Wescott case study

December 3, 2017 General Studies

Discuss the nature and probable sources of the problem here. Probable source of problems: 1. Production manager Frank Adams had no formal training in planning and control 2. Workers can only work 4 hours of overtime per week no more 3. Promises on delivering orders on time are not met 4. New manager Jason was not able to set up a schedule Question 2: Examine the rough-cut capacity situation using the data Jason gathered.

Discuss the results and how they are linked to the problems identified in question 1 . According to the results, Model A has an overtime work of 2. 75 hours if the standard working hours 8 hours. Same goes to Model B & C, both model worked for 2. 77 if the standard working hours 8 hours. However, the production in Model D & E are overrun to 2. 5 and 3 days which is insufficient.

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To solve the problem in Model D & E, the lot size must be minimized to meet the standard working hours or shift them into Model Question 3: Use the information and your knowledge of the situation to develop a complete plan for Jason to use in the future. Part of this plan should be to build and demonstrate the approach to master scheduling for the data given in the case.


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