Volcanic Eruption: a Life-Taker or a Life-Saver Essay

October 1, 2017 General Studies

As the world’s population grows. more and more people are populating in potentially unsafe volcanic countries. Volcanic eruptions continue to go on and they can do great menaces to life and belongings. Predicting a volcano’s eruption accurately will take to more saved lives and guarantee our safety. When a vent erupts it produces many menaces. Some of these menaces are lava flows. falling ash. and they may even do other menaces like clay and dust flows. or they can do the clime to alter which may take to tsunamis or temblors.

A vent can do many atrocious things like temblors. They can do mud slides. Mud slides are really powerful. They can destruct metropoliss. Here in the Philippines. when Mount Pinatubo erupted the whole topographic point was covered in clay flow and ashes autumn. During the eruption some people evacuated. A vent can do many avalanches. While magma is still in the earth’s crust it causes clefts on the earth’s surface demoing the magma. Mud slides are so powerful they can force stones over or even the strong wall to prostration.

Avalanches are sometimes made from when a vent erupts. Vents can be really unsafe in many ways. Some things vents do are good. If the vent is an submerged vent. they erupt and organize islands. The clip when Mount Pinatubo erupted during 90’s. I was non able to grok why make ashes fall. and make non recognize the effects of it to our environment. I don’t even know that volcanic eruptions can besides make good to the people. Now I realize that these natural phenomena. no affair how atrocious these can be. can besides be a fantastic admiration to our female parent nature.

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However. if you weigh the advantages and disadvantages. still. it is a life-taker. Just like what had happened many times here in the state. Cipher could get away the reoccurrence of this unpredictable phenomenon. What we could make is to take attention of ourselves by listening to the authorization. If we are populating near vents. we should be really cognizant by the alteration in clime and study to them any indecent incidents that may happen in our topographic point.

Furthermore. if they advise us to evacuate. think of our safety foremost before our belongings because it is non the ground why we are populating. We should calculate out our mission here on Earth and that is to take attention of the life our God bestowed upon us. Even He didn’t want us to endure and see such awful decease. Be cognizant. be responsible and ever pray are the greatest arms we should possessed so as to excel the calamity volcanic eruptions can convey to our lives.


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