Virginia And New England Essay

October 26, 2017 General Studies

Virginia and New England stand out as really distinguishable provinces that experienced different historical background particularly in the early period of colonisation. The New England part consisted of such provinces of modern twenty-four hours Massachusetts. Rhode Island. Vermont Connecticut. New Hampshire and Maine. First European colony in New England was in 1620 by European spiritual pilgrims who were flying Europe because of persecution. When the first colonists foremost came they believed the whole of North America was virgin and forested that therefore the name Virginia.

Jamestone was the first lasting European colony in May 1607. ( John Smith 122 ) Initially when the Europeans started settling in these countries they peacefully coexisted with the indigens because they were few in figure and posed no menace. The first folk that controlled these countries were chiefly the Algonkian folk and had rather a different civilization from the Europeans. Although the interactions thrived at first and peace prevailed. struggle surrounding on land control and ownership stated increasing. ( John Smith 132 )

In Virginia and New England the Europeans stated cultivating baccy as a hard currency harvest and as the demand increased more land was being cleared taking to an increased figure of more colonists streaming in. There was edge to be an increased struggle between the Native Americans and the new colonists. The Native Americans depended entirely on the forested forest as the beginning of nutrient particularly from runing. As more land was being cleared to supply land for baccy the indigens could non stand it. they fought the invasion.

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This would take to the Indian slaughter of 1622 and another one in 1644 against the Europeans by the Powhatan folk. ( John Smith 162 ) As clip elapsed. by the seventeenth century there was an increased figure of colonists who arrived from Europe in droves. on the other manus there was a serious diminution of the native folk as a consequence of assimilation with the general population which meant that their heritage and individuality was being to a great extent compromised.

Soon thenceforth. because of the enlargement of the land under baccy. most of the land came under the control of the settlers who in bend started practising bondage as a beginning of labour. The settlement was under British control by 1622 stoping the control by the Native Americans. ( John Smith 167 )

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