Victims and Crime Evaluation

April 5, 2018 Law

Victims and Crime Evaluation In the United States today more woman than men are a target of violence and other forms of crimes. In the specific requirements of the victims assistance programs is to ensure the protection of the victims and the families of the crime committed. One main support an individual must acquire to learn about is the quality the programs endure to sponsor such altercations of the violent crimes committed. The protection from the justice system all the way down to the counselors of the programs is to guide each person to accomplishments of his or her life.

The purpose of victim awareness assistance programs is a service of an organization that works to provide comfort and assistance to victims of crime and witnesses (Schmalleger, 2010). With the support from mostly volunteers for the victims the programs endure the quality of comfort mostly of rape from years ago. In 1975, a national survey identified only 23 victims’ assistance programs in the United States (Schmalleger, 2010). By 1986, the programs of victims assistance has grown to a wider range stemming from the basic counseling, daycare during court, transportation, and referrals to social service agencies (Schmalleger, 2010).

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In the event of the process of all victim assistance programs obtains the quality from the criminal justice system to work and protect the rights of the victims and the families. In by doing so with the rights the criminal justice system follows quite a few guidelines to make this occur. On the production of the court system the District Attorney’s office provides the rights of all victims in this program and at no cost to him or her. In the process of these programs the victims can notifications of the time and date of court.

Informing victims of all legal rights afforded to him or her, providing an opportunity to submit a Victims Statement. Moral and emotional support and familiarity with the court system through interviews, assistance with paperwork and, addressing victim concerns. The victims also receive notifications of the parole hearings, release, and escape along with the execution of the defendant (N. A. , 2009). In problem-solving courts the process of conducting the sentencing in this manner, is to have the ability to the crimes committed and to seek other solutions to the offenders and the victims.

For instance of the problem-solving courts as in drug courts is to deal with the ability of helping the offenders of this disease ne may have no control over, so therefore commit crime. On the spectrum of dealing with the offender and the addiction he or she may have, gives him or her treatment instead of incarceration. On the other side of the process of treatment if one does not obtain the accurate accomplishments under the drug court judge he or she may either have to fulfill a sentence of imprisonment or longer drug counseling.

For other situations occurring in the process of restorative justice focuses on the nature of the victim and not just the punishment sentenced to the offender. It shows the society the punishment does not just solely relate to the offender and the court system works to proceed with the victims as well. This nature gives the society the ability to have the knowledge of the offenders type of behavior conducted to the victims. In conducting this form of the criminal justice system enables the victims to deal with the hardships of the violence, trauma, and the change in one’s lifestyle.

In both of the different types of work with the criminal court system and the victims awareness programs decreases the chances of crimes committed. When crimes committed effect it has on the society and the victims let alone the criminal justice system is quite challenging. The specific guidelines are approached to the best of the ability the system has, but then again sometimes nothing seems good enough to the society, victims, and the families. The court system can only tend to so many matters and resolutions at one specific time, but one must still follow the laws.

In deciding on what route to tend too on the crimes committed, the judge does what he or she knows best and solutions were mandated. No matter what type of crime or offense will be committed nationwide everyone will be affected by the ordeal. One must acknowledge the standards of the law of the United States and grasp the concept of why one is under the type of sentence he or she faces. In the process of criminal law and the charges brought against him or her will show the society and the victims the deterrence the law is trying to prevent.

The alternative motive for the problem courts, restorative justice is to lean more toward deterring the crimes committed and to lean more to the approach of finding other means to satisfaction for the victims and the families. All areas must deal with the fine line of safety and security on all aspects of crime and areas not even to do with crime. Conclusion Furthermore, all avenues of crime and how one perceives the ability of how one should be incarcerated or dealt with the natures of offenses, is the situation one must understand.

On the concept of what the criminal justice is performing the deterrence of the crimes committed is the stand-point one must follow to have the security and the safety in one’s society and for the victims and families. In the nothing will be perfect by no means, but conducting the performance of the right approach will eventually in time have the effect the victims and society needs. Situations do not come with natural resolutions nor do situations occur in the same content. In the criminal justice system the charges brought up against a person and how the sentence will take place is the way the system intends to proceed.

In situations of occurrence is the chance one must take, but the society also needs to work together to deter criminals from crime in the areas as well. Once everyone can gain the knowledge of the different approaches the criminal justice needs to take and has to take, then in society along with the victims life can and will fall in place. References: N. , A (2009, July 31). Making the criminal justice system more responsive to crime. Retrieved from http://canada. justice. gc. ca/eng/dept-min /pub/dig/vict. html Schmalleger, F (2010). Criminal Law Today. Fourth Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.


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