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July 26, 2017 Tourism

1 ) Introduction

This article is a group assignment submitted in portion fulfilment of the demands for GM512 Business Policy and Strategic Management. which is a nucleus faculty contained in the course of study of the UCSI Master in Business Administration plan.

The article attempts to measure Case 3: The House that Branson Built: Virgin’s entry into the new millenary. and place which of the strategic determinations taken by Richard Branson. Chairman of VIRGIN Group. indicated that he adopts the rational or productive logical thinking positions. It is divided into 3 chief countries that will each effort to reply the undermentioned research inquiries severally:

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1. To what extent does Branson’s strategic thought fit the productive logical thinking position? 2. To what extent does Branson’s strategic thought fit the rational logical thinking position? 3. What are the strengths and failings of both strategic logical thinking positions?

2 ) Introduction
2. 1 ) Company Overview

Virgin. a taking branded venture capital administration. is one of the world’s most recognized and respected trade names. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson. the Virgin Group is a diversified grouping of more than 200 in private held companies. using about 50. 000 people. in 29 states. Grosss around the universe in 2006 exceeded ?10 billion ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. virgin. com/AboutVirgin/WhatWeAreAbout/WhatWeAreAbout. aspx ) .

Virgin Group has gone on to turn really successful concerns in sectors runing from Travel and Tourism. Leisure and Pleasure. Shopping. Media and Telecommunications. Finance and Money. Health and/or Social and Environment. The largest of these are Virgin Atlantic Airways. the figure two air hose in the United Kingdom ; Virgin Holidays. a holiday circuit operator ; Virgin Rail. the 2nd largest U. K. train operator ; the Virgin Retail Group. which operates legion Virgin Megastores. a retail construct having pictures. music Cadmiums. and computing machine games ; and Virgin Direct. which offers fiscal services. Other Virgin concerns include drink shaper Virgin Cola. a record label. book and music publication operations. hotels. an Internet service supplier. film theaters. a wireless station. cosmetics and nuptial retailing constructs. and a line of vesture.

Beginning by: The Writer

2. 2 ) Company Positions

‘Virgin is about making things that truly work. non merely looking the portion. We are passionate about running our concerns every bit good as we can. which means handling our clients with regard. giving them good value and high quality and doing the whole procedure as much merriment as it can be. ’ –Richard Branson. Chairman ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. fundinguniverse. com/company-histories/Virgin-Group-Company-History. hypertext markup language ) .

2. 3 ) Virgin’s Business Model

Richard Branson’s personality is synonymous with Virgin’s strong stigmatization & A ; repute. “The merchandises must be advanced. challenge authorization. offer value for money. be of good quality. and the market must grow” . Here’s some illustrations of the ways that Virgin delivers its trade name values: –

Value for Money – Simple. honest & A ; crystalline pricing – non needfully the cheapest on the market. Good quality – High criterions. attending to detail. being honest and presenting on promises. Innovation – Challenging convention with large and small product/service thoughts: advanced. modern and fashionable design. Brilliant Customer Service – Friendly. homo & A ; relaxed: professional but un-corporate. Competitively disputing – Lodging two fingers up to the constitution and contending the large male childs – normally with a spot of wit. Fun – Every company in the universe takes itself earnestly so we think it’s of import that we provide the populace and our clients with a spot of amusement. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. virgin. com /AboutVirgin/WhatWeAreAbout/WhatWeAreAbout. aspx? L3_GenericContent_NavigateToPage=4 )

Having no preconceived thoughts about an industry. Richard Branson was able to place unneeded hurdlings that his rivals took for granted. every bit good as to acknowledge concealed chances. When Virgin started a new venture. we base it on difficult research and analysis. Typically. Virgin reviewed the industry and set ourselves in the customer’s places to see what could do it better. Cardinal inquiries ever being asked: Is this an chance for reconstituting a market and making competitory advantage? What are the rivals making? Is the client confused or severely served? Is this an chance for constructing the Virgin trade name? Can we add value? Will it interact with our other concerns? Is there an appropriate tradeoff between hazard and wages? Virgin believe in doing a difference. In our customers’ eyes. Virgin bases for value for money. quality. invention. merriment and a sense of competitory challenge.

2. 4 ) Virgin’s Corporate Strategy

The two chief attacks to corporate Virgin’s corporate scheme development are the normative attack and the emergent attack. is a scheme whose concluding objects are ill-defined and whose elements are developed during the class of its life. as the scheme returns. Sing the development procedure of virgin group. it draws on the emergent attack. The corporation degree schemes adopted by Virgin can be summarized as the undermentioned facets:

2. 4. 1 ) Corporate degree scheme

• Unrelated variegation scheme:
From early 1990s. the virgin began come ining new sectors outside of its nucleus activities of travel and retail. Virgin concern every bit diverseness as wireless broadcast medium. book publication. and computing machine games found a place in the same stable as hotels. railroads. personal computing machines. cola drinks. film. and fiscal services. Therefore. Virgin has more than one SBU in its portfolio. with small or relatedness between the SBUs. It is evidently that Virgin takes Unrelated Diversification Strategy to accomplish growing.

• Brand stretching scheme:
Virgin is involved in planes. trains. finance. soft drinks. music. nomadic phones. vacations. autos. vinos. publication. espousal wear – the batch! What tie all these concerns together are the values of Virgin trade name and the attitude of people? To win. a trade name must be memorable. typical and superior in at least one of these three countries.

• Joint ventures:
A international and planetary concern development/expansion scheme concerns are concerned with offer sweetenings and offer extensions and with acquiring the resources to endorse these. The virgin faces similar resource allotment jobs. but the entree waies to resources are different. In the visible radiation of his stock market experience. Branson followed a way of growing through joint ventures with established companies. This attack permitted Virgin to spread out. in footings of both merchandise and geographics. The joint operation of an international sale and selling activity is unachievable for Virgin. This establishes international channels of distribution for the merchandises or services of Virgin.

• Retrenchment and divestiture schemes:
At the beginning of ‘80s. recession and high rising prices. combined with altering consumer gustatory sensations. badly affected the music concern worldwide. Virgin had registered losingss of 0. 4 million lbs in 1980 and 0. 9 million lbs in 1981. With fiscal force per unit area mounting. Branson was forced to move belt-tightening steps that necessarily included lying off forces.

2. 4. 2 ) SBUs degree scheme
• Differentiation scheme and cost leading scheme: Virgin looks for chances where they can offer something better. fresher and more valuable. and prehend them. Virgin frequently moves into countries where the client has traditionally received a hapless trade. and where the competition is self-satisfied. And with turning e-commerce activities. Virgin besides looks to present ‘old’ merchandises and services in new ways. Virgin Atlantic is the company closest to Branson’s bosom. Since its initiation. the air hose has relied on service. value-for-money. and invention. dished up with dash and genius. to distinguish itself in the market.

2. 4. 3 ) Operational scheme
• Human-resource-based scheme:
There was a typical human-resource-based scheme and worked good for the company in virgin. It places the accent on people in strategic development. Motivation. political relations. civilization and the desires of the person are all of import.

• Proactive invention scheme:
Invention is cardinal drive of scheme. New constructs. new merchandises and services. new markets. etc. all derive from the procedure of invention. It may be used where the endeavor is in a place to derive important competitory advantage from being the first to work a beginning of invention chance.

Virgin’s corporate scheme is best described as the corporate parenting scheme which is led by laminitis Richard Branson. At the same clip. the single concerns benefit from the global. inter-industrial repute of the parent corporation’s Virgin trade name and are able utilize this trade name acknowledgment in their selling attempts. This benefit of corporate parenting would non be available to them if they were runing under their ain subordinate trade names. and is possibly the greatest beginning of synergism within the Virgin Group. In this mode. Virgin is able to bask the benefits of both smaller entrepreneurial organisations and big pudding stones without the associated jobs of bureaucratism and trade name struggle that can frequently have in diversified corporations.

3 ) CASE STUDY ANALUSIS: The House That Branson Built: Virgin’s Entry Into The New Millennium 3. 1 ) To what extent does Branson’s strategic thought fit the productive logical thinking position? Liedtka ( 2000 ) position productive logical thinking procedure is more than merely brainstorming or a wild thought every one time in a piece. In the procedure. all strategic thought activity are oriented toward making. alternatively of ciphering – ‘inventing’ alternatively of happening. It is the ability to interrupt through Orthodox beliefs and bring forth new penetrations and behaviours. necessitating the extended usage of creativeness ( De Wit and Meyer. 2008 ) . Generative concluding perspective refers to creative thought.

Creative thought helps to do the strategic logical thinking procedure more productive. bring forthing more irregular penetrations. inventive thoughts and advanced solutions. alternatively of holding a bland. conformist and conservative end product. The heavy accent placed on reason can really thwart the chief aim of strategic logical thinking. to bring forth fresh penetrations. new ways of specifying jobs and advanced solution. It is based on Lateral thought which are: utilizations experience. intuition judgement. originative thought is driving force. emotional and biasness.

Equally far as the instance survey is concerned. many illustrations permit us to acknowledge that Richard Branson’s believing tantrum to generative concluding position.

3. 1. 1 ) The function of creativeness
The advocates of the productive logical thinking position argue that strategians should avoid the false certainty projected by rational attacks to strategic logical thinking. but should foster creativeness as their cognitive plus and creatively construe a job state of affairs. I ) Richard Branson decided in the sale of records via mail-order that still overpriced despite the abolishment of retail monetary value care. He placed an advertizement in the last issue of ‘Student’ magazine with extra of 15 % price reduction comparison to shops attract orders coming in. two ) Virgin Retail – the stop’s decor was a mix of the hideous and the shabby. Attracting clients more dead set on basking an experience that passing money. three ) Joint venture with a major retail merchant – Virgin’s Megastores began to sell place amusement merchandises such as music. picture and book. They replace the twine of little secondary retail mercantile establishments for which Virgin had become known. four ) E-commerce – Virgin. com emerge all the service that Virgin offer from a rail or film ticket to a Cadmium or a savings merchandises. Virgin. com targets the UK consumer market and wants to vie on ‘value-for-money. velocity. first-class client service and compelling content’ .

3. 1. 2 ) The function of intuitive
One of particular of the component of this strategic thought is that Generative logical thinking is more than brainstorming of holding a wild thought every one time in a piece. I ) “Voice of Youth” Magazine – Richard Branson concern calling started when at the age of 17. he founded Student Magazine. the “voice of youth” . while still at the get oning school. two ) Virgin’s originative policy in the music concern – when he had to make up one’s mind on Virgin’s originative policy in the music concern. his determination was mostly based on inherent aptitude.

3. 1. 3 ) The function of unorthodoxy and innovativeness
The kernel of strategic logical thinking is the ability to creatively dispute and to bring forth new and alone manner of apprehension and making things. The kernel of strategic logical thinking is the ability to creatively dispute and to bring forth new and alone manner of apprehension and making things. I ) Selling ‘Exported’ Record at local market – Richard Branson selling ‘Exported’ records through his London shop while he found out records intended for export could be purchased by Virgin tax-exempt. two ) Effective method in revenue enhancement payment – Richard Branson remains an unwilling revenue enhancement remunerator and holds his Virgin shareholding in secret off-shore household trusts. preferring to reinvest net incomes in the concern such as Virgin Record.

3. 1. 4 ) The function of informal. variable regulations
A strategian understand that a solution can be viewed as an chance and believes that certain factors can be endangering if non approached decently. There is no fixed set of job solutions from which the strategian must choose the best 1. Furthermore. the strategian attempt to explicate that neither can strengths and failings be objectively determined ; I ) There is no common human resource policy – the directors are non obliged to follow normative corporate policies. These were understood instead than codified. two ) No group information-technology strategian or cardinal buying map – Richard Branson believe that those functions would represent intervention and deter managerial creativeness.

three ) The Virgin Charter – sets out ways for Virgin to undertake common activities with a common attack. Virgin’s operation manner was established non so much by design as by the exigencies of the clip when Virgin was acquiring started. four ) Decentralized direction – each operating unit was expected to stand entirely with no obliged to follow normative corporate policies. These were ‘understood’ instead than codified.

3. 2 ) To what extent does Branson’s strategic thought fit the rational logical thinking position? Strategists using the rational logical thinking theoretical account province that strategic thought is a logical activity ( Andrewss. 1987 ) . Logical thought can be applied to the four cognitive activities which are placing the job. naming the job. recognizing what action should be taken and gestating how the job is addressed. Rational strategic logical thinking is the procedure whereby an agent grounds about the best scheme to follow in a given multi-agent scenario. taking into history the likely behaviour of other participants in the scenario. and. in peculiar. how the agent’s pick of scheme will impact the picks of others to cover with strategic jobs the strategian must first analyze the job state of affairs. by which informations must be gathered on all developments external to environment. and such informations must be processed to clear up the chances and menaces.

Furthermore the organisation itself must be appraised to recognize its failing and strengths and to set up which resources are available. Upon the job designation a set of alternate schemes can be identified by fiting the external chances and internal strengths so a figure of standards are to be used for measuring the strategic option like internal consistence. External consonant rhyme. competitory advantage. organisational feasibleness and possible hazards and net incomes. This type of rational attempt requires good developed analytical accomplishments that strategists must be able to treat and construe immense sums of informations to get at a rich image of the current job state of affairs. Logical thought can help in doing a differentiation between phantasy and feasibleness by analysing the factors that will find success or failure.

There are many countries in which the manner of strategic thought of the chair adult male of the virgin group matches the rational logical thinking position as follows:

3. 2. 1 ) Reflecting on premise critically
Branson. one time positive with an premise or a suggestion. travel straight to use or implement it. for illustration he believes that the success of a company depend on the right people who can independently run the company so in his address to the institute of managers in London in 1993 I ) Staff foremost. so clients and stockholders – this should be the precedence of an organisation president if it wants a better public presentation harmonizing to Branson. Happy staffs that are proud of their company do for happy clients who return. So Branson on trade brotherhood for communicating he cites his determination to maintain 200 air hose staff on the paysheet instead than put them off during an economic recession. As per his doctrine. concern should be shaped around the people. so in his record companies each new record label was given to up and coming directors making in-house enterprisers who were far motivated to construct a concern.

3. 2. 2 ) Making differentiation between phantasy and feasibleness
In some ways you can recognize that virgin was unconventional companies. he has said that A concern has to be affecting. it has to be fun. and it has to exert your originative inherent aptitudes. Branson has created the feeling that people work at virgin for merriment instead than merely a agency of gaining a life ( more than any other component. merriment is the secret of virgin success. Branson 1998. P. 431 ) . he saw no job in paying modest wages provided people enjoyed themselves and felt portion of an idiosyncratic endeavor that had a bosom without caring about material ownerships ; for illustration when Branson hands out wings to freshly appointed cabinet crews he douses them in a bubbly.

Branson started his concern calling when he was 17 when he founded pupil magazine “the voice of youth” while still at get oning school. During that clip. attending was given to the publicity of youth civilization in which authorization was challenged and manner was quickly altering. the initial success of magazine was non sustained so he decided to seek new activities in order to hike flagging concern. he decided to seek to tap the potency he saw in the sale of records. still overpriced. Due to the deficiency of capital he and his associates placed an advertizement in the last issue of the magazine to prove the market naming merely records that probably to appealing people.

Then he gave it a name of virgin and relied on some friends to pull off his new concern for a 40 % interest in the company. By terminal of 1970. virgin comprised a record label. entering studios. music retail mercantile establishments. music and book publication. dark nines and film. In 1977 signed the Sex Pistols and we went on to subscribe many family names from Culture Club to the Rolling Stones. assisting to do Virgin Music one of the top six record companies in the universe.

3. 2. 3 ) Fact-based logical thinking
Based on the research done on the Virgin trade name name. Branson made the of import determination to diverse into new sectors. The research on the virgin trade name name in the early of 1990 demonstrated the impact over clip of far-out advertisement and promotion stunts. The trade name was recognized by 96 % of UK consumers and Ricardo Branson was identified by 95 % as the company laminitis. The name was associated with words such as merriment. invention. success and trust. Virgin enters new sectors outside its activities such as travel and retail so it become more diverse to embrace Television and wireless broadcast medium. book publication. computing machine games. hotels. railroads. Cola drinks and fiscal services.

To seek such enlargement he goes for joint ventures. His usage of joint ventures was an extension of this theoretical account reinforced by his traffics with the Japanese. Branson was impressed by the Nipponese attack to concern. look up toing their committedness to the long term and the manner they took clip to construct a concern through organic growing instead than acquisition. His lone major acquisition was theof British Rail that formed Virgin Rail. Prior to that Branson had made merely two important acquisitions: Rushes Video for ?6 million and the precursor to Virgin Express. He saw similarities in the Nipponese keiretsu system ( multiple companies inter-locking through managerial and equity linkages in a collaborative web ) and the construction he created at Virgin. with around 200 largely little companies. which combined “small is beautiful” with “strength through integrity. ”

He explained this and other axioms that he believed to be necessary for success in a address to the Institute of Directors in 1993. “Staff foremost. so clients and shareholders” should be the chairman’s precedence if the end is better public presentation. “Shape the concern around the people. ” “Build don’t bargain. ” “Be best. non biggest. ” “Pioneer. don’t follow the leader. ” “Capture every fleeting thought. ” and “Drive for change” were other steering rules in the Branson doctrine.

3. 2. 4 ) Reasoning based on formal regulations
The Virgin Charter – aimed at capturing synergisms between his concerns. With the rapid variegation of the 1990s. there was besides the hazard that the Virgin Brand had become overextended. The caput of trade name individuality at adviser Landor Associates commented: “He’s still manner excessively unfocussed. He should acquire out of concerns that don’t fit the Virgin/Branson personality. such as drinks. cosmetics. surely fiscal services. or come up with another trade name name for them. ” Experts suggested that Virgin’s brand-stretching had damaged the good will associated with the Virgin name and compromised the nucleus values it was founded on. Using the Virgin name to inveigh services has been particularly detrimental – Virgin’s vision of offering the going public new criterions of velocity and client heed had been swamped by the jobs of Britain’s privatized but ill incorporate rail web.

The wisdom of using a trade name that had been identified with dynamic start-up concern to the renaming of a former populace sector monopoly was a beginning of much contemplation within Virgin. These concerns were non new. During 1996–7. a refocusing had begun within Virgin. The executive squad identified a figure of “core businesses” where it wanted to see growing: Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Express. Virgin Rail. and the international enlargement of its retail and film concerns. “We are traveling to consolidate around these nucleuss Areas. ” says Whitehorn. “Because we have a batch to make with them. ” By 2002. most observers believed that a new stage of refocusing was inevitable


This subdivision we will show the strengths and failings observed from both strategic logical thinking positions. We begin with overview of the strengths and weaknesses comparing between these two concluding positions. Then it follows by more item and in-depth accounts for both positions. Finally we will besides research the strengths and failings in Virgin Group utilizing the SWOT analysis method.

4. 2 ) Strengths and failings of Generative Reasoning Perspective

This subdivision presents the strengths and failings of the Generative Perspective. Many of these strengths and failings are based from understanding on De Wit and Meyer ( 2008 ) .

Encourage creativenesss

The chief strength of the strategians who employed the productive logical thinking position is the encouragement of creativeness activities in the procedure. This allows creative activity of new thoughts. new ways of specifying jobs and invention in the solutions. They tend to reason that logical procedures limit the head creativenesss. Therefore they use the logical thought as the back uping tool instead than the chief drive forces. However this leads to many diversified solutions and may non even work out the existent job they setup to undertake.

Decisions are made based on intuition and personal opinion

Generative concluding perspective strategians normally based on their intuition and personal opinion in determination devising. These opinions can non be easy and objectively defined. hence the determination is opened to broad unfavorable judgment and statements. They believes that specifying and work outing strategic jobs is a cardinal originative activity instead than logical. Making determination without the full analytical of the information will take to higher hazards of the undertaking to be successful and determinations may be biased and emotional. Thou the return from these determinations may convey in large wages. the hazard related to the unknown may far outweigh the wagess. Hence this determination devising is a hazardous determination and lead uncertainness of the future income and the organisation.

Lateral thought

Lateral thought is made popular by Edward de Bono. the writer of more than 70 books ( Bailey 2007 ) . This scheme frequently used by successful leaders demands a comprehensiveness of cognition and accomplishments that required an apprehension of complex determination. By adding creativenesss to concluding abilities. new thoughts are born ( Hernandez and Varkey 2008 ) . Lateral believing attempts to place different waies of work outing a job. The believing procedure may non be consecutive and besides non limited to the relevant information available. Such thought may take to higher hazard of failures and fiscal losingss for the organisation.


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