Using in employee morale, increase in media

April 23, 2019 Media

Using Company resources to benefit both community and employee can only serve to maximize profits and benefits for all, there will be an improvement in the McDonalds public image, a boost in employee morale, increase in media coverage and attracts investors.
Companies that demonstrate philanthropy by giving monetary donations, products and services, volunteerism and partnering with non-profit organizations like India cancer society or (ASED) Association for Social and Environmental Development. Help to improve the company image, consumers feel good shopping at institutions that support its community, that can only improve sales for the organization.
Employees like and enjoy working for companies that practice social responsibility, the company’s good image in the media give the employees a sense of pride that encourages better work performance and in turn better productivity, employees also tend to stay employed with the company longer.
Good relationships with the media encourages the media coverage of all you public events. Media coverage encourages visibility, positive visibility encourages familiarity and familiarity breathes sales. A positive light breathes sales.
When companies donate their time and money to communities and when they encourage their employees to volunteer their time in the community they demonstrate to investors that they care about their community and global environment, investors are more likely to be drawn to a company that demonstrate commitment to employee and community and encourages retention of investors


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