What Are the Hidden Messages Behind the Bacardi Limon Advertisement? Essay Sample

August 5, 2017 General Studies

With increased industrialisation and assorted production machines. merchandises that are available in the market are acquiring more legion and diversified. In order to vie for a portion of the consumer market. makers are willing to pass huge sums of money on publicizing their merchandises to pull the consumers. This may be an indicant of economic growing. However. the acute competition has besides led to many socially irresponsible advertizements as dry advertizements can no longer maintain the merchandises in the public oculus. Socially irresponsible advertizements refer to the advertizements that have negative effects on our societal values and norms.

In such advertizements. misleading or bogus information is employed to work people’s emotions. reason or even greed. so it is harmful to pupils if we publish this sort of advertizement on Sentinel. [ The Bacardi Limon advertizement. for illustration. is evidently socially irresponsible and should non be published in our school magazine because it is non merely advancing spirits ; it is guilty of advancing sexism. promoting adolescents to imbibe. concealing the existent effects of acquiring rummy. so it is strongly recommended it non be published in Sentinel. ]

The Bacardi spirits advertizement promotes sexism through its entreaty to sex. Since all human existences have the “need for sexual intercourse” ( Fowles 65 ) . many advertizers are utilizing the sex entreaty. which is “an entreaty to the audience’s sexual drives” ( Fowles 65 ) . to advance their merchandises. In a Dodge commercial. a immature adult male in an car cheep at a adult female as she is dressing herself in her flat ( Solomon 54 ) . Another illustration is a Black Velvet spirits advertizement exposing “an attractive adult female have oning a tight black outfit. recumbent under the fable. ‘Feel the Velvet’” ( Fowles 66 ) . While in the Bacardi advertizement. the adult male is looking at the adult female in a sexy frock through the glass. All these advertizements have exploited the sex entreaty evidently. Apart from this. make you happen something else in common? It is that those who are portrayed negatively are all adult females.

They all wear sexy frocks to score work forces or act as if they are ask foring work forces to come in and hold them. Originally. the Bacardi advertizers are merely seeking to convert us that the rum is every bit attractive as the sexy immature lady. However. it besides affects women’s image in our heads. All the adult females in the Bacardi advertizement are in sexy barebacked frocks. while the work forces are decently dressed. either in leather jacket or suit. One of the work forces is looking at a sexy immature lady through the glass in his manus ; it seems as if he can command the adult female in the thenar of his manus. In add-on. the word “Tempting” on the top of the advertizement is mentioning non merely to the spirits but to the sexy lady every bit good. All these inside informations in the advertizement give us an feeling that adult females should be seen as men’s sexual desire. and are ready for whatever work forces want.

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Harmonizing to Laurence Bowen and Jill Schmid in “Minority Presence and portraiture in Mainstream Magazine Ad: An Update” . females of in-between age are more likely to be the readers of the mainstream magazines than work forces ( 82 ) . where many advertizements are published. So. if the advertizers want to pull consumers by the sex entreaty. why don’t they use half-naked males alternatively of adult females in sexy wear? Possibly that is because while “sexual imagination is used. it conventionally works better on work forces than women” ( Fowles 66 ) . but I see no ground why advertizers could minimize adult females because of this. Is it that adult females are born to entertain work forces while work forces have high quality over adult females and it is seen as an abuse for work forces to be half-naked to pull adult females? If we continue to let this sort of advertizements to be published. equality of sex. one of the American dreams. can ne’er be achieved.

Besides utilizing the entreaty to sex. the Bacardi advertizement is besides utilizing the entreaty to association to misdirect us that imbibing can enable us to belong and be accepted. As we all have “the fright of non belonging. of societal rejection and of being different” ( Solomon 56 ) . “the demand to tie in with others is widely invoked in advertisement and is likely the most prevailing appeal” ( Fowles 66 ) . Advertisers try to convert us that by devouring certain merchandises. we will be able to belong and be accepted. In the Bacardi advertizement. many immature and attractive work forces and ladies are hanging out in the saloon. each keeping a glass of Bacardi Limon. All the people in the advertizement are chew the fating with others merrily and have oning smilings. When we look at the advertizement. we would likely experience the joy they are holding and may even give to an unexpected urge to fall in them. One of the adult females is even offering us a toast.

Her action makes us believe that if we hold a glass of Bacardi Limon. we would be qualified to fall in them and hold fun together. The large bottle of Bacardi Limon on the right manus side of the advertizement is even seeking to stress that it is the vino that has brought the people joy and friends. When Solomon talked about the usage of this sort of entreaty in advertisement. he said that “fearing loneliness more than anything else. striplings rapidly react to the group entreaty of such commercials” ( 53 ) . We can see that advertizements that use the association construct have a truly strong consequence on adolescents. Teenagers. who are eager to be accepted by equals. are easy misled by the Bacardi advertizement that they can do friends through imbibing. The Bacardi advertizement is evidently socially irresponsible because it tempts adolescents to imbibe with unrelated entreaty.

The Bacardi advertizement tempts people to imbibe by concealing the existent effects of imbibing. In order to advance their merchandises. advertizers are utilizing assorted ways to misdirect us to believe in something that we. on 2nd ideas. will be incredulous of. Say. when Angie Dickinson introduces a sort of diet nutrient in the advertizement. “our eyes are excessively fixed on her for us to believe if she got that manner by eating hills of guacamole” ( Fowles 71 ) . But. in fact. of class. her form may hold nil at all to make with the guacamole. We are all cognizant of this. but this sort of advertizement is already appealing adequate to carry some of the ladies to purchase the diet nutrient. Similarly. in the Bacardi advertizement. advertizers are concealing the fact. known to us all. that after imbibing ; we would acquire intoxicated.

However. work forces and adult females who are portrayed in the advertizement are all attractive. trendy and happy. It seems that by holding a glass of Bacardi Limon. we would be as voguish and happy as they are. However. in existent life. this is normally non the instance. Parallel barss are ever filled with people who scream. puke and act in a eldritch manner in their province of inebriation. But none of these are shown in the advertizement. Teenagers. who may be excessively immature to believe about the evil effect of imbibing. can easy be tempted by this advertizement to hold a attempt of the spirits. In serious instances. some adolescents may even be addicted to alcohol after this “try” .

Nowadays. as dry advertizements can no longer pull consumers’ attending. more and more irresponsible advertizements come into existences. They all convey negative messages to us. It is good for us if we can censor all of them. Such as the Bacardi advertizement. as mentioned above. is non merely an advertizement which promotes spirits. It humiliates adult females. encourages people to imbibe and conceal the negative effects of imbibing. It is strongly recommended that it non be published on Sentinel so that our pupils will non be exposed to its evil messages.

However. every bit far as I am concerned. forbiddance is non a good manner to protect our pupils from socially irresponsible advertizements. Since there are excessively many irresponsible advertizements around and there is ever strong statement as to whether one advertizement is harmful or non. In order to liberate ourselves from socially irresponsible advertizements in a more effectual manner. it is of import that we consumers be able to read the concealed message behind the advertizement and boycott the advertizements that convey unhealthy messages. In this manner. I believe that all socially irresponsible advertizements will vanish even if there is non a prohibition on them.


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