“Waiting In Line At The Drugstore” by James Thomas Jackson Essay Sample

August 21, 2017 General Studies

While reading “Waiting In Line At The Drugstore” by James Thomas Jackson. I was filled with arrant disgust. I knew that the favoritism and racism in the 1930s was awful. but this was unimaginably abhorrent. Jackson pigments such a graphic image with his harrowingly descriptive words that I couldn’t aid but experience empathic and portion his strong bitterness towards the “whites” .

Throughout the narrative. he expresses how he feels uncomfortableness being in the presence of Whites. who are racist and know apart against him. He explicitly states that he “hates” being “confronted with rows of white folks. ” which I think shows that he is rather a spot of a racialist himself. and that he is undoubtedly proud of being a black adult male. This is made rather evident when he takes the recommendations of what books to read from his aged friend in the ghetto. which comprises of chiefly black writers.

Besides. I believe “A fly. no ; but an overweening nigga. in a minute. ” carries a batch of weight. Not merely does it explicitly show the extent of the favoritism that was traveling on in that twenty-four hours and age. but it besides explains his cruel resentment towards the Whites. Jackson saw that the Whites regarded them as less than worlds. or insects even. and this has caused him to hold a immense sum of misgiving towards them. which I believe still remains unsolved to this twenty-four hours.

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Resentment. choler. fright of being beaten: these were all feelings Jackson felt towards the Whites in the apothecary’s shop. and yet he continued to return twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. taking to stand “conspicuously” near the counter. This shows that he besides has a rebellious side to him. declining to be put in his topographic point by their stares. Deep down. he wanted to do the Whites experience merely every bit uncomfortable as he did. even if it was merely for a short piece ; he wants them to experience the edginess that he feels. every clip he sets pes in the apothecary’s shop.

Approaching the terminal of the article. he states that the waitresses start showing graciousness towards him. something he didn’t understand. But at that clip. he was still black. So what has changed? Did the waitresses all of a sudden start being nicer to all the inkinesss? I don’t think so. In my sentiment. one time he was more well-read. he held himself with a higher respect. and didn’t feel as inferior or uncomfortable around the Whites as he used to. and the waitresses likely sensed that. excessively. They started seeing him more as a human being after he escaped the stereotype of all inkinesss being uneducated and merely worked clerical occupations. which in bend led to fairer intervention. and that truly is a great illustration of how instruction genuinely is a great equaliser.


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