Visual And Non Visual Communication Marketing Essay


Without communicating a concern can non work as it should, messages should be accurate and individuals directing the message should guarantee that it is clear and precise but adequately elaborate. Low communicating within a concern can do the concern to non run efficaciously. There are different types of communicating that can be done to pass on within a concern they are: unwritten communicating, ocular communicating, non- ocular communicating and written communicating. These signifiers of communicating are of import in all successful concern. Not merely that a concern may non be successful but besides it member will be frustrated this can do by the struggles that is in the concern because of the lock of communicating or because of ill-defined messages.

Literature Review

Communication is the exchanging of information between people or group. It is effectual communicating if the message has been received and understood by the receiving system and the transmitter knows that it has been understood. This is a recording to the concern surveies literature that was written by Peter Stimpson and was foremost published in 2002. He besides stated that all concern communicate externally – with provider, clients stockholders and the authorities, the illustration he gave for this that the significance of effectual communicating is obvious – a possible client confused about a merchandise ‘s qualities because of a hapless advertizement or providers presenting to an wrong reference are merely are illustrations of what can travel incorrect. Internal communicating is between different people or groups within the organisation. The different types of communicating that he listed are:

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Oral communication- and he said this can be one- to-one conversation, interview, appraisal Sessionss, group meetings or squad briefings.

Written communication- this by letters, memos, notices on wide, studies, proceedingss, and diagrams for proficient affairs such a house programs.

Ocular communication- this can be used to attach to and back up unwritten, written, or electronic communicating. Diagrams, pictures, charts, and pages of computing machine images can be presented by utilizing overhead projection, synergistic white broads, informations projectors, pictures, and other agencies.

Mr. Stimpson listed some stairss directors should take in order to minimise the impact of communicating barriers and these are:

Ensure the message is clear and precise but adequately detailed ;

Keep the communicating channel every bit short as possible ;

Make sure that channels of communicating are clear to all involved ;

Build in feedback to the communicating procedure so that jobs with reception or apprehension of the message can be checked rapidly ;

Establish trust between transmitters and receivers- this could be most easy achieved in a concern where the civilization is to accept all staff as being of import and as holding utile parts to do ;

Ensure that physical conditions are appropriate for messages to be heard or receive in other ways. ( Stimpson, As Level A Level, Business Studies, 2002 )

The strategic communicating in concern and the professions literature that was written by Dan O’Hair, Gustav W. Friedrich and Lynda Dee Dixon stated that most of communicating in groups take topographic point in five types of groups: the household ; adolescent friendly relationship groups ; work groups ; commissions, problem-solving groups and originative groups ; and therapy groups. As the size of a group increases, the interaction among the members becomes more formal, there is less opportunity for each member to take part, subjects become less intimate, and undertakings take longer to carry through this now can do struggle within the group. There are four stages which contributes to group development and there are:

Forming: During this first phase persons get to cognize each other. They frequently are excessively polite and experience a spot awkward. As they search for similarities and effort to bond, they begin to develop trust in each other. Members will discourse cardinal subjects such as why the group is necessary, who “ owns ” the group, whether rank is compulsory, how big it should be, and what endowments members can lend.

Ramping: on the 2nd phase, members define their functions and duties, make up one’s mind how to make their end, and Fe out the regulations regulating how they interact. This phase frequently produces struggle, ensuing in ramping. A good leader, nevertheless should step in to put bounds, control and pandemonium, and offer suggestions

Norming: tenseness subsides, functions clarify, and information begins to flux among members. The group sporadically checks its docket to remind itself of its advancement toward its gold. Formal leading is unneeded here every bit everyone as return on leading maps. Important information is shared with the full group, and common mutuality becomes typical. The group begins to travel swimmingly in one way. Members make certain that processs are in topographic point to decide future struggles.

Performing: in some groups they ne’er reach the concluding phase of executing. Problems that may do them groups to neglect are: hapless feedback, bad leading, senseless processs, mismatch demands, confused end and anti-team civilizations. ( Dan O ‘ Hair, 2002 )

Conflict may be defined as a battle or competition between people with opposing demands, thoughts, beliefs, valves or ends. Conflicts occur merely because of the deficiency of communicating within an organisation. Conflict on squads is inevitable ; nevertheless, the consequences of struggle are non predetermined. Conflict might intensify and take to nonproductive consequences, or struggle can be beneficially resolved and lead to choice concluding merchandises. This is a greatly misconstruing aspect of group communicating. Many group leaders avoid struggle because they think it detracts from a group ‘s intent and ends. Their attitude is that a group sing struggle is non running swimmingly. Conflict does non signal that a meeting is disorderly, strident, or rude. It is a mark that people are actively discoursing issues. ( Foundation Coalition, 2003 ) However, the concern communicating literature that was written by Mary Ellen Guffey and published in 2003 idea that squads who manage struggle frequently determines whether a squad survives ; it besides affect the quality of its public presentation and its determinations. There are two types of struggle that a group/ squad may see. Cognitive struggle centres on issues and is considered healthy and functional. Cognitive struggles arouse treatment and excite originative thought. it makes squad members get involved as they examine, comparison, and accommodate their differences. Cognitive struggle besides promotes credence of a squad determination. Team members “ purchase into ” the determination and are more willing to implement it when they have been able to talk their heads. Affectional struggle aims non at issues but at feelings and personalities. It is riotous and dysfunctional. Affectional struggle tends to be emotional and focuses on people, non on substantial affairs. Such struggle may break out into name- naming and unfavorable judgment, which destroys squad integrity. He besides said by researches the best determinations are made by squads that experience healthy differences of sentiment but are able to maintain their struggle aimed at issues. As one member of a successful squad remarked, we scream a batch, and so decide the issues. Without struggle and free treatment, squad may fall victim to groupthink. This is a term coined by theoretician Irving Janis to depict defective decision- devising procedures by squad members who are excessively eager to hold with one another. This author went on by naming some conditions that can take to groupthink and they are: squad members with similar backgrounds, a deficiency of methodical processs, a demand for speedy determination, and a strong leader who favors a specific determination. Symptoms of groupthink may include force per unit areas placed on a member who argues against the group ‘s shared beliefs, self- censoring of ideas that deviate from the group consensus, corporate attempts to apologize, and an undisputed belief in the group ‘s built-in morality. Effective squads avoid groupthink by endeavoring for squad diversity- in age gender, background, experience, and developing. They encourage unfastened treatment, hunt for relevant information, evaluate many options, see how a determination will be implemented, and program for eventualities in instance the determination does n’t work out. ( Guffery, 2003 )


Question a.

To guarantee that clients get the clear apprehension on whether the resort will keep its enviable client service and merchandise quality or non.

To give employees understanding about the security of their occupations and organisational construction civilization.

In guaranting that the stockholders are certain about the security of their investing and the profitableness of the resort.

Give the community a clear apprehension of the concern of the new organisation and how it

will go on to keep the community undertakings and portion good relationships.

Question B.

Send a positive attitude to others- An attitude is a province of head influenced by feelings, ideas, and action inclinations. The attitude you send out is normally the attitude you get back.

How to direct a positive attitude:

One good manner in making so is by your visual aspect. ( There is a direct connexion between how you look to yourself and your attitude. The better you image when you encounter clients, clients or invitees, the more positive you will be ) .

Send a positive attitude by your organic structure linguistic communication ( body linguistic communication can account for more than half of the message you communicate, so make sure it is ever positive.

A positive attitude should reflect in your voice. ( The tone of your voice, or how you say something, is frequently more of import than the words you use ) .

Let your positive attitude show when utilizing the telephone ( you have merely your voice to trust on, organic structure linguistic communication, ocular AIDSs and written messages are unavailable. Remember when on the phone with a client you are the individual representative of the company ) . ( Stimpson, 2002 )

In add-on, the employees must be able to show the right attitude. Attitudes are 1s mentality and perceptual experience of 1s lob, function and topographic point in a concern. Attitude is sometimes defined as a erudite behaviour that guides an person ‘s response to state of affairss. Attitude besides really much depends on an person ‘s frame of head and psychological science. An employee ‘s attitude will reflect in the quality and seasonableness of their work. A positive attitude is something that helps the employees to make a occupation good.

Key positive attitudes that an employee can and should hold include the undermentioned:

Team- spirit and cooperation- this is likely the most indispensable attitude an employee should expose. You should guarantee that what you do and how you behave tantrums into the overall strategy of things, by collaborating continuously with other co-workers in the group.

Tolerance- this relates to group spirit and cooperation. To work good within a group a individual will frequently necessitate to accept and be tolerant of other people ‘s attitude, wonts, point- of position and ways of working.

Honesty- it is of import ever to state the truth in your professional life merely every bit much as in your personal life, and to be trusty, e.g. with the company ‘s money or other material goods.

Willingness- this is the same as enthusiasm.

The attitude of being polite- evidently, this is merely as indispensable in the concern as in mundane life!

How to pull off yourself:

The most of import individual to pull off in any conversation is you. Fortunately, of all the things you manage, the thing you have the most control over is yourself. All you need to make is take to exert it. If you do n’t pull off yourself- if you are cognizant of your ain voice, or if you are tired or excessively stressed to care- opportunities are slender that any call you handle will go forth a positive memory with your client or a positive ‘ occupation good done ‘ experiencing with you. Besides guarantee that at all times you are understanding. Sincere, hearing, smiling and be clear with the clients.

Question c. This will bespeak the group construction, hierarchy and describing relationships.

Question d. Conflict may be defined as a battle or competition between people with opposing demands, thoughts, beliefs, values, or ends. Conflict on squads is inevitable ; nevertheless, the consequences of struggle are non predetermined. Conflict might intensify and take to nonproductive consequences, or struggle can be beneficially resolved and lead to choice concluding merchandises. Therefore, larning to pull off struggle is built-in to a high-performance squad. Although really few people go looking for struggle, more frequently than non, struggle consequences because of miscommunication between people with respect to their demands, thoughts, beliefs, ends, or values. Conflict direction is the rule that all struggles can non needfully be resolved, but larning how to pull off struggles can diminish the odds of nonproductive escalation. ( Foundation Coalition, 2003 ) . There are four basic ways in deciding struggles and they are:

Competitions- characterized by a “ power – over manner ” , aggressive and uncooperative behavior- seting your ain concerns before those of another. Peoples with competitory manner attempt to derive through direct confrontation that tries to “ win ” the statement.

Accommodation- these are individuals who are characterized by deficiency of assertiveness of single demands and of concerted and hammerizing tone one lief yields to another.

Avoidance- avoiding struggle within our organisation does n’t intend a member is traveling to maintain mulish, this mean you will be pass oning but merely concern wise. Members should alter the topic if they see that their action is doing struggle with other or use joking in avoiding these struggles.

Compromise- an intermediate manner chosen for different grounds that result in some addition and some losingss for each party. This is dependent on shared power and utilizations trade off and exchanges.

Collaboration- this is by a high concern by 1s owns ends, the other individual ‘s ends, the successful solution to the job and the sweetening of the relationship within the concern.

Poorly functional squads avoid struggles, preferring sulking, chitchat, or backstabbing. A better program is to admit struggle and turn to the root of the job openly. Although it may experience emotionally hazardous, direct confrontation saves clip and enhances group committedness in the long tally. To be constructive, nevertheless, confrontation must be undertaking oriented, non individual oriented. An unfastened dissemination of differences, in which all group members have a opportunity to talk their heads, should focus on on strengths and failing of the different places and thoughts – non on personalities. After hearing all sides, group members must negociate a just colony, no affair how long it takes. Good determinations are based on consensus: all members agree. ( S Finisterre, 2004 ) The best manner to avoid struggle is to utilize good communicating techniques the best groups exchange information and contribute thoughts freely in an informal environment. Member should talk clearly and briefly, avoiding generalizations. Hearers become actively involved, read organic structure linguistic communication, and inquire clear uping inquiries before reacting. ( Kaczmarek, 2007 ) .

Members of the group

Group one ( 1 ) is responsible for clients in guaranting that they get the clear apprehension on whether the resort will go on to keep its enviable client service and merchandise quality. Group1- Marlon Facey

Miss. Marsha Lee

Candice Watt

Group two ( 2 ) – These members will be responsible for the employees, to give them understanding about the security of their occupations and organisational quality.

Group 2- Khadene Edward

Mario Flowers

Robert Laws

Group three ( 3 ) – member ‘s duty here is giving a clear apprehension of the security of stockholders investing and the profitableness of their resorts. They besides will be giving the community a clear apprehension of the new concern of the new organisation and how it will go on to keep the community undertakings and portion good relationships.

Group 3- Miss. Williams

Carlo Davidson

Theo Reid


Oral communicating:

The Agenda

Sports Jamaica

Hope-ton route

Kingston 10


The following athleticss Jamaica concern meeting will be held in the conference room on December 20, 2012 at 3:00 autopsy.


Apologies for absence

Minutess of the last meeting

Matters originating

Principal ‘s comments

Treasure study

Presentation on the concern objective- invitee talker

Any other concern

Date, clip and topographic point of following meeting

Natalie Henry secretary

Written Communication

Mickelton Road

13 off thrust

Kingston 5

18th Nov, 2012

Sandals White House

19 Hope-ton route

Kingston 2

The Stakeholders

Re. Persons of uncertainness

Greetings! I am awareness of your concerns and what you are looking frontward for this organisation to make and In comparative to all four concern ( clients, employee, stockholders, and community member ) , we as an new organisation is dedicated in guaranting that all your demand and unsure are understood by you and non merely that but they are understood but you do n’t necessitate to worry our organisation purposes in non neglecting you will. This organisation will be keeping the enviable client ‘s service as the old resort in making so we will be developing our worker before working and during that procedure of working. Jobs are secure for all employees as we will be want workers besides we will be altering the organisation non the construction civilization of the concern. Shareholder will ever have aberrance from after revenue enhancement net income our concern will make everything in its power to do certain of this. As it relates to the community we will be keeping all community undertakings and non merely that but we are besides dedicated I ‘m guaranting that all members of the community is safe and is being taken attention of because we are non merely a concern we are your households. We will be looking out for you as you work with us in doing our concern grow.

Ocular and Non-visual communicating


I hereby urge that the proprietor of the new organisation non merely state words but besides take action in naming a meeting every bit shortly as possible with all who ‘s non certain of their place and or where the concern base. Find out ways and agencies in acquiring them to set their trust in you, see them, name them, demo them that you care non merely for the concern and where its aiming but besides their well being. At all times communication with these people be honest, be unfastened and be a household.


Conflict may be defined as serious dissension. There can besides be struggle within an organisation which can ensue in non- productiveness. Conflict does n’t needfully decide as group members can walk off from the concern or acquire fired. There is merely one manner of cut downing struggle between employee / staff and that is good communicating. This is sharing and interchanging positive information. Act professionally at your topographic point of work be polite, be understanding, and ever be considerate. This will give a better concern environment with less struggle.



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