What does success mean Essay

By July 25, 2017 General Studies

What does success intend to you? To many people success means to be celebrated or have tonss of money. But to me it means to put a personal end and accomplish it or non even that possibly doing the squad for a athletics you tried out for or acquiring a good class on a trial or something. I do believe being successful agencies you finish high school. college and acquire a good occupation so do a batch of money. I believe anyone can be successful because you set your ain ends and carry through them in your ain manner. There are some inquiries that go along with success like who can be successful. how can you be successful and what does success make for you? You can be successful by puting a personal end that you can carry through. Such as possibly it’s been your dream to have your ain concern or to complete college and go person in life.

Possibly you want to travel pro and drama NFL football or drama for the NBA. Whatever you set your head to and you at least attempt to carry through it. it still makes you a successful individual because you didn’t doubt yourself and you showed that by seeking to make that end. When you reach a end that you put out for yourself it’s a good feeling and you should be proud because I know when I do something good and holding my ma proud of me it’s the best feeling in the universe. Anyone is the whole universe can be successful. There’s no jurisprudence in the universe that says you can’t be successful. There are people every twenty-four hours that follow their Black Marias and stop up being something that they went out to be. We need people in the universe to be Lawyers. physicians. scientist. instructors because everyone does something to be a portion of our society.

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These people are successful because they had to travel through many old ages of college to go something and these people help out others in their ain different manner. All of these people that do difficult work acquire a good title. Success is up to the individual who is willing to set up the battle for it. it’s non merely handed to anyone. Everyone holds the key to their hereafter and it all depends on what you want. Not everyone turns out to acquire what they what but every bit long as you ne’er give up on your dreams it’s edge to go on Oklahoman or subsequently but you need to acquire out at that place and seek. A quotation mark that caught my attending is “you may see me fight but you will ne’er see me fall. ” So happen the individual you want to be and do a program and go a person.


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