War before Christmas 1914 Essay

September 29, 2017 General Studies

The first World War started in July-August 1914. There were two major groups with many powerful states involved. The states were Germany. Austria-Hungary and Italy on one side and Great Britain. France and Russia on the other side.

Much before the war started. Germany had formulated Schlieffen Plan foremost in 1905 and modified it in 1911. The program had assumed that if there was any eruption of war in Europe. France would automatically fall in Russia and Germany would hold to contend both of them in Western and Eastern Front. The program had hence proposed that the majority of German forces were to be sent by train to Belgium and through Belgium to assail France. which was to be knocked out within first six hebdomads.

After licking of France. German forces were to be switched across to face Russia. whose ground forces was supposed to be ready merely after 6 hebdomads. The program had besides assumed that as France was defeated within first 6 hebdomads. Great Britain would non be able to set down their ground forcess on Gallic district and will non be able to assist France. Thus Germany could win the war on both Western and Eastern Front within 3-4 months. In existent pattern Schlieffen Plan could non be carried out successfully.

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When Germany invaded France through Belgium. it’s ground forcess took more than 2 hebdomads to go through over Belgium and make the boundary line of France due to really strong opposition from Belgian Army. This hold gave adequate clip to Britain to set down it’s ground forcess on West Cost of France. Germany had planned under Schlieffen Plan to process to Paris both from Eastern and Western sides but due to British Forces on the Western Side. Germany could travel towards Paris merely though the Eastern Side.

Although Germany made good advancement ab initio and it’s ground forces reached within 20 stat mis from Paris. it could non capture Paris because they faced united ground forcess of France and Britain at Marne. The conflict at Marne was really important because it halted the progress of German ground forces. The German Army was tired due to August heat and they were short of supplies of nutrient and ammo. They were driven back to river Aisne. The conflict at Marne was really decisive as it dashed all hopes of Germany to get the better of France within first 6 hebdomads.

There was another really of import conflict in 1914 which was fought at Ypres in Belgium. The ground forcess of France and Great Britain were able to hold the progress of Germany by keeping on to Ypres in Belgium. This kept the West Cost of France safe for the ground forcess of Britain to set down and direct other aid. Furthermore the ground forcess of France and Britain could fix the trenches all along the boundary line of France from West to East. which made it hard for German Forces to progress. Thus the war of Ypres was another ground which caused the failure of Schlieffen Plan to complete the war before Christmas of 1914.

The British and Gallic naval forcess were besides active against Germany. The intent of the naval forcess of the allied forces were to barricade the Germans and prevented any goods from come ining or go forthing German districts. At the same clip they kept paths unfastened for Britain and France to have supplies and conveyance military personnels to the France and maintain so supplied via the English Channel Ports. The British naval forces was successful in accomplishing this aim.

The chief lesson learnt about warfare was how to carry on the conflict from trenches. Both sides dug up immense trenches from where the soldiers were to fire at the enemy. There were biting wires in forepart of the trenches to protect the soldiers. These trenches made the progress of any army really hard as there were big figure of casualties due to enemy fire from the trenches. Even if the first line of trenches was won over there was a 2nd line of trenches which continued to fire at the enemy. At this line armored combat vehicles and machine guns were besides employed to barricade the progress of the incursive ground forces. The Germans besides used toxicant gas which made British big figure of British soldiers blind. But a figure of times the toxicant gas blew over their ain soldiers due to weave. Because of these tactics there were big figure of casualties totaling about half a million in every big conflict.

The morale of the Gallic soldiers was really high as they were protecting Paris from the invading Germans. Ordinary Gallic people besides helped the Gallic ground forces in assorted methods to defy the German progress. On the other manus Germen soldiers were experiencing tired and exhausted. They were contending off from their places and they were short of ammo and nutrient supplies.

The war didn’t coating by Christmas 1914 because France and Belgium put up opposition to protect their states. This gave adequate clip to Britain come to assist France. Gallic people resisted the progress of Germany with the aid of Britain Army because of trench warfare and the use of guns and armored combat vehicles. Russia besides started war on the eastern forepart and Germany had to confront the ground forcess on both the foreparts and could non win the war as per the Schlieffen Plan.


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