants an feeling the nutrient they offer is hot and delightful, which is suited for a nutrient web site.

Figure 7:

Better Navigation

Refer to Figure 8 below, the Pizza Hut web site is easy to voyage with the pilotage saloon and hunt box. Visitors could happen the information fast by either snaping on the icons on the pilotage saloon or come in the key words on the hunt box. The new web pages will so expose at the bing Windowss, which is instead orderly with lesser pop-up Windowss as compared to Pizza Capers.

Figure 8:

Decision and recommendation


In position of the whole study, the undermentioned decisions can be made.

The cardinal mark users of Pizza Cappers website are adolescents and working grownups. However, the Pizza Capers web site does non appeal to its cardinal mark users. As its web site can non fulfill the users ‘ demands of fast responding.

The pizza Capers website has more failings than its strengths.

The strengths of its web site are there is no broken nexus on the web site and maps attached to the web site show the eating houses ‘ exact locations. The failings that affect user ‘s feeling on their website including improper web site design, without a utile hunt box and bad website pilotage.

Pizza Hut is a strong rival to Pizza Capers in footings of its longer history, stronger trade name name, wider merchandise assortment and better web site pilotage and design.

In decision, Pizza Capers should see doing some alterations on its web site in order to be every bit competitory as Pizza Hut.


Based on the Conclusions above, the undermentioned actions are recommended for the Pizza Capers.

Comprehensive Ad

Pizza Capers should put its advertizements and particular festivals or seasons publicities on the popular societal webs, such as FaceBook, MySpace, Flickr, Friendster, Tumblr or Twitter and so on. Internet is a desirable medium for Pizza Capers to make new channel for selling and advance its trade name name. This is because, harmonizing to research, there are increasing Numberss of immature shoppers trusting on societal webs to steer them on their purchase determinations ( Choney, 2010 ) . Advertise on the popular web would efficaciously increase the promotion of Pizza Capers, and therefore, increase the possibility that the populace will see its web site and chance telling pizzas.

Improvements to the Content

Pizza Capers should better the quality of pizza images on the order sheet to do it clearer and appeal to visitants. This action is important for the nutrient web site as shoppers could hold an assistance in the procedure of doing determination when taking the pizzas. With this action, Pizza Capers will be able to pull more visitants to purchase the pizzas with attention-getting images, and therefore accomplishing their end to increase gross revenues.

It is besides recommended Pizza Capers to alter its game on the web site to a more meaningful arcade game. The game could be a pizza devising store ; the visitants could blend and fit the ingredients to do their ain spirits of pizza and see the whole procedure of doing pizzas every bit good. It found that similar games like Cake Mania and Cooking Academy are top on-line games among the adolescents ( HeavyGames, n.d. ) , therefore, it believed that the pizza devising game would be besides welcomed by the adolescents. If they like the game, they would more likely privation to seek the existent pizzas.

Change Background Colour

It is recommended Pizza Capers to alter its web site ‘s background from a coloring material of dull to a brighter one, such as ruddy coloring material. Harmonizing to research, the usage of ruddy coloring material is suited for nutrient web site as it is a good attending grabber. Changing Pizza Capers website background colour to red would make a better ocular and emotional consequence of passion on the visitants, therefore trigger and hike their gross revenues ( Lim n.d. ) .

Technical Improvements

Pizza Capers should to the full utilize of the pilotage saloon and do it easier for the users to happen the merchandise information. For illustration, when the users click the icons on the pilotage saloon, it will straight associate to the several page alternatively of redirect to the image on the bing web page, which could be refer to the Figure 10 ( Appendix ) . This action would do the web site more users friendly every bit good as cut down the sum of unneeded flash characteristics so as to an equal degree to cut down the load-up clip. If the visitants enjoy the web-experience on the Pizza Capers website they will more likely visit the web site once more.

Pizza Capers should add in hunt box on the web site to do it easier for visitants to happen the merchandises they are looking for. This is because, the faster the visitants could happen the merchandises information, the more likely they will purchase the merchandises ( NetworkSolutions Inc n.d. ) , as such to increase their end of increasing gross revenues.



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