December 26, 2017 Marketing

Limousines should be able to measure the companies inquires every day. Also measure the number of sales the staff sells and the total number of inquiries for the day. Set expectations for the company. Also hire professional trainers in sales if the managers do not have that expertise. Forecasted demographic changes Demographic changes in the Austin, TX area are changes for the better. In the Austin area the demographics are always changing. In 1970 the city was 32% families with children, 2000 census showed the demographics to be at 14%.

This change loud ultimately be great for a limousine company because mostly adults rent a limousine, or need a limousine. The population is going up, but the amount of children in the area is declining. Also there is no majority in the area; the area is very diverse and populated with a good mix of different cultures and races. Analysis of projected workforce needs Projected workforce analysis is the foundation to a great workforce. Workforce needs includes supply, the number of drivers needed to the number of limos owned.

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Demand is needed for the amount of clients who need drivers and how many will be seed strictly for the airport or for the train station or its prom season and more limos and drivers are needed. As the company gets more exposure, and marketing takes affect there will be a demand for more limos as well as hiring of more drivers and dispatchers. Workforce diversity objectives A diverse workforce affects the employees by learning to listen to the difference in cultures through exposing employees with other opinions and points of view.

When the workforce is diverse the customers will have more of a respect and admiration for a company who is diverse and not discriminate towards their employees. Laws to consider for recruitment and selection Laws that should be in consideration for recruitment and selections should be the Equal Opportunity Employer, Disabilities Act. These laws are very important when selecting employees and how they are selected. Selection should not be considered on culture, race, or sex. Also the Disabilities Act should be considered as long as the employee is able to do the Job they are applying for.

Methods for recruiting candidates Recruiting methods that should be used at Landslide limousines would be resume selection, testing, and the interview process. The recruiter will shuffle through resumes of applicants that meet the requirements for the specific position that needs to be filled. Next there should be a test for qualified candidates that will test their knowledge on the specific position and industry, there will be no wrong answer, and there will simply be scores that will help an employer to understand what a potential employee knows about the company or business.

Personality tests can also help with seeing if a person is right for the position. Also employers should interview and does a background check on their selected candidate before they officially make an offer. The interview must involve questions that relate to the type of employee you want working for you. The interview also allows the interviewer to see the candidate and their personality of the interviewee. Methods for screening Methods for screening candidates include in-person interviews, secondary or follow up interviews, and checking references.

An in-person interview offer employers the opportunity to meet the candidate face to face to see how they act and carry themselves at least 20-30 minutes in depth. Also in a secondary/follow up interview an employer is able to gain any additional information missed during the first interview. Also a reference check is needed so that you can have the chance to call references and get others point of view of the candidate in question. Interview Methods When doing an interview it is important to weed out the candidates with the questions you ask.

Review their resume and application, and ask questions about previous positions and that deal with the professional work place and issues that pertain to potential employees. Be aware of the arrival time of candidates, if they are ate it can be a very bad habit to look over, look at candidates who are not comfortable working with a team or are controlling. Be consistent and watch the interviewee carefully at the way they speak, choice of words, and body language. Also follow up with rejected candidates who were not offered the position, send an email, phone call, or even in person.

Also you want to keep their information on hand in case you have another position open. Testing Procedures After the initial screening of the potential candidate, there are many methods of testing that should be performed. One option is a drug test, a drug test will help to see if there is a potential of a client using any drug substance while driving a customer. Also a road test should be done to see how the candidate drives in the area and if they follow traffic regulations.

A criminal background check is needed for the simple fact that you are placing customers in the hands of these employees and want to make sure they are safe at all times. Also a medical evaluation should be completed for medical conditions such as sleep apneas, or conditions that would impair driving. Interview process considerations When it’s time for the interview process, there are some mandatory questions that should be asked that will reflect the company’s values and vision of potential candidates. Those questions are as follows: Do you have a clean driving record? If the interviewee is interviewing for a chauffeur position they will have to have a good record as far as driving goes. Also they will also have to be added to the company insurance policy, so if they have had numerous driving issues then they will not be able to be placed on the company insurance or the insurance will be expensive) What can you tell us about yourself? You want to connect with the candidate, have them display confidence, and what they enjoy about the industry, you are able to get a good idea of the person you are potentially hiring. ) What does customer service mean to you? This question is something that can help the interviewer see how the candidate feels about customers and how they should be treated. Whether it’s a chauffeur or a customer service representative this is a great question to ask. This will help see how passionate they are about their customers and what they do to satisfy potential customers. ) Methods for selecting candidates At Landslide Limousine service your goal is to be successful, so to ensure that the employees meet the standards of the company. All employees should have a neat and professional appearance.

This will help portray a professional and neat image of Landslide Limousines, and help draw in perspective customers. When hiring chauffeurs, hiring managers should look for a person who has a neat and put together image as well as someone who is able to handle stressful situations, someone stays calm under pressure, considering that this industry is full of unexpected changes. Examples include situations where a customer is late for a light, or if a flight is delayed, making the customer satisfied with the pickup timing can make or break a Job.


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