Ways to Care for Our World

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF OUR WORLD?? An increased in population also gives a bad impact on our world. World getting more and more compact. The natural environment encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally on earth or some region thereof. As the world getting older,the environment keep on polluted day by day. In order for us to live in a better condition,we need to contribute ourselves towards saving our world. There are several ways to overcome the problems which are involving air,water,plant life and wildlife.

Air pollution is the main subject to be discussed because air is important in our life. Taking a clean air into account will provide us an enough amount of oxygen without being polluted. However air available now contain many foreign particles and can harm people. This can be avoid by using public transport like LRT,bus and taxi or sharing the vehicles with friends. Besides lowering the pollution level,one can save their fuel and will not trapped in the traffic jam. Water makes up almost 70% of the world and play an important roles in human life.

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Without water human will not be able to survive because human need enough water everyday. Once the water was polluted then the human will be infected to disease. Everyone have to be rational by not to dispose all the wastes into the river and save the water as much as possible. Reuse the water whenever possible like collect the rainwater and use it to wash car,dishes and clothes. Human also must limit their time in the shower and turn the water off while brushing the teeth. A 3R campaign should be carry out nationwide to expose people towards the effort to save te world.

Curbside recycling and reusable grocery bags are examples of this campaign that can minimise the usage of plastics. People are also advised not to use bottle water as the plastic take a longer time to decompose. Old newspaper must be recycled so that it will not be wasted and also can reduce the amount of trees being cutdown to extract it to make papers. Nowadays,global warming and climatic change always be the main issue all over the world. Global warming refer to an increased in temperature of the earth because of the presence of carbon dioxide,carbon monoxide and so on at the atmosphere.

All this gases will trap the heat from the sunlight and will change the temperature. In order to overcome this problem,people should limit their time on the computer and turn off not needed lights or fans. Other than that it can be prevented by using a compact fluorescent lights. Wildlife and plant life are very important as they make up a stable relationship between living and non living organisms. For me,government should banned and gives a heavier fine for those involve in illegal deforestation. The effort of opening the Taman Negara should be raise up as this is one of the way to save animals on the earth.

Infact,some animals can be save from being extinct. Plant life is also important because plant can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide at the atmosphere. We have to preserve our forest from being destroyed because it can provide a better environment. In conclusion, conservation and preservation of the earth must be take seriously into account because this is the only way to perpetuate the stability of the world. In my opinion all the people must give a cooperation and supports all the campaign held by the government. The world today is definitely not a paradise



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