Water in the Blood, Alan Bunn, Character Essay

November 10, 2017 General Studies

Water in the Blood Alan Bunn In ‘Water in the Blood’ by Alan Bunn, the character I most admire and care for is Anne Bailey. In this story Anne becomes in the centre of problems and develops a relationship with Liam towards the end. She is bright, honest and considerate; she also helps Liam a lot with his canoeing. Anne’s role in ‘Water in the Blood’ becomes quite significant towards the end. At the beginning we see Liam’s like for Anne and how she cares for Liam. Later in the story Liam offends Anne and she rejects him. Along the line Anne realises her mistake and rejects her boyfriend, Andrew, who has always held Liam back. I’m sorry for not believing what happened at Scarborough … I never thought he would be cunning enough to pretend to be hit. ” She also helped Liam and taught him almost all of his canoeing abilities. Throughout this novel Anne is caught between Andrew and Liam. Firstly, she likes them both. She is in a proper relationship with Andrew but was starting to like Liam and care for him more and more before the incident at Scarborough. “I can give the sympathy” (Anne to Liam). Secondly she is caught between Andrew’s and Liam’s conflicts, and because she likes both of them, she tries to resolve it and tries to say in between and not be biased. Andrews got this idea that there’s something going on between us, simply he sees you as a threat, just try to steer clear of him. ” I think what drew me to Anne at first was the way Alan Bunn described her. “In her school uniform she resembled many other girls but not quite, her hair was dark, her eyes were brown. She had a hint of peacefulness about her whole stance. That fascinated Liam”. She is portrayed to be a quiet, fragile girl but we are also told she is mentally strong and very considerate and helpful to others. I like the way she is described in Liam’s head in chapter 6. She was fluid. She was a bolt of blue electricity that flashed along winding neon tubes at discos – swaying, thrusting, gliding, moving to the rhythm”. This shows she is a beautiful and appealing girl which makes me like her even more. I am also drawn to Anne because she is always in the middle Liam’s and Andrew’s conflicts throughout the book. This gives makes me feel a little bit of sympathy for Anne as she is torn between the two boys. Because I mostly saw from Liam’s view, I got frustrated when Anne chose Andrew over Liam, but then I got relieved when she chose Liam towards the end.

I felt Anne was the character I was most caught up with. I always thought about Anne’s role and position when the situation changed and she was the most appealing to me because of the way she was strong, but graceful and considerate at the same time. I think I liked her the most because she was the only main girl in the story and because she was the perfect teenage girl image. Strong, beautiful and peaceful too. Throughout this novel I was admirable and sympathetic for her because of what she was involved in. It is true when you say you want to keep going in the book when you care about a particular character.

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