What Creativity Means to the Poet Maxine Tynes

May 6, 2018 History

Maxine is a perfect example of a creative and ere spirited writer- a writer who does not think about their thoughts before writing it on paper. In this essay, you will explore Ammine’s main inspirations that contribute to her self-defined creativity found within her poetry. Firstly, Maxine Tones, the poet, discovered that the creative process was not chosen consciously by her but instead is collected from her experiences with love, life, thought and feeling.

The poet states, “It is not selected from a list of choices of being perhaps a clerk, a stonemasons, a nurse or doctor, or a weaver. The previous quotation that can be inferred by many, shows the affirmative stance in the authors voice by trying to persuade the readers into believing that writing isn’t about structure or about the authors amazing credentials; it is about the natural uncontrollable urge to write freely about any thoughts, experiences or feelings. Maxine Tones found her love and passion in the writing form of poetry.

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She finds poetry to be the most ultimate source of magic, love, medicine and weaponry in general writing. “In Chile, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, in Johannesburg, under Nazism or Fascism, the poet, the singers, the writers, the story-tellers are among the first to be muzzled, silenced, and made to disappear”. This proves how strong writing and poetry can be enough to upset government and people to a point where the writers and poets who express their thoughts and feelings on a specific topic, are told to disappear.

Secondly, Ammine’s creativity incorporates the ability to utilize different personae as well as their useful teachings and inspirations. The author writes, “When write, feel the hand of my mother, Dad Maxwell Tones; of my sisters; f my grandma on both sides; of my father Joseph James Tones; of my brothers; and of all the men and women in my life. ” Every person in the world has his or her own story some more similar than others but never the same. Maxine has her own story and re-tells it along with other stories about people who have appeared in her life.

Due to the raw purity and natural occurrence of her own life stories, readers are more intrigued because the stories are one of a kind and creative! It is not based on something fictional or surreal that can be imaged or made up by anyone instead, they are real life experiences that only specific people lived through. Some readers, including myself, can actually connect to what is written in Ammine’s poems because of her efficient use of characters that we find in our personal daily lives.

The ability to connect to an authors work is crucial because that is what differentiates between an interested reader and an uninterested reader. Lastly, when passionate writers such as Maxine Tones, write about intimate and personal experiences, feelings regarding ones identity within culture and pride comes about. Maxine explains how she feels when she writes about her Black culture; ‘When I write, I feel the depth of my Blackness, and the spread of my blackness, through, and by, and beyond the poems and the stories of Black culture, Black life and Black womanhood that I put on this paper. Clearly, Maxine is very proud about everything about because her writings reflect her character. She loves everything about her unique self and also loves when black and non-black people read and understand her through her poems. Maxine is prideful when it comes to talking about her Black culture ND finds it exciting when different ethnically groups are engaged into reading it.

Also, in order fro the words t come “alive” for the readers, the author must first feel it she and imagine it like a real-life storyline. That is why the use of culture, emotional attachment and history is what helps create creative stories and poetry. In conclusion, many people have their own way of defining creativity. With Maxine Tones, we discovered that creativity comes from the heartfelt experiences with real life characters such as family, friends, acquaintances, oversees and as well as culture and history.


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