We All Fall Down

April 21, 2018 General Studies

Cornier is very successful in engaging the readers interest through the use of a wide range of literary techniques including features of the thriller genre, narrative perspective and setting. The graphic and shocking description of the trashing of the house immediately grabs the reader’s attention. The matter-of-fact, objective tone lists through the use of accumulation the extent of the destruction the vandals create. ” They over-turned furniture, smashed the picture tubes… Tore two Vicars from their sockets”.

The repetition of the personal pronoun “they” highlights the fact that these anodal are anonymous. The use of strong verbs “broke, yanked, smashed” Conveys the degree/extent/enormity of their violence. Crosier’s choice of blunt and confronting language “they chit on the floors and passed on the walls” emphasizes their complete disregard to the people who owned the house. The recording of the specific details such as the times they entered and left the house- ” 9:02 pm, 9:51 pm”- stresses the short period of time in which such extensive destruction occurred.

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The use of personification emphasizes the ravaging forces of the thrashers – ” ending shudders along the walls and ceiling”- this highlights the violent actions occurring in the Jerome household. Crosier’s choice of using contrast creates a vivid image of the anonymous vandals- ” He did not know their names, had never seen them before, but he knew who they were. They were regular kids”- this highlights the themes presented in the novel such as appearance vs. reality. The description of Karen Groomer’s entry into her home introduces the suspense for the reader as he/she wonders whether she will be saved.

Through the use of threatening dialogue from one of the ‘invaders’ and ellipsis, ” Well, hello… ” Causes the reader to be concerned for her safety. The technique of a serious of short sentences reinforces the readers awareness of the danger of Careen’s situation ” No one had ever looked at her like that “. Crosier’s use of alliteration in his description of Karen that she had been left ‘ bruised and broken” where she lay sprawled on the cellar floor. The reference to the ‘the Avenger’ introduces a mysterious character whose name has connotations of a super hero. The description of his reaction to the trashing is very strange.


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