Was Macbeth Responsible For The Killings Essay

August 14, 2018 General Studies

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In the drama Macbeth written by William Shakespeare I feel that Macbeth is responsible for the violent deaths. Even though Macbeth was persuaded by the enchantresss, Lady Macbeth, and his ain desire to be king he still finally responsible for the actions he commit. We could easy let ourselves to state he has been convinced by the prognostication and his married woman? s use, but he is still in bid of whatever he chooses to make, and must seek to defy enticement.

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At the beginning of the drama Macbeth meets the enchantresss. Their prognostication to Macbeth is that he will be Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glams, and King. These prophesies put the thought of illustriousness into Macbeth? s head. The enchantresss introduce the thought of destiny into the drama. We can inquire if after run intoing the enchantresss Macbeth would of all time make the right thing, but it is realistic to believe that he is responsible for his actions and he is the 1 that made the determination to kill. It was thought that the enchantresss could announce the hereafter and they did add enticement and influence Macbeth, but he controls his ain fate. He must go on to perpetrate more slayings to cover up his slaying of King Duncan


Lady Macbeth is Macbeth? s married woman. She was an ambitious adult female who wanted her hubby to go King. Macbeth loves his married woman and wants to delight her but is non ab initio certain he will kill the male monarch. Lady Macbeth convinces him through flattery and domination to perpetrate the slaying.

Even before run intoing the enchantresss Macbeth is an highly ambitious adult male. This will play a big portion in his determination to slay King Duncan. Although before run intoing the enchantresss and hearing their prognostication he would non hold thought about killing Duncan. The combination of his aspiration and the prognostication makes him experience unbeatable. Macbeth wants to be king and the enchantresss, his aspirations, and the influence of his married woman convince him that he is right to slay King Duncan. Once he has killed King Duncan he must go on to kill to cover up what he has done.

Unfortunately in the terminal all the alibis and grounds for the slayings still boil down to once decision. Macbeth is responsible for his ain actions. In the beginning Macbeth was an honorable adult male, but his aspiration and influence of others drove him to bury his morality and led to a black concatenation of events.


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