Vulnerable Populations: Homeless Veterans Essay

September 19, 2017 Health

Vulnerable populations are groups of people who are incapable of make up one’s minding for themselves. incapacitated to populate independently. and those with extremely specialised demands that should be addressed. Homeless veterans are an illustration of vulnerable populations. including kids. captives. pregnant adult females. people with damages and disablements. etc. These groups are included in the range of vulnerable populations. However. in this research. the demographics and the present province of homeless veterans shall be explored and analyzed.

Learning that the seasoned population is portion of vulnerable populations is surprising and dismaying. It is common cognition and merely logical that they be populating a well and comfortable life as compensation for the service that they have rendered during the war. Most people would believe that it is the government’s duty to supply for their demands. in order to give back to the veterans what is due to them. now that they are incapable of taking attention of themselves.

Ideally. veterans. every bit good as the underprivileged for that affair. should be provided lodging grants. retirement fees. pension programs. 100 percent employment. and even free wellness attention. by the authorities. These services are extremely needed because there are great wellness hazards that are involved when traveling into war. such as enduring from emphasis or injury. physical disablements. etc. These conditions. for case. bound productiveness therefore taking to unemployment. If these veterans stay unemployed. they are unable to care for themselves and their household.

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In this instance. it is the duty of the authorities to see to it that veterans are granted the sort of life that the authorities and state owes to them. Furthermore. the authorities should be sensitive about their demands and assistive in turn toing the pressure demands and demands of the seasoned population. However. looking at the present state of affairs of the stateless population. it is rather surprising to happen that most of the homeless are veterans who are unable to take attention of themselves. have a shelter. be employed. etc.

Harmonizing to the National Coalition for the Homeless. about half of the entire homeless veteran population. that is 40 per centum. is males. and based on an estimated figure of stateless veterans who roam around the state. there would likely be 200. 000 veterans who remain stateless every twenty-four hours. Most of the homeless veteran populations are Caucasic and are extremely educated. Furthermore. most of them may hold or are presently married. Aside from the male population. 4 per centum of the entire homeless veteran population is females who are largely married.

Most of the female homeless veterans are besides enduring from psychological unwellnesss and mental disablements due to their experiences during the war. ( National Coalition of the Homeless. 2007a ) The age group of homeless veterans range from ages 20 to 34. ( McMurray-Avila. 2001 ) Of the entire population of homeless veterans nevertheless. the larger populations belong to the underprivileged category of society. In add-on. half of the entire population of the homeless veterans is involved with substance maltreatment and psychological unwellnesss. Most of the debatable issues that are exhibited by homeless veterans are related to post-war daze and injury.

Homeless veterans are those who have served the state for the Second World War. Cold War. Vietnam and Korea wars. etc. Almost half of the homeless veteran’s population has served during the Vietnam War. These stateless veterans make up 23 per centum of the entire population of the homeless in the state. ( National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. 2007b ) Several factors and causes influence the homelessness of veterans. such as the unemployment. lifting costs of lodging and quality of life. their unavailability to wellness attention services. etc.

Some of them have experienced working nevertheless. the deficient sum of salary influences their ability to pay for lodging and other basic demands and trade goods for their mundane life. Furthermore. some of them are missing the capacity to be employed due to the psychological and mental disablements that they have acquired due to their experiences during the war. In add-on. their inability to entree wellness attention services because of deficient financess. hinders them from acquiring medicines and wellness services that they need in order to remain good and healthy.

Analyzing the demands of the homeless seasoned population. a study was conducted in order to find the most important demand that the specific population demands to be addressed. 45 per centum of the respondents said they needed aid in being employed. while 37 per centum of them needed aid in paying for lodging costs. ( National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. 2007b ) The benefits and services that are provided to the seasoned population should be coming from the Department of Veteran Affairs. However. the allotment of benefits and grants are dependent on the quality of service and personal behaviour of a veteran.

( McMurray-Avila. 2001 ) Aside from the demand of available lowly priced lodging costs and employment. the homeless veteran population’s entree to wellness attention services is the most of import. This is because most grounds for their inability to be employed are wellness related. such as being psychologically ill or mentally handicapped. physically handicapped. enduring from post-traumatic emphasis upsets. etc. If they stay unemployed and unproductive for the remainder of their lives. they shall non be able to raise financess for lodging costs. Therefore. they shall besides stay homeless for the remainder of their lives.

Health attention plays a important function in acquiring the homeless. particularly veterans. out from the streets. On a positive note. despite the negativenesss encircling the issue about homelessness. poorness. unemployment. etc. particularly to the seasoned population. there are still several organisations and groups that are sensitive to the turning demands of homeless veterans. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. for case. is involved with circulating information to the populace about the current state of affairs of stateless veterans of the state.

Furthermore. the organisation takes it as a moral responsibility to remain argus-eyed about the ordinances and policies of the authorities about public service and homeless veterans. The organisation stay updated with the actions that the authorities take in order to implement these policies. For case. the organisation reviews the Homeless Veterans Assistance Act and attempts to measure whether the authorities is taking elephantine attempts to see to it that the act is to the full implemented. therefore. taking to an efficient distribution of benefits and grants to the homeless seasoned population.

( National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. 2008c ) The state of affairs of the homeless seasoned population should be looked into. non merely by the authorities but besides by the people. In reexamining our history. we get to reflect on the importance of veterans to the present state of affairs of the state today. They have made forfeits in order to function the state by traveling into war. even if it threatens their safety. their lives. and the hereafter of their households. It is merely moral to be supportive of them even if the wars they have experienced are portion of our history.

As I have said. the authorities and the full state owe a batch from them and assisting them today is one of the ways by which we can refund them. Informing the people about the current state of affairss of homeless veterans. every bit good as several other vulnerable populations is of import in order to raise the populace and the government’s consciousness of the demands and demands of vulnerable populations in general. This would let authorities functionaries. private organisations. and even citizens to impart a manus in helping homeless veterans into set uping a new life.

For case. the authorities should force attempts to supply lodging. employment. and free wellness attention services to homeless veterans. Learning important information about vulnerable populations. such as stateless veterans. should be adequate to force the authorities into apportioning financess for lodging and gap organisations that will be able to provide to the employment demands of homeless veterans. Furthermore. public wellness attention plans. such as Medicaid. should be accessible to all veterans for free ; therefore. taking to a wider range of free wellness attention services and bettering the quality of life. wellness and wellbeing of homeless veterans.

Private organisations should besides acquire involved in the procedure of rehabilitating the lives of homeless veterans by seting up charitable establishments or implementing community volunteerism ; and. citizens should be able to fall in and back up attempts that are geared towards the demands of the homeless seasoned population.


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