Week Assignment

May 17, 2018 General Studies

Once the writer has an idea on what they want to write about, he or she should begin outlining the structure of their ideas. This second, in the writing process, is drafting. It will contain the ideas that the author wants to share from research, but put in his/her words. If the author remembers to keep the audience in mind while writing this will eliminate any unnecessary information. Step three is revising. Revising allows the author to read what they have written again.

It isn’t uncommon for the author to rearrange information, change or remove information to make their point clear; this helps their writing to be easier to understand. Step four is proofreading checking the mechanics of the paper is done through editing/ proofreading. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are all looked at while proofreading. This helps to create a polished and effective piece of writing. Last but not least it’s publishing. This gives the writer the benefit of reading their work aloud, and then congratulating themselves!

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Write a paragraph of 100-150 words stating why it is important to follow a structured writing process with all writing projects. Feel it is important to follow a structured writing process with all writing projects because writing is something that each person does, not saying that everyone should consider themselves a writer. Everyone writes from day to day so writing is a big part of one’s life, everyone should want to write correctly and the best way to know you are writing correctly is to use to writing process in every writing process.

Writing is important in many ways from making money to college assignments, so you should want to know you’re writing correctly and educated. It also goes beyond being important because you also can get paid for writing and I would think if you want to someday be a writer you should start know by using the writing process in your everyday writing project. Write a paragraph of 100-150 words stating why you have chosen this topic or your final project for COM/155. Have decided to choose the two methods of losing weight for my final project.

I have chosen this topic because as a single teen mom I am struggling to lose weight and have been doing research on the quickest ways to lose weight. My plan is to lose 60 pounds in 3 months and since I’m dedicated to doing it I thought this would be the best topic so I could continue my research. Choosing this topic helps me to educate other on losing weight because obesity is at its all-time high rate and every day the rate is growing do to fast food restaurants and junk food.


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