Vietnam, Cuba and the Cold War

History Homework – Vietnam Why did the USA fail in Vietnam? America failed in the Vietnam War for various reasons; the people of Vietnam liked the communists of North Vietnam. The Americans bombed and killed the Vietnamese. The people of Vietnam hated the Americans in the end. The Americans tried to bomb the Vietnamese into submission and failed. Also when they were in open warfare America was successful, but when it turned into a guerrilla war America failed, that’s why America used napalm, to try and flush the Vietcong out.

Another reason why America failed in the Vietnam War was because the Americans where not prepared for the jungle terrain. Why did the USA get increasingly involved? America wanted to get involved in the Vietnam situation as early as the 1940s, to stop of spread of communism. America was trying to protect the interests of France, after a pro-communist government led by Ho Chi Minh jeopardized French control. Most effective tactics – USA/ Communists? The fighting tactics used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War were unpredictable and deceitful.

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They had underground tunnels that covered 400km where people could live for years at a time, they fought a guerrilla war, ambushing US patrols, setting booby traps and landmines, and planting bombs in towns. They joined with the peasants, wearing ordinary clothes. The Americans couldn’t identify who the enemy was. Their tactic was “hanging onto the belts” of the Americans – staying so close to the Americans so they could not use air or artillery backup without killing their own men. The American Tactics were very different; they fought a hi-tech war, using B52 bombers, artillery, helicopters, napalm and Agent Orange.

This killed many civilians, and failed to stop the Vietcong guerrillas. Search and destroy patrols went out looking for “Charlie”, as they called the Vietcong. But the patrols were very visible, and easy to ambush. Overall I think that the most effecting tactics were the communists’ tactics. What were the different ways the war was fought? The Vietnam War was a guerrilla war that was fought on difficult terrain. There was no front line, just hit and run tactics. The guerrilla fighters were hard to distinguish from the other civilians, making it hard to tell who’s who.

The Vietnamese people suffered greatly during the Vietnam War, with the use of napalm, killing thousands of civilians. America dropped over 6. 3 million tons of bombs on Vietnam. Why did USA withdraw from Vietnam? The American public were very against the war in Vietnam after the media showed the American public what it was like in Vietnam. The duration and cost of the war was making it even more unpopular in America. Finally a cease fire was signed in Paris on January 28th 1973. Ho Chi Minh President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam until 1969. He led Vietcong in the Vietnam War until he died in 1969.

Ngo Dinh Diem President of south Vietnam until 1963. Anti Communist 17th Parallel The Vietnamese demilitarized zone. Communism What America was fighting against in the Vietnam war. Domino Theory The game given to the spread of communism through the countries. Eisenhower President of America from 1953 to 1861. Kennedy President of America from 1961 until 1963 when he was assassinated. Johnson President of America from 1963 to 1969. Nixon Presidents of America from 1969 to 1974. Advisers America’s military advisers or MAAG. Vietcong The Vietcong were north Vietnamese communists that fought the guerrilla war in Vietnam.

They didn’t have uniforms, dressed the same as the peasants. They launched hit and run attacks on the Americans fighting for south Vietnam. Guerrilla Guerrilla warfare was a hit-and-run technique used in fighting a war; fighting in small groups using tactics like ambushes. It also involves fighting men who don’t have a uniform. This makes it difficult to know who is an enemy. Ho Chi Minh Trail The Ho Chi Minh Trial was a series of trails that ran through the jungle into south Vietnam. It was used for a supply route for weapons, food and equipment. The trail was about 1000 km long. Tet offensive

The Tet offensive was a series of attacks on cities and towns in south Vietnam, breaking the ceasefire that had been called for the Vietnamese holiday of Tet. My Lai My Lai is a village in north Vietnam that had a population of 700. On March 16th 1968, American troops went into the village and shot 504 innocent people because they thought they where part of the Vietcong. These people included the elderly and young children. Agent Orange Agent Orange it a defoliant that the Americans used in Vietnam to destroy trees so that they could see the NFL on the ground. Napalm Napalm is an acid that was dropped on Vietnam by the Americans

Media Mainstream media turned America against the war. Demonstrations Thousands of people, including Muhammad Ali, started protesting against the Vietnam War in 1965 when the US government increased the draft from 3000 to 33000 a month. Cost The cost of the Vietnam war totalled 584 billion dollars. Vietnamization When America withdrew its troops and gave south Vietnam responsibility History Homework – Cuba Who won the Cuban Missile Crisis? The Cuban Missile Crisis was something which almost happened, so the people of the world were the winners because nothing major happened.

It turned into a protective action which was successful for America. in averting the construction of missile installations by the Russians on Cuba, so it could be looked at as a victory for America. How did the USA react to the Cuban Revolution? America had a problem when dealing with the changes in Cuba. Anything they did that was too forceful would be likely to force Castro to get an alliance with the Soviet Union. In order to try and prevent this President Eisenhower opted for economic action. America stopped buying Cuban Raw Materials and Sugar. This was supposed to weaken the Castro regime.

The policy backfired. Castro struck deals with the Soviet Union and other Eastern European communist states for them to purchase Cuban goods. Why did Khrushchev put missiles into Cuba? Khrushchev wanted to keep the Soviet hold on Berlin. Putting missiles in Cuba would give him a better discussion point. He had also took criticism from the Soviet Union that he looked weak to the Americans. A message needed to be sent out that he was strong. Cuba is only 90 miles away from America and missiles in Cuba would be able to go in to America Why did Kennedy react as he did? It was the height of the Cold War.

There was serious mistrust between the Soviet Union and the US and many other western nations. Kennedy had military experience during WW 2, and as president he was involved in the then escalating conflict in Viet Nam. There was no way that he was going to allow the Soviets to arm a nuclear missile site in Cuba, just a few miles from US territory. He had to act decisively, and he did. He brought the crisis to an end without bloodshed. There is no doubt that he would have used force if the Soviets had pushed. Nuclear Weapons This cartoon shows two superpowers stared each other out during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Batista He was a Cuban President, dictator, and military leader who was supported by America Castro the primary leader of the Cuban Revolution Revolution The Cuban Revolution of 1959 began with the failed attack on the Moncada Barracks. Communism The communists where trying to gain territory for strategic points around the world and so were the USA. Kennedy President of America from 1961 until 1963 when he was assassinated. Bay of Pigs The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an unsuccessful attempt by United States-backed Cuban exiles to overthrow the government of the Cuban dictator Castro.

History Homework – Cold War Who was to blame for the Cold War? In 1945 immediately at the end of WWII, the Soviets had 16 combat divisions in Germany, and refused to leave. Stalin threatened the invasion of Western Europe but only the ‘veiled’ threat of the Atomic Bomb changed his mind (Stalin didn’t know we used the only two existing A-bombs on Japan). So Stalin sat still in Germany, ignored the Yalta and Potsdam agreements, and in 1949 threatened the civilization with a World Wide Communist Revolution and to send ‘agents’ to every government on earth, especially America.

And Stalin did just that. The United States responded to Stalin’s threat with the Truman Doctrine and a policy of communist containment. Stalin organized the invasion of South Korea and South Vietnam, which the U. S. enforced the Truman Doctrine. Why did the USA-USSR alliance begin to break down in 1945? The ideologies of the two countries were completely different. Also, Stalin’s distrust of any other system added in. The USA felt that the USSR was becoming out of control hence they wanted to stop it. How had the USSR gained control of Eastern Europe by 1948?

After World War 2, the Soviet Union and its Western allies parted ways as joint doubts of the other’s intentions and actions grew. Eager to merge influence over a number of countries bordering to the Soviet Union, Stalin followed an aggressive policy of involvement in the domestic affairs of these states, provoking strong Western reaction. The United States worked to contain Soviet growth in this period of global relations that came to be known as the Cold War. How did the USA react to Soviet expansionism? The USA interpreted the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe as the start of an attempt to spread communism around the world.

The USA’s immediate worry was that Greece and Turkey might be the next countries to fall to Stalin. When Britain said it could no longer afford to station troops in these countries, Truman decided to act. On May 12 March 1947, Truman announced that the USA would give support to any free peoples struggling to avoid communist takeover. This was the Truman Doctrine. Who Started to Cold War? The USA and Russia. At the end of WW2 both sides wanted the German scientist that where working on rockets and the A-Bomb. The USA got them out first, and would not shear the technology with Russia.



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