Video Analysis – “Helping Annie” Essay

The picture presentation affecting the social worker. school nurse. and the head-shrinker. discoursing possible methods of assisting Annie is in my sentiment a great picture to use for an analysis of group communicating and diverseness manners. The participant of this group consisted of three persons. one male and two females and their efforts to help a 17-year-old high school pupil by the name of Annie. Annie potentially suffers from an eating upset and a degree of depression. These issues were present as being identified through the school’s nurse who in bend sought the aid of the social worker and head-shrinker. This grouping of people. each possessing a different personality. set of thoughts. accomplishments. and occupation rubrics provides an effectual method of placing a assortment of techniques that Annie may profit from. As a consequence. diverseness in the group is present.

This specific group/team is considered a heterogenous group due to all of the persons be considered the same. Max’s belief is that the most effectual attack is to help Annie is through medicine. However. Judy. the female nurse has had conversations with Annie and following these interactions perceives that the most effectual method to help Annie is a signifier of group therapy. The social worker ( other female ) possesses similar ideas as the nurse and perceives that some signifier of group interaction would present the best consequences toward finding what would help Annie the most. In my sentiment. the diverseness of the group was so a factor in the manners of communicating. which surely led to jobs in pass oning.

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For case. the head-shrinker strongly possessed the belief that his solutions were effectual. which resulted in him disregarding other feasible thoughts from the others and doing breaks in the communicating of the group. Therefore. the other members of the group were non allowed the equal chance of showing their thoughts. There are two communicating methods that exist that in my sentiment that could hold provided greater facilitation among the group. these methods would be team talk to assistance in using gestural communicating and linguistic communication efficaciously. for illustration vocal look. The pattern of vocal look can mostly help the members in projecting words decently.


Engleberg. I. N. & A ; Wynn. D. R. ( 2010 ) . Working in groups. ( Fifth Ed. ) . Boston: Pearson/Allyn & A ; Bacon.



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