Wage Board

October 17, 2017 Law

WAGE IN THE CAGE What is a wage board…. it is a commission which decides the pay of working and non working journalists… government regulation on journalists press freedom at stake these things may be sounding like a few heavy Volt words. But they hold a strong importance for them who earn their bread from working long shifts struggling to get comments and bytes. Media which is the fourth estate and pillar of democracy is today struggling to get its recognition.

There have been Divisions amongst the “press owners” and journalists regarding the wage board and contract system. In words of senior reporter from STAR NEWS Mayur Parekh “in those days journalists and reporters were been exploited a lot. They had limited salary, no job security “. He says that was “the need of that hour”. Had it not been introduced nobody would care and take an effort to be in here. Where we two are standing today.

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Now allow me to take you through the history of WAGE BOARD it is not a foreign term or some rocket science it is something which is of utter importance to all those who strive to get truth through its roots yes you got it correct and no points for guessing it’s the journalists who play the role of detective, police, lawyer etc. they not only are the eyes and ears of the common man but also an essential medium through which they communicate. For instance the battle between Anna and government could attract such huge support only because people could actively participate through media. The wage board was first introduced in the year 1956 .

But every time it was implemented with some or the other flaws or had some discrepancies’ in it. During the Narsimha Rao government trade and business were allowed open for foreign companies thus introduction and flourishing of MNC’s thus leading to other markets in depression. With divided opinions on each issues the editors of old school think that wage board is against the freedom of press they think it will threaten the functioning of democracy. Wherein on the other hand there are also a quiet number of editors of small time news papers who say they are caught in this cruel feud an“ gun is being fired from their shoulders”.

The wage board to different people have different stand some feel it is good whereas the others feel it is not good for the press. There are various key persons included in the committee the chairman of the wage board Gurbax Rai Majithia is specialized in many areas including labor and company law. The wage board has its own pros and cons which are scrutinized by experts of media relations. It is difficult to take a stand as to which part is correct and which stands wrong. But we can undoubtedly say may the righteous win!


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