What Do I Have to Offer This College Family Essay

October 16, 2017 Cultural

Upon taking this subject I pondered. what next? I sat in forepart of my Personal computer considering what way I wanted this piece to travel in. and what feeling I wanted to give my hereafter alma mater’s admittances of myself and so it struck me. The point of this essay is non to paint an semblance of myself to you. but. to demo you what I have to offer as a alone person. Marrianne Williamson in her book. “Return to Love” and I quote. wrote. “Our greatest fright is non that we are unequal. but that we are powerful beyond step. It is our visible radiation. non our darkness that frightens us.

We ask ourselves. who am I to be superb. gorgeous. handsome. talented and fabulous? Actually. who are you non to be? ” I foremost stumbled upon this quotation mark during one of my times of experiencing deeply undistinguished among my high school population. I decided that invariably experiencing as though you are undistinguished leads to you going undistinguished. I am a truster that the head is a really powerful thing and I plan to utilize this belief a ego assurance to promote those around me to make nil but their best because the minute you start believing your worst is your best. it in fact becomes the best you can make.

Academically. I am good rounded. I have over the old ages gained all the necessary basic cognition to stand out in any topic I decide to work at. I study good in groups and have ever had a love for tutoring ; as such during and after high school I took the duty of tutoring my younger sister and her friends at the primary degree. Throughout high school I besides tutored my friends in order to guarantee that leisure clip was non affected by hapless faculty members. The passion for assisting those in demand. has become a portion of who I am and I intend to utilize this to assist those around me if I am accepted into the university.

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I am highly confident a squad participant. athletic and energetic immature adult female and I have dreams of one twenty-four hours assisting everyone around me see that they excessively can be apart of this universe keeping merely a positive mentality for their lives and being calculating about effects. I am trained as a equal council member and intend to utilize my accomplishments for self upliftment every bit good as the maintaining of the mental good being of those I encounter in my term of office at this esteemed university. It would be unlike me to non advert my rich Jamaican heritage as one of the things I have to offer this university.

Cultural diverseness is one of the many things that make university life worthwhile and I am no uncertainty endowed with a mixture of civilizations ; as the Jamaican civilization has evolved to included facets of civilizations of people from all walks of life. I hope I have given you a good adequate thought of what I have to offer this establishment. but I assure you this is merely the tip of the ice berg. I besides have no uncertainty that I will non be a soundless pupil as I intend to be a production member of the university household. As we say in Jamaica “Wi likkle but wi tallawah” . intending large things come in little bundles.


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