Weapons Training Bruce Dawe

May 11, 2018 General Studies

Some examples of onomatopoeia is ‘those eyeballs click and the gentle pitter-patter. The uses of these words make the reader feel as if it is soft and gentle. But those words are over exaggerated onomatopoeia . This over exaggerated onomatopoeia Dade uses gives the audience an insight on how mean, strict and controlling the drill sergeant is. Secondly, Bruce also shows unfavorable light through the text structure and the way the poem is presented.

Dade expects the adders to know some of the horrors and conflict that take place in war. Although he provides graphic imagery, he expects the readers to be able to relate them to their own personal experiences, enhancing the quality of this poem by creating a direct link between the readers and death due to war and the conflict. Lastly, Bruce uses language features to present war in an unfavorable light. He represents this conflict in the form of graphic imagery and racist language which adds to emotion to the reader.

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