Website Review:

June 13, 2018 Sociology

ACLU, or the American Civil Liberties Union is an umbrella of advocacy groups that take up the fight of preserving the people’s freedoms, and its website reflects the scope of their mission. It is a non-profit organization whose objective is to influence policy-making and legislation, to ensure that the laws passed in Congress upholds the people’s liberty and rights.

ACLU is led by attorneys and lawyers who know their way around influencing and upholding the law, and is supported by its members who give contributions to keep the organization moving. Anyone can be a part of ACLU – they encourage everyone to get involved with the fight for liberty and rights.

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That being said, ACLU’s website is rigged with what seems to be too much information – since they have various advocacies it is easy to lose one’s way with the myriads of available links on their site that it is almost like getting lost in legalese. Although each advocacy gets its own page, browsing through the entire website can get overwhelming. It is easy to get lost with the links and features, and there are too many graphics, media and text fighting for the viewer’s attention.

Although it may work that there are many graphics, and the site has many colors, it also adds clutter and waters down the integral content of the website. Indeed, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what the website or ACLU wants to achieve – if it is merely to catch the eye and add media mileage, or educate the page visitor, or recruit members.

The website is useful for anyone who wants to learn more about civil society and interest groups, and those who would like to volunteer in an advocacy organization. It is also interesting for students of politics, governance, sociology, law and anyone who is idealistic and wants to help change society. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the different kinds of rights issues and advocacies would also find this website a good starting point to know more about the injustices and worthy causes that one might take up and support.

What I found unusual in ACLU’s website was the sheer number of links and topics it attempts to cover. Websites tend to be visitor-friendly and keep the pages neat and with less clutter to draw attention to where they want the visitor to go to next, but in this case it just seems that everything is screaming for attention. I have learned that a wide range of issues need lots of muscle to be able to pull off an umbrella organization like ACLU, as it tries to achieve a gargantuan task.

Although ACLU’s website is particularly good as it deals with real issues and strives to make a change and get the people to act, it might be good idea to rethink how they structure and present the website to make it more professional, organized, and appealing. But what is great about ACLU is that it does not shrink away from a Herculean mission, and instead puts it best foot forward, packing its pages with videos, speeches, information and contacts to aid the visitor who wants to help or at least needs to satisfy his interests.


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