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October 30, 2018 General Studies

Trash is a book by Andy Mulligan about three boys who live in poverty at a dumpsite in Behala. Raphael and Gardo, two of the three boys, found a bag with a key, map, wallet and two pictures of a girl in a uniform dress in it while searching for trash one day in the dumpsite. The police soon came afterwards claiming that the bag was very important and will help in a crime they’re investigating. Even though the police promised the people who live in the dumpsite that they will pay them and every family in Behala a large amount of money, Raphael and Gardo knew not to trust the police too much especially in Behala.

So to keep the bag safe, Raphael and Gardo went to see Rat, a kid who lives alone far away from the rest of the people in the dumpsite. His real name was Jun-Jun but because he lived among rats and came to look like one, Raphael and Gardo called him Rat. Along the way to Rat’s house made of trash, it seemed as if the trash were alive at night; moving and making scraping noises every one in a while but it was only the rats that scavanged for food at night. When Raphael and Gardo arrived at Rat’s place, they told him all about the police looking for the bag and their ‘promise’ to pay anyone and every family in Behala who found the missing bag.

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Raphael then showed Rat the bag and what was inside; the key, map, wallet and the two pictures. Raphael and Gardo thought it the key was for a house but Rat knew and was certain that it was a locker key. Before he lived in the dumpsite, he lived in Central station where there was lots of lockers. Raphael and Gardo got very excited and wanted to go there tomorrow to see what was inside but the police were coming tomorrow so they couldn’t leave because it would seem suspicious. In the end, the three boys hid the bag in a secret hole Rat had in his home.

No one could ever find it, the police nor the other people living in the dumpsite knew about Rat except Raphael and Gardo. On the next day, Raphael and Gardo pretended to search for the bag to be clear out of suspicion. Almost everyone in the dumpsite worked hard to find the bag but the search ended at sunset and the police began to get frustrated. It’s hard to imagine only three boys in the world knew where it was. When night time came, Raphael’s aunt who is suspicious that Raphael found something began to worry if they were going to be safe.

She knew what the police could do and how violent they were. Raphael kept telling her that it’s going to be alright but it was merely a lie. The next morning at dawn, Raphael, Gardo and Rat gathered near a train track and waited for the train that would soon be arriving to take them to Central station. Once the train arrived, they all hopped onto the train knowing that there aren’t going to be many passengers and most of them from this area didn’t care. The three boys discussed their plan and back-up plan in the train.

Bribing the station boys with the money from the wallet inside the bag so they wouldn’t bother them, Raphael and Gardo acting like normal kids in a train station, Rat opening the locker because he knew the way here and not running away if the any of the guards threw suspicious looks at them. At last, the plan worked with borderline and the three boys hurriedly ran away as fast as they could after they were out of sight from the guards. Inside the locker was a letter inside an envelope sent to a priosner with a bunch of random numbers.


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