What does it mean to be famous? Essay

1. Harmonizing to Daum. What does it intend to be celebrated?

Harmonizing to Daum being celebrated agencies being unskilled. talentless. and raging.

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2. How does Daum specify a famous person?

Daum defines a famous person as person who is easy recognized in the street and who has made an attempt to go good known through his or her work and endowment.

3. What does Daum intend in paragraph 7 when she says. “it’s reasonably clear that it’s ne’er been a worse clip to be famous” ?

I think Daum feels that being a famous person now yearss aren’t every bit valuable as it used to be. It’s non about endowment any longer. and there is a batch of competition.

4. How does Daum see today’s famous persons as different from those of old ages ago?

Does she see things as positive or negative? In my sentiment I think that Daum sees todays famous persons in a negative visible radiation. Back so famous persons had to be talented and do a immense attempt. Now yearss it seems like anyone can go celebrated irrespective if they have endowment. I believe Daum sees all new famous persons as talentless people.

5. What do you believe Daum means in paragraph 6 by “tabloid-targeted exploits” ?

Can you give illustrations of such feats? In my sentiment. famous persons such as Paris Hilton. Snooki. and Kim Kardashian have become celebrated because of a “tabloid-targeted exploit” . What I think Daum intended by that phrase tabloid-targeted feat is recreational. inexperient people that are celebrated because of the audience that are doing them celebrated by watching their shows. buying their magazines. vesture line. and following them on societal media.

6. In paragraph 9. Daum says. “Fame is no longer about making the multitudes but about happening a niche someplace. ” Give some illustrations of what a “niche audience” might be.

A niche audience is a choice group of people that have a alone involvement. For illustration a niche audience can be a group of people who are merely interested in certain famous person such as Paris Hilton. Honey Boo-Boo. and J-Wow to call a few.

7. What does Daum see as the positive side of the “ democratisation of fame” ( 10 ) ? I think that Daum sees democratisation of celebrity in a positive visible radiation due to the audience that can associate to these famous persons because they see them as normal people who they can associate to. and are more accessible because merely a choice group of people are interested in them.

8. Harmonizing to Daum. what is the difference between “actual fame” and “fame-iness” ? Daum suggest that existent celebrity is obtained by holding endowment and working difficult whereas fame-iness is acquired by perchance holding no endowment but holding an audience that has the same involvement as one such as Nash Grier who became celebrated by his Vine Videos. Some ticker his picture non because he is talented but because they find him amusing and/or attractive.

Purpose and Audience

1. This essay discusses celebrity and famous persons in general footings but gives really few illustrations. What illustration does Daum supply? Why do you believe she doesn’t include more? Daum named famous persons such as Bill Clinton. Meryl Streep. and Biting. I think the ground why Daum didn’t name more famous persons is because she wanted the reader to halt and believe of famous persons that would come across their head when reading the essay. 2. What is Daum’s attitude toward her audience? How do you cognize? Does paragraph 5 offer any information that might assist reply this inquiry? I believe Daum is seeking to sympathise with her audience by talking straight to the reader. I do believe that paragraph 5 helps reply this inquiry because she is talking to the audience when she said. “ I know what you are thinking” .



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