Usually and antifederalists believed in providing state

April 21, 2019 History

Usually when there is a controversial issue, conflict is something that always happens. There have been many conflicts in American history, an example is the ratification of the United States Constitution. People involved with the issue were searching for a better life. The founding fathers had many concerns and ratified the constitution believing that it would make their country better for the people. Each side would believe that their own point of views were correct. Each side would make good arguments making it difficult to choose which side is right.

To sum up everything that was stated, there was opposition and each side believed that their side was right. Federalists believed in a strong central government to provide a stable nation, and antifederalists believed in providing state governments with power in order to preserve individual rights. The ratification of the United States Constitution was due to compromises made. Many times there will be conflict on controversial issues, however to compromise is a key solution.

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