Walt Disney Company

January 9, 2017 Business

The Walt Disney Company, WDC, has evolved quickly over time into a dominating force in almost every aspect of the entertainment industry and continues to excel. The primary focus of the paper is on the creation and current status of Walt Disney World, which is one of Disney’s most important ventures that continues to give returns in many different ways, because it markets Disney’s merchandise, films, legacy of good will and fairy tales, and also manages to bring in profits as an operating theme park as well. However, the Walt Disney Company is a diversified worldwide entertainment company with operations in four business segments: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment and Consumer Products,” which are intertwined with one another (www.finance.yahoo.com/q/dis). So, to completely understand the ups and downs of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida one must understand the primary ideology and methodology of the Walt Disney Company as a whole. The leadership has always been bold and aggressive with clear visions dancing around in their minds at Disney. The current chairman Michael Eisner, who really has been very successful with the dealings regarding the company given the current somewhat, discouraged societal times primarily because of the war. He is a prime example of strong visionary leadership that Disney manages to stay comprised of. Eisner stated upon a return from Paris to the board of directors, “In 1988, he vowed that his company would become a powerful force in Europe–and around the world. ‘We must be in television in all countries'”. Disney is not a global major hitter yet, but it has managed to establish a foothold in Europe and Asia with three theme parks, plus one under development in China. According to Eisner, only twenty percent of the Walt Disney Company’s profits come from abroad, but the market share is on the rise (Boone 128). Disney’s growth is truly attributed to the magnificent bold leadership of creative genius through technological innovations and explorations into diversified markets.


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