Video Case Study Essay

October 2, 2017 Sports

1. In the twenty-first century what trends in the environmental forces ( societal. economic. technological. competitory. and regulative ) ( a ) work for and ( B ) work against success for Prince Sports in the Tennis industry?

a ) The societal media and engineering have helped the success for Prince Sports. B ) The economic system and rivals work against the success of Prince Sports.

2. Because gross revenues of Prince Sports in Tennis-related merchandises depends to a great extent on growing of the tennis industry. what selling activities might it utilize in the U. S. to advance tennis playing? They could keep local metropolis tourneies. They could besides patronize a tennis squad or donate tennis rackets to a school to advance playing tennis.

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3. What promotional activities might Prince usage to make ( a ) recreational participants and ( B ) junior participants? a ) School sponsorship. hosting junior tourneies. web advertizements. societal media presence.

4. What might Prince make to assist it derive distribution and gross revenues in ( a ) mass merchants like Target and Wal-Mart and ( B ) forte tennis stores? a ) Focus on handbills ( ads in Wal-Mart paper ) forming tennis rackets in a positive manner that could increase gross revenues. Find a manner to sell their rackets for cheap.

B ) Suggest patronizing an jock or make usage shows in the shop. Focus on wall infinite. and doing the best racket. Personal merchandising. and market the merchandise to the of import people.

5. In making planetary markets outside the U. S. ( a ) what are some standards that Prince should utilize to choose states in which to market sharply. ( B ) what three or four states run into these standards best. and ( degree Celsius ) what are some selling actions Prince might utilize to make these markets? a ) Are there professionals from the state. Economy position. Demographics. B ) Germany. United Kingdom. France. Czech Republic. degree Celsius ) Find an jock and convert them to be sponsored by your company.


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