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April 6, 2019 Management

Various crimes happen in every society. Crimes can be considered petty such as theft or it can be heinous such as riot . Therefore in order to minimize the occurrence of crimes, maintaining peace and order is essential. This is where the role of the police and military comes in. These organizations are the hands of the government in handling the maintenance of overall peace and order in the country.
In the barangay level, the maintenance of peace and order is administered by the peace and order committee headed by the Barangay Captain. This study aims to describe how peace and order is maintained in the barangay. In addition, this research will compare the processes and strategies and describe the capacity of peace and order committee of the subject barangays namely, Barangay Teacher’s Village East, UP Village, and Pansol. Further this research will identify some of the major challenges that the peace and order committee faces. Hence this study may give insights to policy makers for the improvement on the administration of peace and order in the barangays.  The motivation for this study is out of the concern for students I know who failed to avail dormitories in UP Diliman. So another goal of this research is to provide useful information that will help UPD students in the selection of boarding houses in the vicinity of the campus in terms of security.
ManpowerIn the three barangays, gaps have been identified in terms of the number of tanods. One of the problems is the lack of budget to support 20 tanods. UP village and Teacher’s Village in terms of budget is more or less the same, having 6 million annually. In Pansol, the committee head explained that their budget is sufficient to support the standard number of regular tanod. However their problem is that 20 tanods is not proportional to the population of Barangay. (Refer to table 1 p.8)
Therefore in terms of the lack of manpower of BPSO, what the Barangay did was form partnerships with nongovernmental organization and hire Volunteer tanods. In Teacher’s Village East and UP village, the cooperation is with the Home owners association Guards for force multiplier meaning to increase man power. Furthermore, Teacher’s Village East also partnered with an organization of Tricycle drivers called TODA in the Barangay to address the lack of tanod. Meanwhile in Pansol, what they did in order to fill the gap between the population and the number of tanods is to hire volunteer tanods. With this, we can imply that there is a partnership with nongovernmental organization and community organization which is a form of decentralization. Governance can also be considered in this partnership since TODA which can be considered a part of the civil society is involve in the management of the peace and order in the barangay


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