Visual Representation for Meeting Challenges Essay

By July 25, 2017 General Studies

My ocular representation is based around the subject ‘meeting challenges’ and how this relates to the film ‘Shawshank Redemption’ . Some of the challenges faced by the characters in this film were isolation. false imprisonment. solitariness. and rejection. I used black composition board for my ocular representation to demo the solitariness and fear the chief character. Andy Dufresne. must hold endured during his clip in Shawshank prison. I besides used a jail cell door to stand for the isolation and unhappiness of his state of affairs. Andy was a really smart adult male who was sentenced to prison for a offense he did non commit.

I used a image of a immature adult male covering his eyes with his custodies to demo the adversity Andy faced whilst in prison this was a large challenge for him to get the better of. Andy kept to himself for a long clip when he started at Shawshank. non cognizing anyone or holding anyone to speak to. Andy must hold felt lonely at dark being locked up in a little cell. One of the images I used to stand for this solitariness was a adult male curled up by himself in a dark room. In the film Andy is a really determined adult male and he does about anything to experience like a ‘free man’ .

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For illustration. Andy took great bravery to face one of the guards. about acquiring himself pushed off the border of a edifice. in the scene when the captives are tarring the roof of the prison. At the terminal of this scene he is able to experience like a ‘free man’ when he gets to imbibe a cold beer with the other captives as a wages for assisting the guards with their revenue enhancement jobs. It is hope and interior strength that keeps Andy traveling and helps him run into the challenges he faces. To stand for this hope and strength I used the image of a white dove and a immature male child praying by candle flame.

Apart from Andy. another character I related to as facing challenges was ‘Red’ . the captive who became a good friend of Andy’s. who is rejected more than one time for word. The image I used to stand for rejection was a immature miss inquiring a male child on a day of the month and the male child stating no. Until Andy came along. Red had given up hope. Andy helped him happen a manner to confront his challenges once more. Another friend of Andy’s within the prison was an old adult male known as Brooks. Brooks was granted word after 50 or so old ages and fright overwhelmed this adult male as all his life was spent inside the walls of Shawshank prison.

Brooks challenge was going a ‘free man’ as all his life he was told what to make. Freedom was excessively much for Brooks and this caused him to perpetrate self-destruction. Brookss met his challenge but didn’t overcome it. The film Shawshank Redemption shows how people can be confronting more challenges than they can manage but one beam of hope or one individual. like Andy. can do all the difference. I feel I have shown this in my ocular representation by the usage of words and images I have chosen to stand for the challenges that were faced.


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