? . We are estimating the consumption

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? What is a solar panel
? Executive summary
? Vision
? Objectives
? Scope
? goals
? Project milestones
? Risk and assumptions
? Deliverables and project budget
? Conclusion
? References

What is solar panel ?
? Solar panel is a device
which converts renewable energy
into electrical energy.
? Panel consists of three layers
which are silicon , phosphorous
and boron.
Executive summary
? Terry constructions wants to install a solar power panels for the new commercial building.
? In total we are going to generate 100kw energy . We are estimating the consumption of building as 70kw.
? Rest of 30kw will be used for selling purpose which provides quick return on investment.

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? A world renewable energy sources
? To reduce the financial burden
? To reduce pollution
? To empower remote areas
? To create public awareness about renewable energy
? to expand business scale
? Manufacturing of solar panels by the agreed terms in given period of time
? To generate renewable electricity
? To contribute largely in green energy production
? Delivering the product with in time
? Customer satisfaction
? The goal is to implement a stable , efficient and maintainable system which will be cost effective as well as eco-friendly
Project milestones
Permits 25thjuly
Kick off meeting 1st august
manufacturing 3rd august – 21stseptember
testing 24thseptember – 26thseptember
installation 28thseptember – 30thseptember
Signing off contract 1st october

Risk and Assumptions
? Property damage
? Theft risk
? Contract risk
? Operational risk
? Payments may vary for professionals
? 100kw solar power panel has been set up to meet the basic requirement of electricity in the building.
Items Budget
documentation 2k
Business Bank Account 3k
Website 6k
Professional Staff 600k
Machines and Equipment 2000k
Total Budget 2,611k

? low capital and less operating cost.
? Use of solar panels is eco friendly.
? www.sunwaypv.com/solar/panel
? www.solarworld-usa.com
? https://smallbusiness.chron.com
? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_panel


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