We can use computers as an instructional media

We can use computers as an instructional media by replacing the black board as a writing material through the use of power point. One problem that we encountered before is understanding the teacher’s penmanship. So by using this power point students can easily understand the words. Students can easily save the file and go through the topic again and review. Another is with the use of internet. Students now a days are very lucky they have internet and they do not need to go to the library to find books. With the use of internet, informations are very accessible and if they don’t understand a certain topic they can easily go to the web and search for the topic they don’t understand. We can use computers to view images that are impossible for them to see in real life. For example the planets, sun, space, underwater animals etc. We can also use computers in viewing videos so that students can easily understand things. Because there are some visual learners, who can easily understand the lesson by watching it.

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