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January 15, 2017 Education

Even though society has changed a lot to prove its development and fairness, gender inequality still remains one of the most serious problems about the place of women in roles, education, and career opportunity Government has been trying to pass a lot of policy for the rights of women to be equal with men. However, there is a very big difference between policy and reality that nowadays being a man still means having much more advantages than being a woman.

Through helps and policy from the government, many women have unconsciously been awared of their position. However, the religious and traditional value inside the individuals is mainly their first prevention from achieving equality. It is very often that girls are taught how to conform to the home-keeper roles since the very early age. Learning from parents about the traditional roles and watching the way that the mother listens to the father with the total compliance are the facts to shape the daughters in the home to the same direction that many generations have followed. Therefore, even though there are calls for gender inequality and the women may aware of their position, they have found it hard to change the thought that they have been taught since their childhood. Moreover, some women want to obey the rules to remain the tradition of the families and some refuse to change for it is God’s arrangement. There is another myth in our country to keep a woman from reaching to her social position: “mother is the most necessary for her children, without or little care of the mothers are the causes of bad children”. It is the reason that people often blame the naughty child for his bad mother rather than his father. Another myth about “men are untrained on rearing children and house roles” reinforces the traditional place from which the women cannot escape easily.

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It is often that a company doesn’t want to hire the women for higher position such as manager if there is the man who has the same education and same level of ability.


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